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My Damn Channel Director of Production: Melissa Schneider

Meet Melissa! Melissa Schneider is our new Director of Production, joining the My Damn Channel family with the experience, energy and cred we need to help produce over 30 new original series in the months ahead. She's also the lead producer for our new 2012 mega show with YouTube...My Damn Channel: Live

Melissa expands our management team in the NY office where Jesse Cowell (Director of Content) and Molly Templeton (Director of Talent & Audience Development) work with Rob Barnett (Founder/CEO) to oversee more killer original comedy and music than legally allowed on the Interweb.

"Melissa brings awesome experience, talent and spirit to our team as we prep to make 2012 the year My Damn Channel delivers more new original programming than ever before," said Rob Barnett. He added, "She's developed and produced over 30 original digital series and branded entertainment campaigns and over 30 independent music videos, commercials, and short films. She worked for David Chase for god's sake!"

Melissa graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and went on to work for The Public Theater / NY Shakespeare Festival during George C. Wolfe’s tenure. She left the theater to work in (wait for it) The the writers' office for creator David Chase, and writers: Terence Winter (creator, "Boardwalk Empire"), Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess (creators, "Blue Bloods") and Matthew Weiner (creator, "Mad Men").

Melissa went digital...producing online content for Macy’s, XBOX, Vuguru, Nickelodeon, Swanson, Verizon FiOS, CJP Digital, and Summit Entertainment to name a few. She was the Director of Production at Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG) in New York City, where developed and produced digital series and branded entertainment campaigns.

More announcements on our new series, stars and launch info for My Damn Channel: Live hits this space soon.

YouTube and My Damn Channel: Breaking News

Today, Google made a major announcement setting the stage for new programming on YouTube. We're honored that My Damn Channel is working to create a new YouTube original channel as part of this initiative.

We launched back in 2007 - dedicated to giving the most talented people in entertainment a studio and distribution platform where they can co-create, produce and showcase the best original video programming. We've made thousands of videos and many of the most watched and awarded comedy series like “Wainy Days,” “You Suck at Photoshop,” “Horrible People,” “Daily Grace” and political satire from the great Harry Shearer. We've been supported by major advertisers who partner with us to reach engaged, loyal fans online with media campaigns and branded entertainment that break through the noise.

In addition to running our own site, we've always syndicated to other outlets and YouTube has been a powerful partner since we launched our first channel there in 2007.

In February, 2012, we’re expanding our YouTube relationship to give you MY DAMN CHANNEL LIVE: a hosted, 30-minute, weekly comedy show featuring world premieres of our original videos and series. We'll bring you stars you love and new talent too.

MY DAMN CHANNEL LIVE will also invade your screens daily with 10-minute, interactive blasts from our host. You'll see our new live show on a dedicated channel on My Damn Channel, on a new channel on YouTube, and in syndication.

We'll keep you plugged in on the birth of our new baby with fresh updates about all the artists we’re signing and the new series we’re producing from now 'til launch. I want to give HUGE thanks to everyone who's supported My Damn Channel. A few short years ago, Warren Chao and I were two crazy fools with a power point presentation and a dream. The fact that one of the most revolutionary companies in the world just tapped us for their new adventure blows us away and we're counting on all of you to be watching.

Rob Barnett

Sizzle Reel: 2007-2011 HERE

Wish I Knew How to Quidditch You

A young George Costanza?

A young George Costanza?

Maybe you've seen the ads on billboards, in bus shelters, or projected onto the insides of your eyelids.  Maybe you've seen Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, or the Other One making the rounds on the talk show circuit.  Or maybe you need only to consult your very own "Mug Life" abdomen tattoo to be reminded that today--yes, today!--marks the release of the final Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part Two: Stagnetti's Revenge.

Yes, after a decade's worth of yeoman-like service at the multiplex, it's finally come time for this iteration of Harry Potter to power down, be put out to stud, and other such mixed metaphors.  It's a bittersweet day for fans, but hopefully the release of the final film in the franchise will at least provide the answers to some longstanding mysteries, like "What's the deal with the smoke monster?",  "Whatever happened to that Russian Paulie and Christopher let escape into the pine barrens?" and "So did A and X meet at this place last year, or what?"

Okay, so maybe I don't know anything about the Harry Potter franchise.  But our very own Daily Grace does...

And today, she bids a tearful adieu to the Boy Who Lived.  But if you want to avoid the waterworks, you can check in on Ms. Helbig in happier times, watching Part 1 of Deathly Hallows, or over on her Tumblr, wherein she ups her Hogwarts cosplay game considerably.

Win With My Damn Channel

We'd like to issue this public service announcement to encourage you to check out the Versailles Sweepstakes happening over on our Facebook page, and to emphasize the fact that people really do win with My Damn Channel.

