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Itinerary: Mondays are for Villainy Training

Posted with tags funny find, maniacal, laugh, youtube video, how-to on 6/23/2014 3:12:50 PM by Daniel Chelemer

They say you can find anything on the Internet, and honestly, I'm a little disappointed that it has taken me this long to find this superb specimen of a man. Watch as this laugh-master shows you, the "beginner", the ins and outs of a true maniacal laugh. He covers all the main steps: posture, hand motions, diaphragm usage, and tonality. He also demonstrates different types of manical laughs, from the "gleeful" to the "revelation". Enjoy the ride.

Bonus: The continued references to taking over Spain and Portugal add a level of realism to the tutorial that really improves his lesson.

Pretty Girls Everywhere!

Posted in Maria, Wainy Days with tags Garfunkel and Oates, comedy songs, cute comedy girls, wainy days on 10/5/2011 11:29:59 AM by Maria

Pretty girls are everywhere around here!

We already know you're in love with Daily Grace. We've heard you obsess about Elizabeth Banks and Rashida Jones. But we want you to know two more: Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci, known together as Garfunkel and Oates.

We'll tell you more about them this Friday, when they star in a new Wainy Days BONUS music video, but for now just start with this song, "This Party Took A Turn For The Douche."

We knew for sure we had a crush on them when we heard the lyric "I ain't in love with you, cousin! I ain't George Michael Bluth! This party just took a turn... for the douche." Anyone who can reference Jim Croce and Arrested Development in the same song deserves undying respect, yo.

The Pledge

Posted in Gigi with tags Gigi, Almost American, America, Pledge, Flag, Extra, Bonus, United States on 6/15/2011 9:15:10 AM by Dubs

The new Gigi: Bonus Extra has our "Almost American" friend taking a shot at learning the Pledge of Allegiance. Is he close enough? Watch now.

I pledge I'm vegan. And their God...

Need to catch up on Season 1? Start here.

Awards 'n Extras

Season One of My Damn Channel's hit show Gigi: Almost American may have come to an end, but that doesn't mean everyone's favorite pie-eyed foreigner is MIA.  On the contrary, each Wednesday will see the debut of new Gigi-related bonus material.  Sort of like a DVD extra, except, you know, on your computer.  You can stretch your throat muscles with a little Gigi theme song karaoke, or bop along to Episode 2's bouncy, '80's-inspired "Squirt Gun" (free download included!).  There are also outtakes, promos, and interviews galore—everything you need for your Elks Club's next Gigi: Almost American theme party.  And look out for more in the weeks to come.

And since we're talking about Gigi, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish our pal Josh Gad good luck this Sunday at the Tony Awards.  The Gigi creator/star is up for Best Lead Actor in a Musical for his awesome work in Trey Parker & Matt Stone's The Book of Mormon.  BOM is also up for Best Musical, Best Original Score, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Direction, Choreography, Orchestration, Scenic Design, Costume, Lighting, and Sound.  I mean holy shit, right?  That's a lot of nominations.  Break a leg, Elders!

Go Sukashi! Season Finale

Go Sukashi!...I feel like we just met. But all is well that ends well and we should all be feeling pretty good about the last episode of season 2. This season has taken us on a ride through film parody, internet lore, and the origins of Sukashi himself. Episode 8 doesn't disappoint, so dry your eyes and shut your sweet mouth and we just might have a bonus episode for you next week. Sukashi!

Click for Episode 8!

Mark Malkoff Will Spend Five Days in the Bathroom

Mark Malkoff is worn out.

Mark texts. Mark tweets. Mark emails and Facebooks and YouTubes and iPhones and does a million other brand-name things that popular culture has turned into verbs. It is a lot of work to stay connected to everyone all over the world wide web at one time, and Mark is starting to find it all a little taxing.

So he's going to check out for five days in a place where no distractions will get to him: his bathroom.

Sounds like a good idea, right?

