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The Winners of the 3Some Video Challenge

The Winners of the My Damn Channel Third Birthday 3Some Video Challenge!

Grace has done a special Winners Vlog, but for those of you who hate watching online video, here's a list:

3rd Place: Three's A Crowd submitted by Ray Holleb

2nd Place
: Who My Daddy is? submitted by Mr. Jotz aka Joshua Nicholson

1st Place: The Piña Colada Song submitted by Frank Bullington, Chance McClain and Kevin Ryan

Congratulations to all of our winners, and huge thanks to everyone who submitted a video!  You're all winners in our book.  It's just that some of you will receive actual prizes as proof that you're winners and some of you will not.

*Wil Wheaton does not endorse this contest as he probably had no idea it was going on.  Original image badly photoshopped by me via w00tstock.

Contest Extension

Posted with tags 3SOME, Birthday, Extension, Video Challenge, iPad on 8/5/2010 1:49:12 PM by Virginia Reiff

Procrastination is 1% inspiration & 99% incapacitation.

Followed by 100% Extension.

You got it.

You now have an extra week to make your 3SOME video for a chance to win:
3rd Prize: 3 days on the My Damn Channel homepage
2nd Prize: 8GB iPod touch
1st Prize: 16GB iPad 3G

Deadline to submit videos is now FRIDAY AUGUST 13TH.
Winners announced Wednesday August 18TH.

Please keep your video under 3 minutes. We have Attention Deficit Disorder... Oh look at that shiny thing!

Read the rules.

Professor My Damn Channel

Announcing the My Damn Channel Third Birthday 3Some Video Challenge

Posted in Maria, My Damn Channel with tags video challenge, contest, iPad, iPod touch, prizes on 7/22/2010 9:57:26 AM by Maria

3Some Video Challenge

3Some: Presenting the My Damn Channel 3rd Birthday Video Challenge

What are the rules?

  • Email info at MyDamnChannel dot com with the subject heading "3Some" for rules, regulations, video specs and instructions for getting your video to us.
  • Find some creative way to connect it to the 3Some theme.
  • Keep it under 3 minutes.  We love you, but we have trains to catch at 5:42pm to get to our Mom's place by dinner.
  • Don't plug My Damn Channel shamelessly.  That's what I'm for, not you.
  • We are judging overall quality, talent, originality, performance and intelligence.  So don't just shoot something and say "Whatevs, this will do."  Because it won't.  Give us your best. 


  • Get it to us by Friday, August 13th You should probably have your first draft done by the time you finish reading this post.
  • Winners will be announced Wednesday, August 18th, which will be SOMEONE'S LUCKY DAY.

Why should you do this?

  • You are creative and witty and wise and you realize that withholding your gifts from the online video world is a crime against humanity.  This goes for all of you.  Or maybe you're just bored. 
  • All winners will be featured heavily on My Damn Channel.
  • 3rd Prize: You will be featured for 3 Days on the My Damn Channel homepage.  Go there now.  Tell me who you see.  Imagine your mug featured next to those guys.  Sweet, right?  How awesome is the Facebook photo album you create from those screencaps gonna be?
  • 2nd Prize: 8GB iPod touch.  For realz, yo.  Have you been walking around wishing you could experience the joy of touchscreen technology and the millions of apps in that damn app store?  This is for you.
  • 1st Prize: 16GB iPad 3G.  For realz, also. Touchscreen technology, the app store apps, plus books and Flipboard and the cure for cancer.  What?  Oh.  Scratch that last thing.  But AN IPAD.  For you. 

We want our birthday to be a good one, so we need as many people as possible to give us presents.  Thank you, and good luck!

Houses of the Holy

Posted in My Damn Channel with tags My Damn Channel, Houses of the Holy, Twins, The Ocean, 3Some, Led Zeppelin on 6/22/2010 1:33:44 AM by Rob Barnett

A natural photo opp happened this weekend deep in the land of My Damn Channel. The moment reminded me of the Led Zeppelin cover for House of the Holy.

We birthed everything new in 2007. Now, we're almost 3 years old "and it's a real fine way to start."

It's soon time to celebrate new good news with the My Damn Channel family. OPEN to all your ideas on how to deliver an August bday month of goodness to you.
We need to start with the right title...the right theme to launch new wonders, videos, series, stahhhhs n' more.

My Damn Channel: Coming in 3's ?

My Damn Channel: 3Some ?

The day approaches: JULY 31st

lettuce know:

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