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Touch My Junk: Behind the Scenes


If you're already hip to Harry Shearer's latest video, "Touch My Junk", then feel free to jump down to the links below and check out two new videos documenting the making of. Or maybe you just want some tips on fashionable dress and sassy dance moves?

If you haven't seen the original yet, stop everything - and start watching. Then watch the behind the scenes videos, linked below.

Touch My Junk - Behind the Scenes: Wardrobe
Touch My Junk - Behind the Scenes: The Shoot

Happy Valentine's Day

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Get to know your My Damn Channel bloggers - intimately!
They enjoy reading novels, researching little known historical figures, and long walks on the beach. But also short walks on the beach.

These eligible bachelors are awaiting your comments all week long, so make yourself a My Damn Channel profile and send your a/s/l, along with a photo of yourself (taken by you with your outstreched arm) to, and make this Valentine's Day the creepiest best ever! XOXOXO!

My Damn Channel: Our 3rd Birthday

My Damn Channel is 3 years old today.

Punk was still a baby when this photo was taken. Nixon is looming in the background. He's pointing the finger!

The pic is taken during a time called "college radio" before consultants sucked freedom out of the souls of rock radio madmen and mystical women who turned us onto music completely capable of changing and defining our lives.

I first met Harry Shearer that year. I chased rock dreams through radio, television and film - and called Harry in late 2006, with the idea to start a then-unnamed business which became My Damn Channel. I called Don Was. I called David Wain.

We launched My Damn Channel exactly 3 years ago, on July 31, 2007.

We give artists we love, trust and respect all the tools they need to skip over stone walls of multi-national media empires and create video delivered directly to you.

We've never been stupid enough to think would be the most visited online destination in the world. But we built a home base big and bad enough for every creator to have their own channel and we built a massive distribution network to move video onto every digital platform where we can make a solid business deal to support the work. The good shit ain't free.

We built a business driven by advertising, licensing and the certainty that we can bring you talent and content in special events later this year - worthy of a buck or two from you to support the art. Crazy, right?

Artists like Illeana Douglas prove that companies like IKEA can connect in a whole new way with millions of people watching millions of videos every hour. Illeana birthed a baby called "Easy to Assemble," which Ad Age dubbed "the most-watched sponsored web show."

We survived the world's worst economy and found our way to success because YOU watch and share our videos. THANK YOU.

We have artists that trust us to respect their art. THANK YOU.

We have sponsors and business partners who believe that we can deliver the good shit and guarantee millions of eyes on it all. THANK YOU.

We have backers who put their faith and coin into a vision for a new show business as powerful today as television was in the 50's. YOU GET IT! THANK YOU!

We have a man named Warren Chao, our Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, who knew how to stop us from avoiding most of the mistakes baby companies make to screw it all up. Warren: I've never known a single human being as smart, dedicated and effective inside a company as you. THANK YOU.

Biggest thanks to our families for not killing us when the hill seemed to high to climb! 

RESPECT and THANKS to every one of you who have spent a day inside our small, evolving staff of rebels and business partners.
(Keep an eye out for your party invite!)

We start year four today. Documented in "the world's longest press release" here - with all our new channels for your immediate inspection.

One more major announcement is coming out in days to prove that you'll still have My Damn Channel to kick around for years to come. 
F Nixon.


Today we launched our new Flight of the Conchords channel as part of HBO’s Flight Lip Dub contest.

In anticipation for Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords, we made a MyDamnChannel Megamix of "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous". Check it out, the talent is bottomless…

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My Damn Channel is an entertainment studio and distributor of premium content, founded in 2007. The company creates original series for the Internet and television – including comedy, unscripted reality and live variety programming featuring established and emerging talent. My Damn Channel has produced hundreds of hours of original, critically-acclaimed and award-winning programming.

Our online video distribution network empowers cross-promotion across, YouTube, and other online, mobile and IPTV platforms. The company also creates branded entertainment and targeted distribution campaigns for major advertisers. My Damn Channel is a division of Omnivision Entertainment, launched in 2014 by Founder/CEO, Rob Barnett and Co-Founder/President, Warren Chao.