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The Gary Oldman Death Supercut

Posted with tags Gary Oldman on 7/23/2014 11:56:21 AM by DannyMoney

SPOILER ALERT: Gary Oldman dies a lot and this video is a montage of his 17 onscreen deaths.  If you love Oldman like I do, you'll have seen all these deaths already, but the real beauty is seeing Gary's reaction to them.  Pretty tight work, Coco.

And here is a good supercut of Gary Oldman yelling:

I guess I just officially made July 23rd Gary Oldman Day, didn't I?

Reggie Watts & His Horse

Posted with tags Conan, Reggie Watts, Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top, WTF, Marc Maron on 7/22/2014 1:00:07 PM by DannyMoney

Here is an excellent performance by Reggie Watts.  He's singing about a horse on Conan.  Really showing off his pipes on this one.  Sometimes it's tough to tell what his voice really sounds like with all of the sound manipulation he puts on it, but there is nothing in doubt here: beautiful.  Just beautiful.  Tender.  Emotive.  Sexual.  Sexual?  Eh, not sexual.

But the best part of this video is that Billy Gibbons is playing guitar!  Billy Gibbons!  Legendary guitarist and lead singer of ZZ Top.  I love that man and band.  And if you don't know anything about ZZ Top but are interested in comedy, listen to Billy on WTF with Marc Marcon.  A great interview - do it up!

Gosh Darn Kids!

Posted with tags Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kids React on 7/21/2014 10:58:25 AM by DannyMoney

When I was a young child, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were my favorite thing in the entire world.  Everything about it, I loved.  The show, the toys, the movies.  It was just so perfectly the thing for a young DannyMoney.

And then we got these kids, who I am irrationally mad at for not knowing about a show that was already off the air before they were even a glint in their father's eyes.  There is no way they should know anything about this animated show from the nineties, yet, I fault them.  I fault them for it!

I am really becoming a bitter old man, aren't I?  How come these kids don't know about I Love Lucy!  When was the last time they fired up the Victrola?  Have they ever even read a Horation Alger story?  The answer is no, and oh, how I fault them!


Posted with tags Delivery, No Weather, Vimeo, pizza on 7/18/2014 2:56:11 PM by DannyMoney

Delivery from NO WEATHER on Vimeo.

This guy is a true warrior.  Delivering pizza on a fixed gear bike in the dead of winter.  What a character Bill is.  Really gives you a reminder to look at the people around you.  Also, I live in this area!  Best Pizza is good!  I hope I see Bill next time I need delivery.

Joaquin Forehead Creature Revealed!

Posted with tags Joaquin Phoenix, Her, forehead on 7/18/2014 9:35:09 AM by DannyMoney

I'm taking a chance that others will find this as amusing as I did, but the upside-down forehead of Joaquin Phoenix (my bff, fyi) in Her looks like a little face!  More specifically, it looks like an Ent, or possibly a character on the cover of a J Mascis record.  Either way, I laughed, it was good, you'll like it too, I promise, but I am not sure if I am proud of myself for posting this or not.

You know what?  I am proud.  Because I am proud of the people who discovered this.  Question: how do you discover something like this?  Probably they're Ents - but not the Tolkien kind.

P.S. - Joaquin, if you're reading this, tonight is fine if we get to the club after 11:30.  See you later, bro.  Invite Sheen.  Thanks.  Bye.

Tommy Wiseau is back!

Posted on 7/17/2014 11:46:19 AM by DannyMoney

Tommy Wiseau is back with some hot piece of garbage!  The man who gave us one of cinema's most enjoyably bad films is now back with some sort of web series called The Neighbors.  The first trailer, above, is predictably awful and weird.  

For those of you not familiar with Tommy, watch his appearance on My Damn Channel LIVE:

Rollerbreading: A New Delivery Method

Posted with tags Joon Chung, rollerblading, The Jooniverse on 7/16/2014 2:56:18 PM by DannyMoney


Check out this video from my buddy Joon Chung, one of the finest and funniest members of the extended My Damn Channel family.  In this mockumentary styled sketch, he stars as JOSH LEE, ROLLERBLADER DELIVERY BOY OF BREAD.  Gee golly gosh, in addition to being a very handsome man, Joon is such a talented actor, comedian, and writer.  Some guys have all the luck!


So please do enjoy the video above, and then go check out more of Joon's videos on YouTube.  Welcome to The Jooniverse, ladies and gentlemen.


P.S. - The funniest part of this video is that he says he's 28 - yeah right, bro! ;)

The Go Kart Dynamo

Posted with tags go kart kid on 7/16/2014 7:00:00 AM by DannyMoney
Wow.  This kid is undoubtedly the number one absolute coolest badass on the planet.  This kid isn't old enough to drink Dos Equis and yet he is certainly and unequivocably ten times more interesting than the so called Most Interesting Man in the World.  I mean, when the kid walks out of the truck after his epic park he was so STONE COLD it hurt me.  He just couldn't even be bothered to react to his own brilliance let alone the possible accolades passersby or hangers on might shower upon him.  Nope, none of that for The Go Kart Dynamo.  He's hitting the showers with Little Mary Sue from across the lane and there's no time for idle chit chat.



Learn About Editing, Doofs

Posted with tags effective editing moments, editing, learn, education on 7/15/2014 1:33:13 PM by DannyMoney

Let's get serious for a minute here and take some time to watch the Top 10 Most Effective Editing Moments of All Time.  Let's learn something about the craft of editing and how it relates to the completion of a feature film.  Let's expand our minds.  You hear me?  EXPAND YOUR MIND!  

Was I the only one was surprised that this movie didn't make the cut (note: pun intended)?

The Million Dollar Podcast

Posted with tags Joe Mande, Kickstarter, twitter, The Million Dollar Podcast on 7/15/2014 7:00:00 AM by DannyMoney

I believe that Joe Mande is one of the most original comics out there today, and I also happen to think that he might be the single best person to follow on Twitter.


Therefore I would love to see Joe raise a million dollars and then start a weekly podcast.  He has a project draft on Kickstarter as we speak.  Please leave feedback so we can get this Kickstarter project going!  Thank you everyone!!!



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