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MY DAMN CHANNEL -- My 5th Birthday Love Letter

Posted in My Damn Channel with tags My Damn Channel, 5th Birthday, Rob Barnett, 20120731, MyDamnChannel anniversary on 7/31/2012 8:25:14 AM by Rob Barnett

I'm sharing a love letter with you on the 5th Birthday of

I'm flying home from the 30th Birthday of "Just for Laughs" in Montreal -- the annual, best family reunion in comedy. I've just spent 4 daze and nights with many of the world's best comic minds -- and I'm heading into our birthday re-inspired to keep giving you more.

Everything everyone said about being an entrepreneur has turned out to be true. It's been much more rewarding to not work inside the old corporate monoliths of my past: MTV, VH1, CBS. But I'd never be here without remembering everything I learned there. It's been much harder work to create and run my own business -- the hours are endless -- the pressure to win for everyone who believes in us and works with us is a weight I've tried to carry with honor every day since leaving people like Mr. Moonves, Mr. Redstone, and their worlds 6 years ago.

We launched My Damn Channel July 31. 2007 to create a new destination for comedy fans and a new home for talent to get the freedom, money, production, distribution and promotion they deserve. Don Was still runs our music channel too. YouTube changed the world. Technology empowered every single content creator to finally get the equipment and distribution we needed to get our art seen by the masses without having to break down the walls of major television networks.

Most new companies never make it 5 years. We made it. Thank you for being part of this family and for supporting our simple mathematical premise: The Best Talent + The Best Original Entertainment = Big Audiences + Big Business.

From our first minute, we trusted smart artists to create their best work. We trusted smart fans to discern the difference between schlock and great video worthy of your views, likes, comments, and shares. This entire dream evaporates without you.

Smart advertisers trust us to deliver excellent talent, creative, production, distribution and promotion alongside every marketing dollar they spend to reach millions in a whole new way.

Our backers trust us never to raise too much or spend too much. They trust us to win big. Those backers include saints we love and many of our closest friends and family members.

To every artist, fan, advertiser, backer and business partner that's been with us since 2007 - thank you for believing and thank you for building the future of entertainment.

My Damn Channel would never have made it to our 5th birthday -- we'd never have even launched without WARREN CHAO. He's my Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, and the man who proves every single day that he's the most dedicated, brilliant, multi-talented executive in media. When I hatched the My Damn Channel idea in 2006, I went looking for the one person who could embody most of the things I was missing to take this dream from inception to glory. Warren is a Harvard graduate, a lawyer, a venture capitalist, a technologist, a business development executive and the only man in the world I'd trust to manage the math and the money. I want to thank Warren and his family for their trust as we all work every day to turn that trust into success.

Every artist who's ever had a video on My Damn Channel shares our belief that show business is best when TALENT is in charge. We vow to continue to put as many of you in charge of your art as we possibly can. We vow to continue to share your art with as many humans as possible. And yes...we vow to continue to share the cash.

Every person who's ever worked inside My Damn Channel has brought their energy, spirit, sweat, brain and backbone to help build an idea and a business that's grown gradually and consistently bigger every year. We worked together to try to avoid most of the mistakes of the first Internet bubble more than a decade ago. We worked tirelessly to outlast dozens of companies who raised countless millions to try to get this right. We worked together passionately to bring us onto the same stage as much deeper-pocketed, excellent pals like Funny or Die and College Humor. If you're on our team right now, you know that 2012 is the inflection point. This is the year when premium original content became the Queen and King at the prom. This is the year when our phones started ringing off the hook. This is the year we launched My Damn Channel LIVE every weekday afternoon with YouTube. This is the time when the great work you've done begins to reap more of the rewards you've earned.

Thank YOU again for every minute you've helped everyone at My Damn Channel.

Please share our link:

Please subscribe here:

Please continue to let me know what you think of all that's good/bad/ugly -- and how we can work together.

Great art is usually reliant on breaking the rules. I apologize for breaking the rule to "keep it short" - but I couldn't let this 5th birthday go by without one final story:

My wife and I have twins who will also soon turn "5." My youngest daughter nearly broke my heart when she asked today why I couldn't have a job that got me home at 3 o'clock in the afternoon every day. She once asked me why I couldn't be a mailman - since he seemed to have to only work in the morning. The hours we all put into a career can be ridiculous and wrong. Jessie: I hope you find this one day and know that this was the night when your Dad started getting so good at his job making videos that he was home more with you and your sister and your brother and your most beautiful and loving mother.

Respect and Love,

(This note appeared originally on Rob Barnett's Facebook Page, 7/31/12)

Come At Me, Bro Speak!

(image via)

Your new favorite blog, Slacktory, did you the generous favor of translating Facebook's confusing and cumbersome Terms of Service into "Bro Speak" so that everyone can understand the rules, even if one happens to be wearing a baseball cap askew on one's head.

