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Florida Republican Debate You WEREN'T Supposed To See

HEY! That's not Wolf Blitzer!

Actor/author/director/satirist/musician/radio host Harry Shearer's found footage of the CNN team prepping for the Florida Republican Debate using civilians as stand-ins for the candidates might be the best thing to happen to the GOP Debate since Michele Bachmann took the longest pee break ever.

Newt Gingrich is looking decidedly more feminine since the last time we saw him. When the petite redheaded woman introduces herself as "Newt Gingrich" and proclaims "I just ran a marathon before I got here," Fake Wolf Blitzer chuckles and her fellow faux candidates smile.

Could they possibly find her more charming than the real thing?

Hey GOP Candidates, relax a little! Slip into something more comfortable! Let your hair down!

That's more like it. Now how about we whistle the National Anthem?

Harry Shearer's "The Big Uneasy" is on iTunes!

Posted in Harry Shearer, Maria with tags Harry Shearer, The Big Uneasy, Justin Bieber, iTunes on 8/23/2011 12:20:50 PM by Maria

Harry Shearer's documentary about New Orleans and the Hurricane Katrina disaster, The Big Uneasy, is now on iTunes!

In fact, Harry knocked Justin Bieber from atop the iTunes Documentary charts:

Congrats, Harry, on beating the Biebs!

And if you're not ready to commit to downloading the entire movie yet, you can always watch the trailer and excerpts right here.

Harry Shearer - Found Objects - Diane Sawyer

Posted in Found Objects, Harry Shearer with tags Harry Shearer, Found Objects, Diane Sawyer, Joplin, Missouri, SNL, My Damn Channel on 6/30/2011 4:10:57 AM by Rob Barnett

Harry Shearer was the first artist signed to My Damn Channel when we launched four years ago in 2007.

Harry first encountered satellite news feeds when he worked at SNL. He's fascinated with the contents of videos that you normally never get to see and we call these clips: Found Objects.

We just uploaded a new Found Object on My Damn Channel, Diane Sawyer: "I Have Nothing."

Here's the link.

Harry writes, "Diane Sawyer is on the scene after a tornado has ripped through Joplin, anchoring a live broadcast from the city. But it's not easy for her."

He adds, "This is a portrait of a fly-in anchor covering a disaster. Diane may be Diane, but this is pretty much what you get when you send high-priced anchor talent into a place where everything has fallen apart and nothing works. The quote, 'I have nothing,' of course, should more appropriately be coming from a tornado victim.'"

Texans Revolt Against TSA Tyranny, Storm Capitol

Harry Shearer is one of the most conscious, confrontational, comedic voices in America.

Harry has been creating original videos on My Damn Channel since we launched in July, 2007.

Search through Harry's channel and you'll find videos that make you laugh, dance and think about issues that keep appearing in headline news: waterboarding, church scandals, and unnatural disasters.

Harry's latest video is "Touch My Junk" and TSA groping is back in the news in a bad way on this Memorial Day Weekend:

"Touch My Junk" for Kids

In case you haven't heard, the TSA is now giving pat-downs to six-year-olds.  And while we admire the TSA's consistency, we can't help but wonder if this is one of those times when common sense could have prevailed and an exception perhaps been made.  I'm guessing the biggest threat poised by the girl in the video is the possibility of getting roped into a hyperactive, one-sided conversation about Justin Beiber.  God, kids will not SHUT UP about that guy.

Nevertheless, maybe instead of wasting their time with Journey, the kids of PS22 should brace themselves for the realities of modern air travel and instead do a cover of Harry Shearer's "Touch My Junk."  In fact, I can't think of one single reason why this might be a bad idea.  Oh wait, I just thought of about five-hundred.  Never mind.

Touch My Junk: Behind the Scenes


If you're already hip to Harry Shearer's latest video, "Touch My Junk", then feel free to jump down to the links below and check out two new videos documenting the making of. Or maybe you just want some tips on fashionable dress and sassy dance moves?

If you haven't seen the original yet, stop everything - and start watching. Then watch the behind the scenes videos, linked below.

Touch My Junk - Behind the Scenes: Wardrobe
Touch My Junk - Behind the Scenes: The Shoot

Harry Shearer says, "Touch My Junk."

