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Harry Shearer - Found Objects - Diane Sawyer

Posted in Found Objects, Harry Shearer with tags Harry Shearer, Found Objects, Diane Sawyer, Joplin, Missouri, SNL, My Damn Channel on 6/30/2011 4:10:57 AM by Rob Barnett

Harry Shearer was the first artist signed to My Damn Channel when we launched four years ago in 2007.

Harry first encountered satellite news feeds when he worked at SNL. He's fascinated with the contents of videos that you normally never get to see and we call these clips: Found Objects.

We just uploaded a new Found Object on My Damn Channel, Diane Sawyer: "I Have Nothing."

Here's the link.

Harry writes, "Diane Sawyer is on the scene after a tornado has ripped through Joplin, anchoring a live broadcast from the city. But it's not easy for her."

He adds, "This is a portrait of a fly-in anchor covering a disaster. Diane may be Diane, but this is pretty much what you get when you send high-priced anchor talent into a place where everything has fallen apart and nothing works. The quote, 'I have nothing,' of course, should more appropriately be coming from a tornado victim.'"

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