Here's an excerpt on Privacy, a subject that seems to get many Facebook users up in arms:

We give lots of fucks about your privacy, so we wrote this. Read it, so you know what the fuck we’re going to do with the shit you post, so you’re not all “Facebook, I had no idea!” when your shit is in our press releases. That way you know the deal when you’re deciding what to post. Next: Sharing your shit. »

Nice work, bro. Now that we're finally able to understand Facebook's Terms of Service, there will be NO CHANCE that we'll ever be upset with them for using in some public and vaguely nefarious manner any of the information or data that we've given them voluntarily! Hooray!

Contest Extension

Posted with tags 3SOME, Birthday, Extension, Video Challenge, iPad on 8/5/2010 1:49:12 PM by Virginia Reiff

Procrastination is 1% inspiration & 99% incapacitation.

Followed by 100% Extension.

You got it.

You now have an extra week to make your 3SOME video for a chance to win:
3rd Prize: 3 days on the My Damn Channel homepage
2nd Prize: 8GB iPod touch
1st Prize: 16GB iPad 3G

Deadline to submit videos is now FRIDAY AUGUST 13TH.
Winners announced Wednesday August 18TH.

Please keep your video under 3 minutes. We have Attention Deficit Disorder... Oh look at that shiny thing!

Read the rules.

Professor My Damn Channel

Announcing the My Damn Channel Third Birthday 3Some Video Challenge

Posted in Maria, My Damn Channel with tags video challenge, contest, iPad, iPod touch, prizes on 7/22/2010 9:57:26 AM by Maria

3Some Video Challenge

3Some: Presenting the My Damn Channel 3rd Birthday Video Challenge

What are the rules?

  • Email info at MyDamnChannel dot com with the subject heading "3Some" for rules, regulations, video specs and instructions for getting your video to us.
  • Find some creative way to connect it to the 3Some theme.
  • Keep it under 3 minutes.  We love you, but we have trains to catch at 5:42pm to get to our Mom's place by dinner.
  • Don't plug My Damn Channel shamelessly.  That's what I'm for, not you.
  • We are judging overall quality, talent, originality, performance and intelligence.  So don't just shoot something and say "Whatevs, this will do."  Because it won't.  Give us your best. 


  • Get it to us by Friday, August 13th You should probably have your first draft done by the time you finish reading this post.
  • Winners will be announced Wednesday, August 18th, which will be SOMEONE'S LUCKY DAY.

Why should you do this?

  • You are creative and witty and wise and you realize that withholding your gifts from the online video world is a crime against humanity.  This goes for all of you.  Or maybe you're just bored. 
  • All winners will be featured heavily on My Damn Channel.
  • 3rd Prize: You will be featured for 3 Days on the My Damn Channel homepage.  Go there now.  Tell me who you see.  Imagine your mug featured next to those guys.  Sweet, right?  How awesome is the Facebook photo album you create from those screencaps gonna be?
  • 2nd Prize: 8GB iPod touch.  For realz, yo.  Have you been walking around wishing you could experience the joy of touchscreen technology and the millions of apps in that damn app store?  This is for you.
  • 1st Prize: 16GB iPad 3G.  For realz, also. Touchscreen technology, the app store apps, plus books and Flipboard and the cure for cancer.  What?  Oh.  Scratch that last thing.  But AN IPAD.  For you. 

We want our birthday to be a good one, so we need as many people as possible to give us presents.  Thank you, and good luck!

Mother's Day Weekend

It's Mother's Day on Sunday.  We're taking our mother to see that Babies movie.  We don't really want to see it ourselves, you know, because it's about babies, and babies are, like, not really our thing, but, well, that trailer is kind of cute and our mom totally wants to see it and everyone keeps talking about it and how the babies are so adorable, like no one has ever seen a baby before and everything that babies do isn't adorable anyway, and ... FINE.  I WANT TO SEE CUTE BABIES WITH MY MOM.

Also, if you're in Los Angeles tonight, you should head on down to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood to watch EASY TO ASSEMBLE on the big screen.  Illeana Douglas, Kevin Pollack and producer Dominik Rausch will be there.  Tell them we said "hi," and ask Illeana what she has against Justin and Alden's bromance

(Above image is from My Damn Channel series Horrible People.)

DAMN, NEWS (letter)

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Inbox Violation #31 Thursday, November 25, 2009

“Glimmers of Hope” is the latest song from Harry Shearer’s new, all-digital album Greed and Fear.

The video features Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s My Damn Channel debut.

Hope peaks through the over 10% unemployment rate.


Illeana makes her big move to win IKEA’s Co-Worker of the Year.

