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Online Video's Second Act

My Damn Channel

Online Video's Second Act

Six years ago, a small band of sisters and brothers put every ounce of our creative souls into launching My Damn Channel on 7/31/07. We were certain the big bang of user-generated video would lead to a second act for online video where the best original series could be birthed, funded and distributed. We were inspired to give fans direct access to the best original entertainment by their favorite artists. Every content creator was reignited with creative freedom rarely found in old show business. And a new generation of creators and networks was able to reach mass audiences faster and more economically than in the past.

We raced to get a head start in '07. We programmed our network exclusively with the best original series we could produce and distribute. We signed and backed the most talented entertainers and filmmakers we knew. Quality trumps quantity in our land. We envisioned a brand built to last - defined by the best original series - created by the best talent.

We always believed killer content was the killer app to drive multiple revenue streams. Loyal, engaged and interactive audiences attract advertisers who want to partner on smart and efficient ways to reach them. We predicted portals would fund premium content. And eventually, audiences could be inspired to pay and subscribe directly. But most big money bets on the early startups went to tech-based businesses that pushed our devices to work faster, smarter and more social.

Many seasoned media vets sat on the sidelines watching countless online startups come and go. A few of the major studios and networks tried early online offspring like HBO (This Just In); Turner (Super Deluxe); NBC (Dot Comedy)...but they all got in and got out quickly during the first wave of online video.

The thermonuclear recession didn't help any dreamchasers starting companies between 2006-2008. We knew the road would be long and hard. We didn't know we'd be staring down an economic disaster at the same time we were doing all this pioneering. But those of us who learned how to survive the worst of times are much stronger and more determined to strive and win now.

Our company is profitable in 2013. The moment we banked on is finally here when some of the best original entertainment is premiering on native digital domains. Big money is backing companies best capable of creating original series that inspire and engage mass audiences in the new renaissance online.

We're re-energized to see original series funded by Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, and Blip. Some of these new series are becoming a part of the everyday media dialogue - winning large audiences, and well-deserved awards and nominations alongside their television cousins. The level playing field we once wished for between the old school and the new school is a reality becoming more clear by the minute. When more online series start capturing the loyalty and respect of cable's biggest hits, more subscription models will experiment and succeed.

The second act for online video still hasn't solved one of its biggest problems from the start. Discovering the best video still means surfing through deepening seas of endless choice. We're working with premium partners to fund our best original series and we're also working on better programming solutions beyond search. The best shows still needs push, promotion and marketing from human hands, hearts and minds to help find their largest audiences live and on-demand.

The early days of cable television are just beginning to reincarnate on the Internet. Trusted TV creators, series and networks own a place in your mind because they consistently deliver programming that meets and exceeds your expectations. We're still in the early innings of the baseball game called online video - but the winners will be players who know how to effectively program the best original content and players who know how to build brands and new networks that own respected real estate in your mind.

Six years adds up to many more "Internet years" for any young company. My deepest thanks and respect go to everyone who puts work, time, ideas, money and support into My Damn Channel. We're forever grateful to our families, friends, artists, fans, staffers, backers, sponsors, and business partners who continue to help us build. We're honored to be in an industry surrounded by smart, brave souls seizing the moment when more of the best original series are premiering inside Online Video's Second Act.

Rob Barnett
Founder/CEO, My Damn Channel

What's Next... At Least Until 10/12 - UPDATED

Watch The Bill Murray Show Starring Mark Malkoff

What To Look For On My Damn Channel In The Next Few Weeks:

I missed posting this before October 1st! So sorry! I had to take a vacation and pretend the internet didn't exist. Blasphemy, you say? I don't care. It was GLORIOUS.

My Damn Channel LIVE, Special Guest: Dan Dobi
Grace Helbig hosts and interacts in real-time with fan comments! Her guest, Dan Dobi, made a Kickstarter-funded feature-length documentary called "Please Subscribe." It's about some of the biggest YouTubers and how constant vlogging has changed their lives.

The Bill Murray Show Starring Mark Malkoff, Episode 6
Comedian Mark Malkoff is determined to make a video each week until actor Bill Murray agrees to have dinner at Mark's home in Queens, New York. This week's guest, comedian Pat Godwin tells us about the time he met Bill Murray at the cast of the movie, "Wild Things."

Coffey Chat
Look for the latest episode from our newest vlogger, Shannon Coffey. New episodes every Tuesday!

Status Kill, "Way Too Cute"
Do constant pictures of cute animals on Facebook interrupt your work day? Pretty benign, right? Now imagine you worked as a highly trained special agent. Oh.

