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Here Comes the Bride

If you woke up this morning with an extra spring in your step and a little bit of a glow about you, fear not.  It's not a brain tumor (probably)—you're just basking in the glorious psychic afterglow of the Royal Wedding!  I mean, like, OMG, right?

Yes, there's nothing more romantic than a photogenic young commoner being hand-selected by the Illuminati and served up on a silver platter for review and approval by the future king's cadre of clucking, hunchbacked toadies as they strum lutes and swill peasants' blood from pewter goblets.  At least that's how I presume it works.  I don't know.  I'm an American.

But regardless, My Damn Channel is using this opportunity to "say yes to the dress" and provide you with one each of the following:

Something old...

The first ever episode of 'You Suck at Photoshop.'

Something new...

The latest trailer for the new series 'Versailles,' starring Patricia Heaton.

Something borrowed...

Not ours, but still hilarious: a break dancer kicks a baby in the face.

And something blue...

Andy Milonakis's 'Red Blue.'  That works, I guess.

So say "I do" to these videos or forever hold your peace.  Also, don't forget to send the happy young couple something nice.  I'm pretty sure they're registered at Pottery Barn.

Jersey Short

Comedy legend (yes, legend - dispute me if you dare), Martin Short, recently revealed his passion project to Jimmy Kimmel.

I'm worried it might be a little far fetched...I can't think of any reality show that has characters that are this ridiculous who do these things and also live in Jersey. These things could only happen in the context of: Jersey Short.

Gigi Talk On Telephone?

It's Wednesday, and that means there's another episode of Gigi for you.  And what is that foreign rapscallion up to this time?  Well today, Gigi will be dabbling in the game of telephone and the game of love - though, I'm not sure if he knows he is doing either.  What a lovable guy!

So dig in and check out this slam-bang episode!  And if you're new to the series, watch how it all began HERE.

O-kay?  O-KAY!!!

Oh, Jeez!!!

We're only two weeks away from the launch of Versailles. Among the many stars of this dark and twisted comedy is the illustrious Fred Willard. Would it be bold of me to say that Versailles puts Fred in one of his top five comedic roles ever? Yes it would, and I just said it.

Versailles launches May 9th. Check out this promo (featuring Fred Willard in a wrestling onesie) and set your internet for May 9th so you can be the first to check out this great new series.

(S)he is Risen!

Happy Friday, everyone!  As you know, this weekend marks the annual celebration of very solemn and important holiday; a time to gather with friends and family and reflect on what it means to be an upright, moral person in this chaotic, modern world.  That's right, it's Sherri Shepherd's birthday.

And to commemorate the comedienne’s 44nd, we'd like to point you toward two of the best Celebrity Autobiographies ever, featuring Sherri reading books by Madonna, which she handles solo, and by Destiny's Child, in which she's joined by comedy superheroes Mario Cantone and Jackie Hoffman.

So don't forget to toast this legendary funnywoman the way God intended: by eating yourself stupid on Cadbury Creme eggs.


Holla at ya boy DannyMoney, ladies and gents: it's 420 and you know what that means!

So I'm assuming some of y'all will be getting a little silly today?  A little goofy?  High as a kite?  Well if you are, My Damn Channel has a whole bunch of videos - well, the entire site, really! - that'll get you laughing on this special day that comes but once a year (just because YOU celebrate every day doesn't mean it's 420 year round!).  Here are a few of my favs:

- Not only is today 420, but a new episode of Gigi: Almost American premiered, which you can watch RIGHT HERE.  I love me some pig dog!

HERE'S a wacky video from the master, Andy Milonakis.  It never fails to crack me up, mostly because it's so damn idiotic, which I consider possibly the HIGHEST compliment I can give.

- And while you're at it, why not watch the entire 10 episode series of Horrible People.  Sit back and let it ride!  This is seriously one of the funniest shows I've ever seen.  Probably due to the fact that it was written and directed by A.D. Miles, currently the head writer on The Jimmy Fallon Show. 

Word up!

And the Winner Is...

And the winner of the 2011 My Damn Channel "The Book of Mormon" Ticket Sweepstakes to see "The Book of Mormon" on Broadway at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre including airfare and hotel to fabulous New York City AND will meet the star of the show, Josh Gad, is none other than...

...I'm sorry these envelopes are always so hard to open...thanks to everyone that entered, we'll have more giveaways soon...

...and by the way, have you seen new comedy that Josh Gad stars in right here on My Damn Channel? Gigi: Almost American?...

...Why is that guy giving me the light? Oh, right!

The winner is: Sharon Cruz-Nichols!!!

Congratulations to Sharon and thanks again to everyone that entered.

Don Was, Saul Hernandez, Caifanes, Coachella

Posted in Don Was with tags don was, saul hernandez, caifanes, jaguares, molecular, recording, studio, latin, rock on 4/18/2011 8:31:59 AM by Dubs

Attention music fans - cool things happening in the world of our resident Producer/Hero, Don Was

Don recently sent us a great video of the first single from Mexican rocker, Saul Hernandez. The song is called "Molecular", and not only will the melody be stuck in your head, but the video documentation of the in-studio experience is as awesome as it gets. Saul's album, produced by Don Was, will be released in May and is his first solo record after fronting the Mexican rock band Caifanes

Speaking of Caifanes, they reunited this weekend at the Coachella music festival in Indio, CA. It was a huge moment for the fans of these Rock en Español pioneers and one of the biggest reunion acts at the festival this year. 

Watch Don's vlog about working with Saul, then check out the music video and turn it up!

"Touch My Junk" for Kids

In case you haven't heard, the TSA is now giving pat-downs to six-year-olds.  And while we admire the TSA's consistency, we can't help but wonder if this is one of those times when common sense could have prevailed and an exception perhaps been made.  I'm guessing the biggest threat poised by the girl in the video is the possibility of getting roped into a hyperactive, one-sided conversation about Justin Beiber.  God, kids will not SHUT UP about that guy.

Nevertheless, maybe instead of wasting their time with Journey, the kids of PS22 should brace themselves for the realities of modern air travel and instead do a cover of Harry Shearer's "Touch My Junk."  In fact, I can't think of one single reason why this might be a bad idea.  Oh wait, I just thought of about five-hundred.  Never mind.

"Wainy Days" - Kissed Again

There'd be NO My Damn Channel if David Wain hadn't said YES to being one of the first artists that launched with us here on "day one" (7/31/07) with the very first episode of "Wainy Days" starring David & Elizabeth Banks.

4 seasons and almost 4 years later - there are 32 awesome episodes (so far) and this morning another well-deserved kiss: 

"Wainy Days" has just been selected as an Official Honoree for Comedy Series in the 15th annual Webby Awards.

Congratulations to David, to our most awesome Producer, Jon Stern, and to every collaborator and fan supporting one of the best comedy series ever.

We promise MORE...and work has just begun on a "Wainy Days" DVD coming out later this year near the release of David's new feature film comedy, "Wanderlust."

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