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Florida Republican Debate You WEREN'T Supposed To See

HEY! That's not Wolf Blitzer!

Actor/author/director/satirist/musician/radio host Harry Shearer's found footage of the CNN team prepping for the Florida Republican Debate using civilians as stand-ins for the candidates might be the best thing to happen to the GOP Debate since Michele Bachmann took the longest pee break ever.

Newt Gingrich is looking decidedly more feminine since the last time we saw him. When the petite redheaded woman introduces herself as "Newt Gingrich" and proclaims "I just ran a marathon before I got here," Fake Wolf Blitzer chuckles and her fellow faux candidates smile.

Could they possibly find her more charming than the real thing?

Hey GOP Candidates, relax a little! Slip into something more comfortable! Let your hair down!

That's more like it. Now how about we whistle the National Anthem?

Marc Maron and My Damn Channel: WTF

Posted in WTF with tags Marc Maron, WTF, podcast, Adam Carolla, My Damn Channel on 11/9/2011 7:28:29 AM by Rob Barnett

I started my career in radio and I started My Damn Channel as a response to getting tossed out of radio in 2006.

Podcasts are not new, but in the past few years, a number of brilliantly talented people with brains and balls decided to head to their garages and go punk - bringing new shows to the masses on the Internet - without any of the soul-killing, corporate execs able to stop these brave rebels from creating completely original "radio" that puts the "F" back in Freedom.

I created Free FM back in 2004 to give awesome talent like Adam Carolla a radio show that harkened back to the earliest days of freeform radio....a form never done better than the way it's still being done today by Howard Stern.

When I got "shit-canned" as Adam loves to say - and could no longer protect him from the devils - he got "shit-canned" too. Adam took to his garage to build a monster audience for his podcast and My Damn Channel continues to put our cash where our heart is as a paid sponsor.

Today, we pony up again to become a proud sponsor of WTF with Marc Maron. If you know this show, then you simply need to know that I could no longer sit back and cheer for Marc without jumping in to support him. If you're uninitiated, then his words will be better than mine and I encourage you to watch the video of Marc's recent keynote speech given at the premiere comedy festival, Just for Laughs in Montreal.

Like with Adam Carolla, you'll hear My Damn Channel artists and comedians on WTF with Marc Maron. From time to time, Marc will tell you about the good shit we're doing here to premiere original series with great talent and without any of the corporate red tape that used to get in our way.

And we've now got a whole new Marc Maron channel to check out regularly when you're on My Damn Channel, featuring his podcasts, videos, extras and excerpts with a link to subscribe and donate like we did to a rare talent taking the truth by the horns.

Rob Barnett

Don Was is a Super Producer Who Brings Us Superstars

Did you guys see Don Was on American Idol last season as Jimmy Iovine's right-hand man? Don is a super producer who works with superstars like Bonnie Raitt, Elton John and The Rolling Stones, and now he's bringing us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the recording session for a "Personal Revolution," a song from the legendary Ziggy Marley's latest album, Wild and Free.

We have nothing else to say but that you should STOP DOING WHATEVER ELSE YOU'RE DOING AND WATCH THIS VIDEO RIGHT NOW.

Thanks. Now you can go about the rest of your day feeling good about yourself since you've already treated yourself to something awesome. 

Adam Carolla on Jimmy Kimmel

Congratulations to our pal, Adam! The Adam Carolla Show is officially the most downloaded podcast in the world, and Jimmy Kimmel Live had him on to celebrate his Guinness World Record.

Check out Adam and Jimmy here.
Keep up with everything Aceman - see all the guests - listen to the show - subscribe to the video podcast - now - like NOW at


We Get Around

Posted in Daily Grace with tags daily grace, helbig, press, greg fitzsimmons, fitzdog radio, podcast on 2/9/2011 11:16:10 AM by Dubs

A busy week here at My Damn Channel HQ. Do you know how hard it is to be in our office, get mentioned on Greg Fitzsimmons' Fitzdog Radio (2/8), and make an appearance in this profile of Grace Helbig of Daily Grace all at the same time?