My Damn Channel LIVE, Special Guest: The Wing Girls
The Wing Girls bring their comedic dating advice to our studio and hang out with Beth!

Don Was, 2012 Detroit All-Star Revue at the Concert of Colors
Exclusive performances from this year's Concert of Colors! Watch super producer, Grammy-winner, and Blue Note president Don Was's latest vlog to find out more.

Throwback Thursday: Daily Grace - "Stefani Shows You How To Whip"
Each Thursday we'll highlight on our homepage a video from our archive. In honor of Jersey Shore's final season, we re-visit Grace's cousin Stefani... a Jersey girl through and through.

Co-op Of The Damned, Zombie Gangnam Style
Just because they're dead, doesn't mean they can't get in on the latest dance craze.

My Damn Channel LIVE, Special Guest:D.C. Pierson
D.C. Pierson is a member of Derrick Comedy (along with Donald Glover, Dominic Dierkes and Dan Eckman), and co-wrote their feature-length film Mystery Team. His first novel,The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep And Never Had To, was released by Random House in January 2010.

My Damn Channel LIVE, "Beth Of The Week"
Each Friday, My Damn Channel LIVE host Beth Hoyt recaps her favorite moments from a week's worth of LIVE shows. AND Beth's sister Julie is visiting from Wisconsin!

Answerly - "Hayley Answers"
It's Monday, and Hayley Hoover is back with advice for college students, covering everything from studying tips to eating on a limited budget. Bagels and instant ramen, anyone?

Also... NO My Damn Channel LIVE today! It's Columbus Day! A federal holiday! Are you working??? Bartleby your boss and tell him you "would prefer not to."

The Bill Murray Show Starring Mark Malkoff, Episode 7
Mark's video quest to get actor Bill Murray to visit Mark's home in Queens, NY continues. This week's guest... Jeffrey Gurian.

My Damn Channel LIVE, Special Guests: Lorraine Cink, Sandeep Parikh and Mickey Hawtrey
Daily Grace hosts and has the writer/host of Marvel's web series "The Watcher," Lorraine Cink! And then our resident superheroes from "Save The Supers", Sandeep Parikh (Merman) and Mickey Hawtrey (World Man), will also stop by!

The Jon Friedman Internet Program, Episode TBD
30 seconds is all you'll need to watch a single episode of comedian Jon Friedman's show. And we defy you not to get the theme song stuck in your head.

Answerly, "Ask Joe"
Joseph Birdsong gives SFW relationship and sex advice.

My Damn Channel LIVE, Special Guest: Julie Klausner
Comedian, podcaster, author Julie Klausner is Beth's guest in the studio.

Co-op Of The Damned, "Brains (Walking Dead Tribute Remix)"
In honor of the season premiere of The Walking Dead, a zombie pays homage to his fellow zombies in song.

Throwback Thursday: Daddy Knows Best, "Game Night"
In honor of the season premiere of FX's fantasy football series The League, we watch The League star Steve Rannazzisi get a little too intense at a different kind of game night.

Answerly, "Kristina Answers"
Kristina Horner revels in her nerdiness with game reviews, movie reviews, and tips for how to feel less awkward.

Don’t forget
, we also have new episodes of My Damn Channel LIVE every Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. ET, new vlogs from Daily Grace every day, and new episodes of our how-to/advice series Answerly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What's Next... At Least Until 8/31 - UPDATED

What To Look For On My Damn Channel In The Next Few Weeks:

McMayhem "Episode TBD"
Matt McManus runs around Los Angeles putting strangers into awkward situations.

Daily Grace
My Damn Channel's vlog superstar returns to daily video-making after a well-deserved week off. (One week = a billion years in internet terms.)

Answerly, "Hayley Answers"
Hayley Hoover doles out helpful hints to college (and college-bound) students.

My Damn Channel LIVE, "Hanging With Beth"
Host Beth Hoyt devotes Monday LIVE shows to responding to viewer comments with extended Q&A segments!

Coffey Chat
Look for the latest episode from our newest vlogger, Shannon Coffey. New episodes every Tuesday!

Status Kill, "Happy Birthday"
When you write "Happy Birthday" on someone's Facebook wall, do you know what kind of havoc you can cause? For someone in the line of work as covert operative Denton Sparks, constant social media updates can be a hazard. Maybe you can put this video on someone's wall?

My Damn Channel LIVE, Special Guests: W. Kamau Bell and Janine Brito, star and writer on new FX show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell
W. Kamau Bell is a fast-rising socio-political comedian and the star of Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, which premiered August 9th on FX and is executive-produced by Chris Rock.

