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My Damn Channel is an entertainment studio and distributor of premium, original programming.
We work with filmmakers, actors, comedians, musicians and brands to deliver content that reaches a mass audience of engaged, targeted viewers.

'Show' beats 'tell':

Branded Entertainment
Our talent brings established fan bases from film, television, and live performance.
We produce award-winning comedy, music and sports with proven stars.
Your brand can get 100% share of voice on your own custom channel.

Guaranteed Traffic
We guarantee traffic based on your needs.
Use our site and our distribution network to reach tens of millions in single campaigns. Still reading?

Customized Distribution
We customize distribution to meet your campaign goals using our destination site and any/all digital distribution partners.

Our advertising system is completely transparent.
Track the return on your investment.
Get complete breakdowns on how every dollar is spent.

Create campaigns in all shapes and sizes. We’re a fast, video-producing, distributing force of friggin’ nature.

Banner ads, product placement, takeovers, pre-roll, post-roll, overlays, and custom content is up to you.
Want to try something no other publisher will allow? Sorry, can’t help….(kidding!)

  • - My Damn Channel has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan O’Brien, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, CNN, TMZ, E! and more…
  • - New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Newsweek, LA Times….you get the drift.
  • - Over a dozen Webby Awards, including "Best Comedy Series" and "People's Choice Winner" and a handful of Streamys including "Best Branded Entertainment" and "Best Product Integration"

We Didn’t Say It
  • "I’ve found a procrast-errific web-video destination in My Damn Channel, a better-realized version of the astronomically hyped Funny or Die…
    In the end, you can easily lose yourself for 45 minutes at a time at My Damn Channel.
    I’ve yet to feel a comparable pull to any other web-video destination not named YouTube."
    - Ad Age

  • "…by choosing high-profile creators and curating content more carefully, will stand apart from other video startups."
    - Variety

  • (Easy to Assemble is) "the most-watched sponsored web show."
    - Ad Age