Not that hard, actually. But not that easy either. Have a Wednesday!

The King of All Media on CNN

Posted in Howard Stern with tags Howard Stern, Piers Morgan, CNN, King of All Media, Rob Barnett on 1/19/2011 8:35:02 AM by DannyMoney

Last night, Howard Stern went on Piers Morgan Tonight to be interviewed by British dude Piers Morgan. Right off, Howard took control, and it was clear why he is the King of All Media - even though it seemed Piers believed that he and Howard were...PEERS! OH!

My Damn Channel's own fearless leader Rob Barnett was asked on to the Howard Stern Show last year on 4/20 to discuss Howard's departure from terrestrial radio and finding his replacement.  And Howard was gracious enough to chat about My Damn Channel - The King!  Talking about My Damn Channel!  What an awesome experience.

Enjoy a clip from the interview HERE.

RAMP Gets An EXCLUSIVE Interview With Lee Abrams!

Meet Lee Abrams:

He was the Chief Innovation Officer at the Tribune Co. until very recently

There were a lot of stories going around about how his quick departure was punishment for a company-wide memo he sent containing links to some, erm, videos of questionable taste.

The good people in our RAMP (Radio and Music Pros) division thought that since linking to a video seems to have cost Abrams his job, it's only fitting that he use online video to tell his side of the story

Watch the entire interview now at

Here's something to whet your appetite:  Lee Abrams inspired one of those Hitler memes we were all so fond of for a while.  You know the ones:  we laughed and laughed when we watched them even though they starred HITLER.

Don't pretend like you don't know what we're talking about.

My Damn Channel: Our 3rd Birthday

My Damn Channel is 3 years old today.

Punk was still a baby when this photo was taken. Nixon is looming in the background. He's pointing the finger!

The pic is taken during a time called "college radio" before consultants sucked freedom out of the souls of rock radio madmen and mystical women who turned us onto music completely capable of changing and defining our lives.

I first met Harry Shearer that year. I chased rock dreams through radio, television and film - and called Harry in late 2006, with the idea to start a then-unnamed business which became My Damn Channel. I called Don Was. I called David Wain.

We launched My Damn Channel exactly 3 years ago, on July 31, 2007.

We give artists we love, trust and respect all the tools they need to skip over stone walls of multi-national media empires and create video delivered directly to you.

We've never been stupid enough to think would be the most visited online destination in the world. But we built a home base big and bad enough for every creator to have their own channel and we built a massive distribution network to move video onto every digital platform where we can make a solid business deal to support the work. The good shit ain't free.

We built a business driven by advertising, licensing and the certainty that we can bring you talent and content in special events later this year - worthy of a buck or two from you to support the art. Crazy, right?

Artists like Illeana Douglas prove that companies like IKEA can connect in a whole new way with millions of people watching millions of videos every hour. Illeana birthed a baby called "Easy to Assemble," which Ad Age dubbed "the most-watched sponsored web show."

We survived the world's worst economy and found our way to success because YOU watch and share our videos. THANK YOU.

We have artists that trust us to respect their art. THANK YOU.

We have sponsors and business partners who believe that we can deliver the good shit and guarantee millions of eyes on it all. THANK YOU.

We have backers who put their faith and coin into a vision for a new show business as powerful today as television was in the 50's. YOU GET IT! THANK YOU!

We have a man named Warren Chao, our Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, who knew how to stop us from avoiding most of the mistakes baby companies make to screw it all up. Warren: I've never known a single human being as smart, dedicated and effective inside a company as you. THANK YOU.

Biggest thanks to our families for not killing us when the hill seemed to high to climb! 

RESPECT and THANKS to every one of you who have spent a day inside our small, evolving staff of rebels and business partners.
(Keep an eye out for your party invite!)

We start year four today. Documented in "the world's longest press release" here - with all our new channels for your immediate inspection.