Will Spärhusen reunite?  "Easy To Assemble” premieres another new episode on Thanksgiving.


The 2009 Detroit All Star Revue from the annual “Concert of Colors” in the motor city.

Don’s hometown heroes perform some of the greatest songs in Rock & Roll.

Here’s Sir Mack Rice – the man who wrote “Respect Yourself” for the Staple Singers & “Mustang Sally” for Wilson Pickett.



Grace & Dave display party crashing prowess with a new holiday episode.
Happy Thanksgiving - NO JOKE! THANKS for watching & sharing our videos!!

Follow the Rules. Drink Responsibly.

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Posted in David Wain, Maria, Wainy Days with tags Wainy Days, David Wain, Jon Stern, Maria Diokno, Rob Barnett, My Damn Channel on 3/10/2009 9:42:57 AM by Rob Barnett

Thrills n chills yesterday on the set of WAINY DAYS. David Wain is shooting all new episodes for Season 4!

When we launched My Damn Channel 7/31/07, David was one of the first artists to believe we could build a home that re-wrote rules of how the show business is supposed to work.

Three seasons and 26 episodes later, this amazing man has created one of the best comedy series in the new world. We bow to HIM!

We've never once visited the set to play exec types with David and his producer, Jon Stern. They're too good at what they do to have us nosing around. The formula works - so why screw with it.....until yesterday.

Maria Diokno - our Director of Original Programming & one of the founding people inside our DAMN fam is leaving to move back to a new life in her native San Francisco. She's been the best co-con anyone can imagine. We're going to suck without her.

We decided Maria couldn't leave here without seeing David & Jon and company in action. And we ended up getting thrown into one of the new eps as extras.

All-new WAINY DAYS will premiere here this spring.

Get David's last feature film ROLE MODELS on DVD now - or else:

How 'bout a LAPDANCE ?

LAPDANCE with KURT LODER is our newest series premiere on My Damn Channel.

Kurt Loder saves the world - one interview at a time.

Author, journalist, MTV anchor, movie writer, and former Rolling Stone senior editor Kurt Loder interviews filmmakers, musicians, and anyone else who's around, anywhere in the world, via iChat.

Harry Shearer is our first victim. Four video segments just went LIVE.
Topics include: a Spinal Tap reunion, Ricky Gervais, Eddie Izzard, Richard Pryor, Christopher Guest, Tom Leopold, Paul Shaffer, reality TV, TV news, Sarah Palin, Al Franken, and you can find out what kind of world it would be - if it was ruled by Harry Shearer

on Spinal Tap:

on Comedians:

Reality TV / News:



Posted in Uncategorized with tags Brainstorm on 6/1/2008 5:23:58 AM by Rob Barnett

Woke up and thought - time to brainstorm - to blog about it - to do it - to find a photo to share - that says it.
Here's the alt god Chris Walken from the 1983 film, BRAINSTORM - also starring the goddess Natalie Wood - who died while making the film about what happens when you die.

The B storm is the key to making a Monday workday not suck.

Force an 'important meeting' to get you into a room - actual - or virtual - invite the best of the funnest humans you know. At least 4 or 5 does the job.

Find a terrible problem to tackle for your gig - or for your dream.

In (part two) - after the morning commute - I'll throw down the fewest, simplest rules we use for the B storm event. The twins are both wailing in the background and my b is stormed out of this blog.


Da Rules:

- Quantity over Quality
- No judgement
- Massive freewheeling
- NO comments
- not "good idea"
- not "that sucks because"
- don't kill the flow
- flow FAST
- flow insanely
- write everything down
- don't lose a thing
- throw curveballs the minute you lose speed...
- curveballs change the topic & force you to start seeing it all through an odd lens
- once you've stormed for 10 minutes or 20 or more - start sorting through
- kill everything that the room knows will never make it (but save THAT list)
- make the 20 - top 3 ?
- put the best brainstorm into motion - NOW

Best thing about making BIG media in a small company:
fewest possible humans to stop or delay you from experimenting and flexing your freedom.

More risks. Immediate attempts. 

You'll know if you're winning or sucking awful fast.


Posted in My Damn Channel with tags Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., Ben Stiller, TIME magazine, My Damn Channel on 5/7/2008 10:22:43 PM by Rob Barnett

Ben Stiller praises Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. in TIME magazine & says, "he is not afraid to try something fully, knowing it could end in disaster but also understanding that that is where greatness lies."

If it stands alone, the quote is a bit out of context - it's not referring to IRON MAN but to an upcoming film directed by Ben & starring Robert - as a black man.

I grabbed hold of the quote thinking about an old rule to NEVER use the word "TRY." If you think "TRY" - you're thinking you may not actually get THERE.

DOING it - is better. Thanks to every co-con for a biggest week ever in Damnland.

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