You Suck At Photoshop, Volume #30: SEASON FINALE
People's Choice Webby Award-winner of Best Comedy Series in 2008, this season has seen Photoshop genius Donnie Hoyle return after a long hiatus in the Himalayas. He has finally confronted his arch-nemesis, who somehow seems to know Donnie better than he knows himself... all the while making sure to impart usable Photoshop tips to viewers.

Harry Shearer, Music Video: "Celebrity Booze Endorser"
One of America's premiere satirists, Harry Shearer's newest album is called Can't Take A Hint and is available for purchase starting 8/27. The first song from the album features Fountains Of Wayne singing backup to Harry's comedic musical take on the phenomenon of celebrities using their fame to promote alcohol. The video finds its home on following an exclusive week-long sneak peek on

Save The Supers, Episode 5, TBD
A hit at Comic-Con, the newest series from Sandeep Parikh continues its look at a group of financially-strapped superheroes through a mockumentary lens. This week's episode features guest star <a href="">Fiona Gubelmann</a> from the FX comedy <i>Wilfred</i>.

Answerly, "Ask Joe"
Joseph Birdsong gives SFW relationship and sex advice.

My Damn Channel LIVE, "Beth and Grace End of the Summer Hangout"
Both of the regular My Damn Channel LIVE hosts-- Beth Hoyt and Grace Helbig-- climb into a kiddie pool to reflect on all that happened over the summer.

Answerly, "Kristina Answers"
Kristina Horner revels in her nerdiness with game reviews, movie reviews, and tips for how to feel less awkward.

Don’t forget
, we also have new episodes of My Damn Channel LIVE every Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. ET, new vlogs from Daily Grace every day, and new episodes of our how-to/advice series Answerly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

How Many Netflix Movies Can Mark Malkoff Watch?

How many movies can one man watch in one month?

Who hasn't had the fantasy: "I'm going to stay home and watch movies all day. I'm going to catch up on the classics, see all those movies that I never had time to see, hell... I'll maybe I'll even watch a couple of those romantic comedies that my wife is always trying to make me enjoy... just because I CAN. I have Netflix streaming and I have access to a million movies 24 hours a day. WHY CAN'T I JUST STAY HOME AND WATCH MOVIES?"

Verbatim, right? Now you're all, "Get out of my head, My Damn Channel!"

Too late. We're just gonna dig in deeper because Mark Malkoff lived out your Netflix streaming movie watching fantasy and filmed it for us.

For "Netflix Challenge," Mark wanted to see exactly how many movies he could watch for $7.99 per month. Turns out, it's 252.

Before you say, "252? Well that sounds easy as sh*t," think about this: Mark gained 6 pounds by barely moving all month. When he did move, he still had to watch movies on his iPhone and iPad. He started doing bad Jack Nicholson impressions.

Of course, the good parts of this whole thing are that both Andrew McCarthy and Jason London decided to provide him with live commentary of the movies St. Elmo's Fire and Dazed and Confused, respectively.

Make sure you watch the video to see how Mark took movie suggestions from people on Twitter, Facebook -- even Mashable commenters.  Watch it to see Andrew McCarthy cart Mark around in a red wagon. And watch it to see how Mark got through all of these movies (yes, he even devoted an entire day to Razzie winners):

