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RAMP Gets An EXCLUSIVE Interview With Lee Abrams!

Meet Lee Abrams:

He was the Chief Innovation Officer at the Tribune Co. until very recently

There were a lot of stories going around about how his quick departure was punishment for a company-wide memo he sent containing links to some, erm, videos of questionable taste.

The good people in our RAMP (Radio and Music Pros) division thought that since linking to a video seems to have cost Abrams his job, it's only fitting that he use online video to tell his side of the story

Watch the entire interview now at

Here's something to whet your appetite:  Lee Abrams inspired one of those Hitler memes we were all so fond of for a while.  You know the ones:  we laughed and laughed when we watched them even though they starred HITLER.

Don't pretend like you don't know what we're talking about.


We must have had too much coffee this week. 

Tons of new videos invading My Damn Channel - we're giving you comedy, music, parties, animation, interviews and more.

Spärhusen Performances: Inga D.

Spärhusen Interview

Easy To Assemble with Ask a Ninja

Pilot Season

Kris Kristofferson: Closer to the Bone

Grace Crashers: Halloween II

Grace Crashers: How To Crash A Party

Grace Crashers: How To Make Your Party Count

Harry Shearer with Judith Owen: Bonus Baby

RAMP with Lady Gaga

Soda Copped

Daily Grace

RAMP (Radio and Music Pros) ON MY DAMN CHANNEL

RAMP (Radio and Music Pros) LAUNCHES NOW

I had two tours of duty in radio and one tour of duty in the record business in the daze before working at MTV/VH1 and launching My Damn Channel.

There's never a doubt that the music you first heard through the radio played as much a part of creating who you are as the food you ate. In some fashion, you are what you hear.

But radio and the music business has been taking it on the chin for years. Layoffs have been brutal. When the legendary industry trade Radio & Records was shut down after 36 years, more of our friends hit the beach. It was time to put some of the bitching and moaning aside (not all of it) and launch RAMP.

Kevin Carter, Keith Berman & Steve Resnik are the artists formerly known as Street Talk Daily. Their unique brand of accurate reporting - laced with snark and laffs - covers every hot story inside radio and music.

Weekday mornings - before the crack of dawn - RAMP delivers an e-mail blast with news breaking now. If you're a Radio and Music Pro, sign up for a free subscription now at

RAMP is ad supported by our friends in the music business dedicating to getting new sounds into the ears of radioheads who bring new music to humankind.

The RAMP website is an extra shot in the arm to give My Damn Channel fans access to music videos and to videos made by the best air talent in radio. Videos will promote and link back to bands and radio stations. Find the kitty now at

Senior Editor Kevin Carter, his "Evil Minion" Keith Berman, Sales Pro Steve Resnik, and scantilly-clad operators are standing by to take your submissions:



Those 3 tired words are decades old but Hollywood hopes they help you fall in love with new shows.

We put quotes around our "new fall season" - knowing we can't fool you into love - but hoping it feels just a little funnier that way.

In two years, we’ve birthed 25 channels of music and comedy…working with artists we love. We think you’ve taught us how to get talent and new series worthy of your evil eye.

Help us buy another bag of chips for lunch! Share the full press release. Share these links to our New Series:



Easy To Assemble: Co-Worker of The Year

Knight Shift

RAMP (Radio And Music Pros)

Harry Shearer: Greed and Fear

Don Was: The Wasmopolitan Cavalcade of Recorded Music (Season 3)

Stella Live in Boston

Unwigged & Unplugged: An Evening with Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer

Animation Block (Season 2)

Grace Crashers Presented by Southern Comfort


New Stars:


Illeana Douglas

Keanu Reeves

Ask A Ninja 

Sir Paul McCartney

Rob Mailhouse

Sir Sean Connery

Todd Spahr

Sir Richard Branson

Wallace Langham

Ryan Hunter

Taige Jensen

Sir Ben Kingsley

Jeff Goldblum

Stephen Hawking

Brad O’Farrell

Justine Bateman

Tom Arnold

Sir Elton John

Kevin Carter

Keith Berman

Steve Resnik

Prince William

The Queen

Ed Begley Jr.

Craig Bierko

Kevin Pollak

Sidney Poitier

Jane Lynch

Cheri Oteri

Ricki Lake

Tim Meadows

Dave Ahdoot

Daryl Sabara

Eric Lange

Two F Words: (11.7.07 - 4:48 am)

Posted in My Damn Channel on 11/7/2007 3:24:00 PM by Rob Barnett

As the sun rises, My Damn Channel celebrates our 100th birth-day. We're still in diapers but not full of shit. We're having too much fun learning how to walk and talk. We moved into a new office in NY this week. We spent the past year ramping up and launching from a tiny, 15-foot space gifted by an angelic co-con named Cathy. Our new place has enough space for the 7 of us ... we've even got our own toilet. In truth, it's pritty pritty cool. My office window stares directly into irony: facing the Viacom skyscraper where I spent over 11 years at MTV + VH1. Our LA team is still bunkering together in close quarters but a latenight television pal is threatening to buy a cool new place near the beach and be our NEW "Landlord." Great phone call from a HipHop icon yesterday looking for his own "My Damn Channel." If this deal closes as fast as it seems to be moving, it'll be because of the first two minutes of that call.....and because of the two F bombs that he dropped. I asked why this man wanted to move to webworld with such a solid track record in music, film, and television. "FREEDOM - Freedom - Freedom - Freedom," was his first response. He'd grown tired of taking too many meetings and said he was always filled with too many good new ideas to wade through months of red tape to get every new project off the ground. Second F Bomb: FAST. He wants to start his own My Damn Channel now. He has a new television deal in the spring and I asked if he wanted to wait to let all the heat hit at once. The response was "let's go NOW." The entire call went just like that. Total agreement - no need to wait. No lengthy lawyers dancing either. It was the same way when we first pitched David Wain. That meeting took ten minutes for David to get to "yes." Don Was happened in seconds. Harry Shearer and I wanted to do this (without realizing it) from the day we met. Kimmel brought Milonakis. This father/son team are brothers in arms and the newest Milonakis music video in our pipeline is going to blow up insane. We launch our newest "My Damn Channel" this Friday. The announcement breaks tomorrow. Bonus F bomb for all the souls on strike this morning: FIGHT.

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My Damn Channel is an entertainment studio and distributor of premium content, founded in 2007. The company creates original series for the Internet and television – including comedy, unscripted reality and live variety programming featuring established and emerging talent. My Damn Channel has produced hundreds of hours of original, critically-acclaimed and award-winning programming.

Our online video distribution network empowers cross-promotion across, YouTube, and other online, mobile and IPTV platforms. The company also creates branded entertainment and targeted distribution campaigns for major advertisers. My Damn Channel is a division of Omnivision Entertainment, launched in 2014 by Founder/CEO, Rob Barnett and Co-Founder/President, Warren Chao.