One more major announcement is coming out in days to prove that you'll still have My Damn Channel to kick around for years to come. 
F Nixon.

The Adam Carolla Show

Old pals Adam Carolla and Rob Barnett got together last night to record for Adam's massively popular Podcast
"The Adam Carolla Show"

Listen to the Podcase here
The magic begins at Minute 48


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The King And I: The Irreplaceable Howard Stern

Like millions of us, my stepmom is a lifelong Howard Stern fan. She just sent this photo taken off of Howard TV, airing our in-studio interview from earlier this week. I had the honor of being Howard Stern's guest on his Tuesday, 420 show (scroll to 840a).

Response is coming into My Damn Channel via email, phones, video views, comments, new subscribers, tweets, wall postings, and even a live spotting this afternoon in a clothing store (to complete the surreality). The influx of intense energy all flows back to a man undeniably uniquely qualified to hold the heavyweight title: "King of All Media."

Howard endures as one of the most talented and honest souls alive. He embodies the freedom of speech with every breath. For all who've been fired, laid off, downsized, pink slipped, discharged, axed, or job's hard to imagine speaking truth to power on a live microphone the way Howard has done it for decades.

I first followed Howard Stern on a carrier current, college radio station, 64 WTBU at Boston University. (There's a great scene depicting TBU in "Private Parts.")

If you've ever chased a radio dream, then your college years are likely the last time and place you ever experienced the fear and thrill of exercising your freedom of speech over a live mic.

Primordial FM rock radio stations were created in the late 1960's. Early heroes like Harry Shearer and Steven Clean were blowing minds at places like KPPC in Pasadena, California (which eventually became the world famous KROQ).

The combined forces of original radio talents and pre-corporate rock music created stations throughout the 70s powerful enough to infect audiences with a sense of community, purpose, passion, sex and fun that began to hit the wall around 1980.

I was sitting on the front steps of my apartment on Beacon Street in Boston with Steven Clean and my best friend, Mike Isabella the night Ronald Reagan was elected President. I was 20. I was about to drop out of college and take a full-time job as a rock radio jock at WAAF out in Worcester, Mass. One year later, I had the only radio thrill that came closest to being on Howard's show this week. Lightning struck and we convinced the Rolling Stones to do a private show for our station's fans in 1981 to start up the "Tattoo You" tour.

But, back to Mr. Clean. I'd been Steven's intern for a time at WCOZ in Boston. At that point in his career, Clean had been fired by many of the best radio stations in the country. He was a real life inspiration for the Dr. Johnny Fever character in "WKRP in Cincinnati." Steven was incredibly talented, brilliant, a true music expert and fan...and he was rebellious enough to drive the most patient souls to the edge of their sanity.

Considering the nation's new President, Steven held a joint firmly in my face and said, "See this? This is OVER!"
By the time of Reagan's second term, most radio station managers had a "Just Say No" policy for disc jockeys expressing free thoughts on mic, or taking free reign over any music playlist.

A small number of former radio station program directors shaved their beards, cut their hair, bought expensive suits, and armed themselves with halliburton briefcases filled with blow and bullshit designed to convince every fearful radio exec that they had the only secrets to ratings success, fortune and fame.

Conformity soon became the norm. Tighter playlists made stations sound the same from city-to-city. The job of disc jockey was transforming free thinkers into people paid to read positioning slogans, timechecks and weather forecasts.

In the midst of all this unholy homogenization, Howard Stern began to build a radio show free from the constraints put on most of his competitors. His talent grew on the radio and expanded with every carefully planned new project he launched.

Superfans know that Howard pays homage to legends who came before him like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin. I can't think of another entertainer who has more succesfully won battles with corporate brass than Howard. One of the many surprises about the real man to outsiders is how he maintains his position with grace and wisdom.

No one knows what the next chapter will be for the Stern show in 2011. Assume Howard can see the possible moves on the chess board more clearly than most. As a fan, I'll be following as I have since the beginning. As a business owner, My Damn Channel stands ready to serve The King anytime he calls. 

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