Harry Shearer is angry, y'all.

Air travel used to be romantic. Boyfriends and girlfriends could drop each other off at the airport and make out until the final boarding call sounded over the intercom.  Whole families could wait at the gate for their kids to come home from college at Christmas.  Travelers used to be able to choose belts and shoes for reasons that had nothing to do with how easy they were to remove quickly in airport security lines. 

These days it's a good day if your flight takes off within three hours of its scheduled departure time.

So for every one of us who has been subjected to a random luggage screening, or forgotten to take off our earrings before going through a metal detector, or had half a bottle of water in his carry-on, or had a tube of toothpaste larger than 4 ounces... for every one of us who has had to explain an oddly-shaped item in our suitcase,  had to pay an extra $100 just to take luggage on vacation... for anyone who has embarrassed herself by forgetting that she had her phone in her back pocket when she went through the scanner, or anyone who has had an anxiety attack when a TSA agent picks your bag up off of the conveyor belt and asks, "Is this yours?"  For anyone who has ever fantasized about screaming at the family with five kids and the stroller: "JUST FOLD THE DAMN THING UP BEFORE YOU GET IN THE SECURITY LINE!"

For everyone who's mad as hell that a trip through airport security might mean an inadvertent game of rub and tickle, this song's for you: TOUCH MY JUNK!

Chat with a Legend

Harry Shearer's documentary about the REAL reason Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, The Big Uneasy, starts its one-week-only New York and Los Angeles engagements tomorrow.  To mark the event, Harry will do a LIVE CHAT on Friday, September 24th at noon Eastern/9am Pacific. 

Go to to type in your questions and have Harry answer them LIVE via video broadcast.

We've already decided that you will be there.  You're gonna do it.  You HAVE to do it.  It's your chance to chat with Harry freakin' Shearer for goodness' sake. 

This Is My Confession

That new Harry Shearer video, Deaf Boys, premiered today.  And the worst part of it, the VERY WORST PART of it, is that the song has been stuck in my head ALL.  WEEK.  LONG.  I catch myself humming it at odd times of day, and when someone asks me what I'm singing I get so freaked out that I LIE ABOUT IT.  I mean, it's about the Catholic Church scandal...and priests and young boys...and I don't need anyone to think I'm weirder than they already do, so I LIE ABOUT THE SONG. 

It's pretty much like Harry Shearer made me sin.  So, I start thinking I should go to confession, right?  Ask for forgiveness and all?  But "confession" just reminds me of that song by Usher: the one that's all about Chili from TLC, but Usher keeps saying it isn't?  So, now, because of Harry Shearer's Deaf Boys I have that stupid Usher song in my head.  And for that, Harry Shearer, I don't know if I can forgive you.

Big Love from the Big Easy

'On assignment' in New Orleans for My Damn Channel.

If you're a resident here, you have our maximum respect and thanks for giving the rest of us one of the most magical places on earth. If you've visited, keep coming back. If you've never been...make it happen captain. You'll find warm souls, inspired sounds, the finest food, drink, fun and good times you can experience.

We lead with laffs at My Damn Channel. But there's more than comedy beneath your fingertips. This is why Harry Shearer was the first artist we asked to trust us to let him reach you without one drop of Hollywood execu-nonsense in the way.

Harry has lived in New Orleans for over a decade, shuttling from here to LA and the rest of his working world. From The Simpsons, to Spinal Tap, to SNL, to Le Show on NPR, Huffington Post, comedy albums, music, music videos, and more - Harry Shearer is an artist who never stops creating, entertaining, living and giving.

Harry has created many of the most-viewed, most-talked about videos on My Damn Channel. He has two projects in the works that you'll see next.

On June 4th, you'll see "Deaf Boys." Here's a sneak preview along with a note about the original song and short film to come.

This August, Harry will release a documentary feature film he's directed about the city he loves. "The Big UnEasy"  opens on the 5th anniversary of Katrina to tell the story about the un-natural disaster that nearly destroyed New Orleans. The film details why the levees broke, why the city is still in danger, and why Congress and The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is putting more cities like New Orleans at risk.

Harry will share news and videos about the making of his film over the summer. We presented a series of videos back in 2007, on the 2nd anniversary of Katrina called "Crescent City Stories."

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