Mark's even gong to try to be productive during his Week With No Internet. He's going to try and finish that book he's been meaning to read. He's going to learn that song he's been meaning to play. He's going to write that poem for his wife he's been meaning to write. Aw. That's sweet. And all the while, he's going to shoot footage and put it all into one awesome video, which we can all watch on his channel at on September 8th.

We're pretty excited to have Mark Malkoff on our team. After all, anyone who can visit every single Starbucks in Manhattan in a single day is a friend of ours. And since he lived in a New Jersey IKEA for a week, he'd probably know better than anyone how to wield a an allen wrench. And, he knows Lisa Loeb, so, you know, bonus points:

To be honest, we're jealous. We wish that we could check out for five days. We wouldn't talk to ANYONE. Except we wouldn't do it in our bathroom. We'd do it on an island somewhere, and, okay, so MAYBE we'd talk to someone... but it would be because he was the bartender and we had to tell him what kind of wonderfully fruity drink to bring us. But other than him, no one.

Good luck, with this one, Mark.  We think you're gonna need it.

3 Years Ago: Launch Mode

Good things come in 3's.

3 years ago, a small band of true believers were readying the launch of My Damn Channel: 7/31/07.

Here are the inaugural videos from the first 3 artists we signed.

David Wain came in with the world's fastest pitch for Wainy Days: (paraphrasing) "I want to make out with the hottest women in the world and every date goes horribly wrong."

His first episode (a 3-parter) co-stars Elizabeth Banks as Shelly:

David Wain as David Wain, Elizabeth Banks as Shelly.

Harry Shearer was the first hero we signed. He sat in prosthetic makeup for over 4 hours to become Dick Cheney, singing sexy for Scooter Libby:

Harry Shearer as Dick Cheney.

We wanted music to marry comedy in our company from Day One. We turned to another brother and one of the best musicians and producers on the planet, Don Was.

Don's "Wasmopolitan Cavalcade of Recorded Music" is an earful of the best music you can't get anywhere else.

His first My Damn Channel production starred one of the smartest singer/songwriters we know, Jill Sobule:

Don Was, Rob Barnett, Jill Sobule, Warren Chao at the My Damn Channel west coast launch party, 2007.

Here's a rare, bonus video from the archives. Day one back on 7/31/07 also starred Big Fat Brain, the geniuses behind You Suck at Photoshop, and the web designers of all things DAMN. One of our only spoof vids looked 20 years into the FUTURE and poked our pals at Funny or Die, who had launched a few months earlier:

Matt Bledsoe, Troy Hitch


We must have had too much coffee this week. 

Tons of new videos invading My Damn Channel - we're giving you comedy, music, parties, animation, interviews and more.

Spärhusen Performances: Inga D.

Spärhusen Interview

Easy To Assemble with Ask a Ninja

Pilot Season

Kris Kristofferson: Closer to the Bone

Grace Crashers: Halloween II

Grace Crashers: How To Crash A Party

Grace Crashers: How To Make Your Party Count

Harry Shearer with Judith Owen: Bonus Baby

RAMP with Lady Gaga

Soda Copped

Daily Grace


Posted in Harry Shearer with tags Harry Shearer, My Damn Channel, Ann Coulter, Gum on 10/13/2009 8:11:07 AM by Meg Mylan

CNN just featured Harry Shearer's "Found Objects".

Jeanne Moos reported on the gum chewing of various public figures - caught on camera. Her piece includes Harry Shearer's My Damn Channel series, "Found Objects," with a clip of Ann Coulter chomping on her Nicoret.

Harry's art installation "The Silent Echo Chamber" is a compilation of these "Found Objects," on tour now across the country.  The installation is currently at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center through November.

Harry's brand new, digital album is Greed and Fear, documenting the economic meltdown in music and comedy. The first digital singles have just been released: Get them here. And look for brand new videos from Greed and Fear in the coming weeks premiering on Harry's channel.


Thanks to Kelsey Wallace for the Big Wet Kiss in the new issue of BITCH magazine. We're #7 on The Bitch List. Grace got the good news - i found the new issue at Barnes & Noble.

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