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The Gary Oldman Death Supercut

Posted with tags Gary Oldman on 7/23/2014 11:56:21 AM by DannyMoney

SPOILER ALERT: Gary Oldman dies a lot and this video is a montage of his 17 onscreen deaths.  If you love Oldman like I do, you'll have seen all these deaths already, but the real beauty is seeing Gary's reaction to them.  Pretty tight work, Coco.

And here is a good supercut of Gary Oldman yelling:

I guess I just officially made July 23rd Gary Oldman Day, didn't I?

Reggie Watts & His Horse

Posted with tags Conan, Reggie Watts, Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top, WTF, Marc Maron on 7/22/2014 1:00:07 PM by DannyMoney

Here is an excellent performance by Reggie Watts.  He's singing about a horse on Conan.  Really showing off his pipes on this one.  Sometimes it's tough to tell what his voice really sounds like with all of the sound manipulation he puts on it, but there is nothing in doubt here: beautiful.  Just beautiful.  Tender.  Emotive.  Sexual.  Sexual?  Eh, not sexual.

But the best part of this video is that Billy Gibbons is playing guitar!  Billy Gibbons!  Legendary guitarist and lead singer of ZZ Top.  I love that man and band.  And if you don't know anything about ZZ Top but are interested in comedy, listen to Billy on WTF with Marc Marcon.  A great interview - do it up!


Posted with tags Delivery, No Weather, Vimeo, pizza on 7/18/2014 2:56:11 PM by DannyMoney

Delivery from NO WEATHER on Vimeo.

This guy is a true warrior.  Delivering pizza on a fixed gear bike in the dead of winter.  What a character Bill is.  Really gives you a reminder to look at the people around you.  Also, I live in this area!  Best Pizza is good!  I hope I see Bill next time I need delivery.

Rollerbreading: A New Delivery Method

Posted with tags Joon Chung, rollerblading, The Jooniverse on 7/16/2014 2:56:18 PM by DannyMoney


Check out this video from my buddy Joon Chung, one of the finest and funniest members of the extended My Damn Channel family.  In this mockumentary styled sketch, he stars as JOSH LEE, ROLLERBLADER DELIVERY BOY OF BREAD.  Gee golly gosh, in addition to being a very handsome man, Joon is such a talented actor, comedian, and writer.  Some guys have all the luck!


So please do enjoy the video above, and then go check out more of Joon's videos on YouTube.  Welcome to The Jooniverse, ladies and gentlemen.


P.S. - The funniest part of this video is that he says he's 28 - yeah right, bro! ;)

"Tacky" - Weird Al Yankovic

Posted with tags Weird Al Yankovic, Tacky, Pharrell, Happy, #8videosfor8days, Nerdist on 7/14/2014 11:20:09 AM by DannyMoney

"Weird Al" Yankovic, one of my first musical and comedic obsessions, released the first video in his #8videosfor8days project with "Tacky", a parody of Pharrell's once ubiquitous tune "Happy".  The video features guest appearances from comedians Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Kristen Schaal, Jack Black, and Eric Stonestreet, who delivers my favorite moment of the video at about the 1:20 minute mark.  Click here to watch the video over at Nerdist.


Weird Al has been delivering the goods for so long now, it can be easy to take him for granted.  As I got older, song parodies played less of a significant role in my life - certainly less than they did when was 10 years old and "Bad Hair Day" was my favorite record of all-time.  But this video proves that Al can still make us laugh with a goofy yet smart song parody, and serves as yet another reminder of the joy he brought me and millions of others as youngsters.


May he always reign over his kingdom!  Long live "Weird Al"!

The Making Of 29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song

Posted with tags Rob Cantor, 29 impressions and 1 song on 7/11/2014 12:45:34 PM by Laura Goldman

So when I posted the 29 impressions and 1 song video, I was a bit skeptical of how many impersonations Rob could really do, but went along with it in the spirit of true internet brotherhood.  But actually, it turns out that I'm just really super observant and keen because that video was made by Rob with the help of many talented collaborators. Just like some speculate about Oswald, Rob did not act alone!


See, Rob wrote the song (I love the lyrics), but each impression is sung by someone else.  Together, they created a SuperSong, if you will.  Watch the making of video above to really learn how Rob and co. pulled this off.


Dude Goes Full Day-Lewis with Excited Girl Voice

Posted with tags Excited girl voice on 7/11/2014 7:00:00 AM by DannyMoney

This guy needed less than twenty seconds to prove that he is the real deal.  The Real McCoy.  I mean, after watching this video I am 100 percent sure that he will win an Oscar some day.  This video proves that there's just no doubt about it.  THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO DOUBT!  He plunges into character and goes full Day-Lewis.  Bravo, sir.  Bravo!

P.S. - This is almost too good - is this dude embarrassed he can do a girl's voice so well?  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

#ThrowbackThursday - Morgan Freeman in 1971

Posted with tags Morgan Freeman, Orson Welles, commercial, TBT, throwback Thursday on 7/10/2014 1:51:26 PM by Daniel "The Hammer" Chelemer

There's so many things that amused me in this video that its too hard to list all of them here. The constant repetition of "Yes, sir," is gold, as is Freeman's silent brother in smoke. Mostly, I'd call your attention to how much lower his voice has gotten with age, even though I'd say that even today he's still the smoothest talker in the game.  Now I know why it became illegal to have cigarette commercials on TV: future Academy Award winning actors saying, "Mmhmmm, that's some good nicotine…"

Editor's Note: For some reason I don't feel right posting this video without a shoutout to drunk Orson Welles.  Ahhhhhh, the French!

Pavarotti or DeVine?

Posted with tags Adam Devine, national anthem, Workaholics, the sims commercials were the best on 7/9/2014 1:30:31 PM by DannyMoney

Did DeVine do it again, or did Devine do it again?  Showing up to the ballpark like a boss and just dropping the hot fire on our national anthem straight up.  No jokes, no frills, just a straight up moving rendition of our nation's most beloved tune.  Star spangled indeed, Mr. DeVine.  

So thank you, Adam, once again, for giving me and so many others so much joy.  We love you, sir.  Have our children.


Posted with tags Ving Rhames, Dean Peterson, Shannon Coffey on 7/8/2014 12:00:00 PM by DannyMoney

Ving Rhames from Dean Peterson on Vimeo.

My good and dear friend Dean Peterson wrote and directed a lovely short film entitled VING RHAMES that you can now watch online.  Yup, that's it right there above this text via a Vimeo embed.  Please enjoy and share it with some friends if you would be so kind.  

Here is the official description penned by Dean himself:

"Things have been better for Dani: she got kicked out of her apartment for drunkenly mistaking her boyfriend's boss for Ving Rhames, she's out of money and her rent is due.  Despite all that she manages to form an unlikely bond with a low ren criminal wearing an Air Jordan wind breaker."

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