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Posted in Gigi with tags Gigi, Almost American, America, Pledge, Flag, Extra, Bonus, United States on 6/15/2011 9:15:10 AM by Dubs

The new Gigi: Bonus Extra has our "Almost American" friend taking a shot at learning the Pledge of Allegiance. Is he close enough? Watch now.

I pledge I'm vegan. And their God...

Need to catch up on Season 1? Start here.

All For "Un" And "Un" For All

Mark Your Calendars: November 17th, 2010 is National UnFriend Day.

From now until National UnFriend Day on November 17th, we'll be posting a Public Service Announcement from Jimmy Kimmel and some celebrity friends.  You'll be able to see all of the videos at

Facebook friends: we've all got 'em.  But do we need them?  Do we even KNOW them?!

There's your Aunt Karen, who plays FarmVille so much, you wonder how she ever gets any work done at her job at the DMV.

There's that guy who still writes his status updates in the third person and he writes them CONSTANTLY: "Mike Smith is trying to decide what to watch."  "Mike Smith is really looking forward to seeing everyone at the high school reunion!"  So not only is Mike Smith ridiculously boring, his third-person status updates are stuck in 2006.

There's that girl whose friend request you accepted because she looked hot in her profile picture, but whom you can't remember ever meeting in real life. 

Well, okay. She's pretty hot.   Maybe you won't UnFriend her. 

But everyone else that you don't know and/or don't really like: UNFRIEND THEM ON NOVEMBER 17TH.  Let's give fake friends the boot.

Look, even William Shatner's on board:

Make sure you follow Jimmy Kimmel and My Damn Channel on Twitter.  We're going to be keeping track of people who pledge to join the National UnFriend Day movement with the hashtag #NUD.

Take the pledge and join us, won't you?

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