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Here Are a Few of My Favorite Ed Helms Things

Ah, Ed Helms.

He's everywhere these days.  He's in my favorite tv show, "The Office."  He's in my second favorite tv show, "Childrens Hospital."  He's in my favorite movie of the last few years, "The Hangover."  He's in my favorite new movie I haven't seen yet but fully intend to see this weekend, "Cedar Rapids."

And he's in my favorite web series, WAINY DAYS.

Ha!  You forgot about that one, right?  You didn't think that's where I was going with this, did you?  Yes!  Way back in the halcyon days of 2008, Ed Helms made an appearance on our beloved Wainy Days:

In Wainy #25, "Angel," Ed Helms plays a doctor who tells David Wain that he's gonna DIE.

I know, right?

Watch it right now and see if David dies.  Forget about the fact that there are currently 32 episodes of Wainy Days and that this was number 25.  Logic means nothing!  NOTHING!

And if you see Cedar Rapids this weekend, just like I haven't but fully intend to do, find me on My Damn Channel's Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages and tell me how it was.  Because, like I said, I will have totally seen it and will totally be able to partake in that conversation, uh, totally.

PS: For extra credit, he was also in Back on Topps

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