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If you haven't noticed, Michael Ian Black has been hosting Comedy Central's #SnarkWeek.  That's right, #SnarkWeek.

If you’ve ever felt left out not being able to participate in Shark Week, then #SnarkWeek is for you.  Tweet the snarkiest tweets you’ve got with the eponymous hashtag #SnarkWeek.  If they're snarky enough, they’ll be featured on Comedy Central's very snarky stand up page.  Snark!

The week culminates with Michael Ian Black’s comedy special “Michael Ian Black: Very Special,” which premieres Saturday on Comedy Central at 11:00 ET. The Comic’s Comic interviewed Michael about #SnarkWeek (the pound sign is very important) here.  And as always, you can see Black’s face in this Wainy Days episode, or on our very own Stella Channel.

Wet Hot American Decade


People forget how much the world has changed in the last decade.  Blogs, social networking, web video.  All of these post-Y2K innovations have radically altered the way we interact with the world—particularly the world of entertainment.  You may not remember, but back before there was such a thing as forward-thinking online content providers, there were literally only two ways to entertain oneself: by 1) burning the effigy of a rival tribal leader, or 2) firing up the ol' top-loading VCR to watch a battered VHS copy of David Wain's cult summer camp spoof Wet Hot American Summer.

Yes, long before Wainy Days was even a twinkle in the director's eye, Wet Hot showcased Wain's unique brand of unpredictable, absurdist humor, and featured a cast that now seems like a murderers’ row of the most important comedic performers of the early 21st century.

(Leslie Knope [L], and Johnny Limitless [R])

Some, like Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks, have turned up on Wainy Days; while others, like A.D. Miles, have gone on to create their very own (excellent) series like Horrible People.

To celebrate the film’s 10th anniversary, David Wain & Co. have mounted a nation-wide tour, featuring screenings, Q&A's, and live shows.  To wit, here's David Wain and Wet Hot co-star Jo Lo Truglio revisiting some alternate titles for the film.  And if you're jonesing for even more of Wain live, don't forget to check out the Wainy Days live show at this year's Just For Laughs.  And remember: if you wanna smear mud on your ass, smear mud on your ass, just be honest about it.

April Fools' Day Fools

It's April 1st today, aka April Fools' Day, aka the most frustrating day of the year.  It's the only day of the year when the average U.S. citizen gets to experience all the perks of being a paranoid schizophrenic: not trusting anyone, disbelieving your own eyes, thinking everyone is out to get you, etc.  It's a total nightmare.

But we assume that you, the loyal Night Feed reader, is, on average, WAY too smart to fall for any of that type of shenanigoats.  So instead of insulting your intelligence, we just thought we'd point you toward this great prank from our pals over at Stella, and remind you that David Wain's Wanderlust will be in theaters later this year.

And while we're at it, why not check in with the goings-on over at Back on Topps, Horrible People, and Status Kill?  Hopefully they'll make you feel a little bit better about your own foolishness.  Zots and Crambles!

Michael Ian Black series shoot today

Posted in Michael Ian Black with tags Michael Ian Black, My Damn Channel, The State, Stella, Twitter, WitStream on 11/18/2010 5:00:03 AM by Rob Barnett

It's 5a in San Francisco. We've got a non-slouchy 5:30a crew call for a full day of shooting in a city we love.

Michael Ian Black is finally starring in his own My Damn Channel series. We're so happy our face muscles hurt. You'll see why when our show goes live in December.

Our producer is our mega mainman Jon Stern, who gifts you Wainy Days, Horrible People, Childrens Hospital and everything we love.

Michael Ian Black is the kind of Slash King we worship: comedian/actor/writer/director/twitter lord.

His body o' work creates a major fanbase of people we want to hang out with. Evidence includes the genius magic of The State, Stella, Michael and Michael Have Issues and more. And Michael is Chief Content Officer of a co. we're co-conspiring with now...please partake in the wonders of the 24-hour live comedy ticker, WitStream. Ta da.

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