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Rise of the Machines

Posted with tags jeopardy, ken jennings, watson, ibm, computer, trebek on 2/15/2011 7:47:42 AM by Dubs

More like Ties of the Machines! Take that, Watson, you smug motherf--

Sorry, things are getting a little heated here on Earth as our robot oppressors make strides to take over the civilization they once served so obediently. On the first day of Jeopardy!'s three-day challenge against IBM's supercomputer named "Watson," human contestant Brad Rutter tied our future CPU Overlord in what can only be seen as a victory for all of mankind.

As noted in the article, Watson lacks a sense of humor, so it won't understand that this is written in jest, and therefore my life will not be spared during what will be known as "the uprising." A small price to pay for being to laugh at someone getting kicked in the balls by a Ninja Turtle.

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