Don't believe us?

Ask Sharon Cruz-Nichols (and hubby), winners of our Book of Mormon sweepstakes, who are flying to New York THIS VERY WEEK to watch Gigi star Josh Gad in Broadway's most talked-about new musical, The Book of Mormon. Here's a picture of the lucky couple...

Holy shirt! Speaking of, here's YouTuber ImpactAssault looking classically debonair in basic My Damn Channel black...

And if you wanna to take a video or snap a pic of yourself doing something cool in My Damn Channel gear, send it in. We'll post it on the blog and give you a shout out. Don't have a shirt? Well, you could just win one.


Glad you asked! Starting THIS WEEK we'll be giving away a free My Damn Channel t-shirt to the person who gets the most friends to enter the Versailles Sweepstakes (see how I tied that all together?) We'll give away t-shirts each week for the next three weeks. Thanks for entering, and see you in L.A.!

Here Comes the Bride

If you woke up this morning with an extra spring in your step and a little bit of a glow about you, fear not.  It's not a brain tumor (probably)—you're just basking in the glorious psychic afterglow of the Royal Wedding!  I mean, like, OMG, right?

Yes, there's nothing more romantic than a photogenic young commoner being hand-selected by the Illuminati and served up on a silver platter for review and approval by the future king's cadre of clucking, hunchbacked toadies as they strum lutes and swill peasants' blood from pewter goblets.  At least that's how I presume it works.  I don't know.  I'm an American.

But regardless, My Damn Channel is using this opportunity to "say yes to the dress" and provide you with one each of the following:

Something old...

The first ever episode of 'You Suck at Photoshop.'

Something new...

The latest trailer for the new series 'Versailles,' starring Patricia Heaton.

Something borrowed...

Not ours, but still hilarious: a break dancer kicks a baby in the face.

And something blue...

Andy Milonakis's 'Red Blue.'  That works, I guess.

So say "I do" to these videos or forever hold your peace.  Also, don't forget to send the happy young couple something nice.  I'm pretty sure they're registered at Pottery Barn.

"Touch My Junk" for Kids

In case you haven't heard, the TSA is now giving pat-downs to six-year-olds.  And while we admire the TSA's consistency, we can't help but wonder if this is one of those times when common sense could have prevailed and an exception perhaps been made.  I'm guessing the biggest threat poised by the girl in the video is the possibility of getting roped into a hyperactive, one-sided conversation about Justin Beiber.  God, kids will not SHUT UP about that guy.

Nevertheless, maybe instead of wasting their time with Journey, the kids of PS22 should brace themselves for the realities of modern air travel and instead do a cover of Harry Shearer's "Touch My Junk."  In fact, I can't think of one single reason why this might be a bad idea.  Oh wait, I just thought of about five-hundred.  Never mind.


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Now more than 500 original My Damn Channel videos.

Keep watching - keep attacking us - you are loved.

Register on our home page in the upper right - it takes a minute. We can email you our new videos directly.

We just passed 44 million views n counting.

More than 47,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel. Sign up here wontcha.

Building a big community on Facebook too - meet & steal friends here wontcha.


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Before you start waving the flag today, eyeball some bad news in the morning paper.

Two heavyweight champions have been in a classic battle that effects our access to information and entertainment.

Our privacy just got thrown into the middle of the ring:


Google Told to Turn Over User Data of YouTube

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge has ordered Google to turn over to Viacom its records of which users watched which videos on YouTube, the Web’s largest video site by far.

The order raised concerns among YouTube users and privacy advocates that the video viewing habits of tens of millions of people could be exposed. But Google and Viacom said they were hoping to come up with a way to protect the anonymity of the site’s visitors.

Full story here.

Summer Redstone                                     Eric Schmidt

("The Night Feed" note: I worked at Viacom's MTV, VH1, & CBS. My Damn Channel works with Google & YouTube. We're represented by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.)

Happy Independence Day.


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- meeting & scheming with artists to launch 'channel 9'

- about to mark another milestone with over 19 million views since launch

- passed 27,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel

- spilling our guts in an exclusive interview coming up in Forbes magazine

- too many interview requests for Donnie Hoyle, not only won't he agree - he's 'vanished'

- HORRIBLE PEOPLE #9 is NEW today - ANOTHER murder & the countdown to the champagne toast & our season finale next Monday, 4/14.

- and we're HORRIBLE in France! top featured video this a.m. on YouTube/France


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Last chance to vote for WAINY DAYS as Best Series

You can vote once a day - this is it...

YouTube’s 2007 Video Awards

The Paul Rudd episode from David Wain’s original My Damn Channel series.

VOTE below - Click ‘SERIES’ - Select “How to Seduce Women” here:

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