#1. The Graduate
#2. Chinatown
#3. Bonnie and Clyde
#4. A Clockwork Orange
#5. Paper Moon
#6. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
#7. Harold and Maude
#8. Marathon Man
#9. Being John Malkovich
#10. Reservoir Dogs
#11. Swingers
#12. Trainspotting
#13. Clerks
#14. Girl, Interrupted
#15. The Grifters
#16. Sliding Doors
#17. Reality Bites
#18. Office Space
#19. The Big Lebowski
#20. Ghostbusters
#21. Dumb and Dumber
#22. Airplane
#23. The Producers
#24. This is Spinal Tap
#25. Arthur
#26. Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop
#27. Client 9: Rise and Fall of Elliot Spitzer
#28. Rolling Stones: Stones in Exile
#29. Page One: Inside the New York Times
#30. Waiting for Superman
#31. American: The Bill Hicks Story
#32. Classic Albums: U2: The Joshua Tree
#33. The Way We Get By
#34. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
#35. St. Elmo’s Fire
#36. Dirty Dancing
#37. The Lost Boys
#38. Dream a Little Dream
#39. License to Drive
#40. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
#41. Heathers
#42. Weird Science
#43. Duck Soup
#44. A Night in Casablanca
#45. Love Happy
#46. Steamboat Bill, Jr.
#47. College
#48. The Navigator
#49. Seven Chances
#50. Sherlock Jr.
#51. Go West
#52. Our Hospitality
#54. Rocky
#55. Hoosiers
#56. The Hustler
#57. The Longest Yard (original)
#58. The Cutting Edge
#59. Senna
#60. Fever Pitch (original)
#61. The Terminator                    
#62. Die Hard 2                             
#63. Lethal Weapon                        
#64. 13 Assassins                               
#65. Enter the Dragon                        
#66. The Expendables                   
#67. Dillinger                     
#68. Dirty Harry
#69. Donnie Darko
#70. Tiny Furniture
#71. Wet Hot American Summer
#72. World’s Greatest Dad
#73. Punch-Drunk Love
#74. Broken Flowers
#75. Anvil! The Story of Anvil
#76. Winter’s Bone
#77. Insidious
#78. An American Werewolf in London
#79. Paranormal Activity 2
#80. Creature from the Black Lagoon
#81. Saw: The Final Chapter
#82. House on Haunted Hill
#83. Dracula
#84. Audition
#85. Scream 2
#86. Being Elmo
#87. Helvetica
#88. Dazed and Confused
#89. Bill Cunningham New York
#90. This Film is Not Yet Rated
#91. Dear Zachary
#92. Man on a Wire
#93. Cave of Forgotten Dreams
#94. Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story
#95. Dive
#96. Gigli
#97. Battlefield Earth
#98. Xanadu
#99. Cop and a Half
#100. Indecent Proposal
#101. The Last Airbender
#102. Rocky 4
#103. Spy Kids
#104. Cheaper by the Dozen
#105. Fred: The Movie
#106. Dr. Dolittle
#107. Dark Crystal
#108. Babe: Pig in the City
#109. Rango
#110. Labyrinth
#111. True Grit (original)
#112. True Grit (remake)
#113. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
#114. Dead Man
#115. Shane
#116. Two Mules for Sister Sara
#117. The Warrior’s Way
#118. High School Musical
#119. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
#120. Sense and Sensibility
#121. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family
#122. Iron Man 2
#123. The Phantom
#124. Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo
#125. Planet of the Apes
#126. They Live
#127. RoboCop
#128. Serenity
#129. Starship Troopers
#130. Dreamscape
#131. The Final Countdown
#132. 1984
#133. Little Shop of Horrors (original)
#134. Annie
#135. Gypsy
#136. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
#137. Love Me Tender
#138. Camp
#139. Bikini Beach
#140. There’s No Business Like Show Business
#141. Troll 2
#142. Cool as Ice
#143. Birdemic: Shock and Terror
#144. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
#145. Titanic 2
#146. Ed
#147. Best Worst Movie
#148. Shark Attack 3: Megalondon
#149. The Thing with Two Heads
#150. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
#151. Oldboy                        
#152. Exit Through the Gift Shop
#153. Brick                                                       
#154. Good Will Hunting
#155. Trollhunter                   
#156. Malice in Wonderland                    
#157. 21 Grams                         
#158. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
#159. Network
#160. Edward Scissorhands
#161. Top Gun
#162. Time Bandits
#163. The Red Balloon
#164. The Wiz
#165. The Karate Kid#
#166. Swimming with Sharks
#167. The People vs. George Lucas
#168. Thirst
#169. Return of the Pink Panther
#170. Buck
#171. The Landlord
#172. One Bright Shinning Moment
#173. The Paper Chase
#174. Reel injun
#175. Tales from the Script
#176. Murder!
#177. Dail M for Murder
#178. The Lady Vanishes
#179. The Manxman
#180. Young and Innocent
#181. Number 17
#182. The Man Who Knew Too Much
#183. The Stranger
#184. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
#185. The Seven Year Itch
#186. The King and Four Queens
#187. The Lady Eve
#188. How to Steal a Million
#189. Anastasia
#190. Father’s Little Dividend
#191. The Raven
#192. Serpico
#193. Smoke Signals
#194. Passion of the Christ
#195. Whale Rider
#196. The Lincoln Lawyers
#197. 8 ½
#198. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
#199. The Outsider
#200. Submarine
#201. Ballerina
#202. The Trip
#203. Gosford Park
#204. Groundhog Day
#205. Me and Orson Welles
#206. The Double
#207. Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows
#208. WWE’s Rivalries: Michaels vs Hart
#209. The Rise & Fall of WCW
#210. The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History
#211.  The Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
#212. Bobby Heenan
#213. Ricky Steamboat: Life Story of the Dragon
#214. Card Subjec to to Change
#215. The American Dream: The Dusty Rhodes Story
#216. Champion
#217. The Man Who Wasn’t There
#218. The Gold Rush
#219. Bad Company
#220. Rubber
#221. Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein
#222.  Bob Dylan: Never Ending Tour Diaries
#223.  Biggie & Tupac
#224.  Ginger Baker in Africa
#225. Moog
#226. Heavy Metal in Baghdad
#227. Kurt Cobain: About a Son
#228. The Art of 16 Bars
#229. The Invisible Man                
#230. The Wolf Man                        
#231. The Mummy’s Curse  
#232. Something to Cheer About
#233. The Invention of Dr. Nakamats
#234. She Done Him Wrong                  
#235. Laurel & Hardy: Flying Deuces          
#236. The Battleship of Potemkin       
#237. The Hornets Nest                 
#238. So This is New York             
#239. It   
#240. Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy
#241. Dance with Me Henry
#242. Nothing Sacred
#243. Pulling John
#244. food Matters
#245. Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven
#246. I Need That Record
#247. Road to the Big Leagues
#248. To Live and Ride in LA
#249. Almost Elvis
#250. Dog Day Afternoon
#251.  Into the Abyss
#252. Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade

For Mark's "Netflix Challenge" diary, visit his blog at

Subway Fresh Artists Featured Filmmakers Returns!

You know when you have an emotion so powerful inside you that the only way to express it is to break out in song?  I do that a lot, and you know what?  Nobody around me is happy.  I sing about as well as I dance.  And this dog dances better than I do.

Lucky for you, my voice had absolutely nothing to do with “Frat House: The Musical,” an awesome new web series that just happens to be one of the winners of this year’s “Subway Fresh Artists Featured Filmmakers” competition!


Filmmaking students at USC and NYU—two of the top film schools in America—submitted short films for consideration.  Two teams from each school won the top prizes, which means their series are getting the star treatment!


First up is “Frat House The Musical,” the story of a plucky college freshman with pipes of gold and abs of steel. 


He wants nothing more than to join his father’s fraternity.  Sadly, the Sigma frat doesn’t want him… until they realize they need him to survive.  Drama!  Dancing!  Singing!  Subway!  What more could you ask for?

For you to watch it.


Celebrity Sleepovers with Mark Malkoff!

Mark Malkoff figured out fast that Los Angeles gets expensive for a guy living out of a suitcase. So he decided simply to ask celebrities if he could sleep at their homes. He just ASKED them! And they said YES!

He slept with Camryn Manheim's Emmy. He met Mary Lynn Rajskub and her son. He stayed in Justine Bateman's treehouse. He practiced napping with Kristen Schaal. He slept in the same bed with Kate Walsh...only after Kate called Mark's wife and assured her that it was perfectly fine since she wasn't attracted to him at all!

Ed Begley, Jr., Dave Coulier, "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig, "Everybody Loves Raymond" creator Phil Rosenthal, legends Buck Henry and Dick Cavett...Mark convinced them all to open their doors and let him spend the night.

Well... almost all of them (Lookin' at you, Rob Corddry. Lookin' at YOU.).

Watch what happened at Dave Coulier's house now!

Congrats to the IAWTV Awards Winners!

Posted in IAWTV with tags IAWTV, IAWTV Awards, CES, Las Vegas, International Academy of Web Television, online video on 1/13/2012 9:04:26 AM by Rob Barnett

Getting ready to leave CES and Las Vegas I can't help but be so inspired by the IAWTV and the online video community. Last night was a huge success! Having everyone in the same room was a huge reminder of the amount of talent working in and for our industry. We love and admire all of you, and can't wait to work with more of you in 2012!

Congrats to Smiley Guy Studios!

Congratulations to Smiley Guy Studios!  They've won a development deal with us after winning a pitch competition at Just For Laughs in Montreal.

Read all about Smiley Guy Studios and the other outstanding participants  here!  

Everybody Loves a Winner

Sharon Beam and Susanna Stevens, watched Versailles, visited our Facebook page, and entered our sweepstakes, winning a trip to Los Angeles to meet Versailles stars Patricia Heaton and David Hunt.

Where else would we meet up but at a restaurant NAMED "Versailles?"

David, Patricia, Sharon and Susanna got along like they were old friends.  Gifts were exchanged, wine was opened, pictures were taken:

Oh, did we mention it was VERSAILLES wine we opened?

See? Don't you wish you had entered our sweepstakes?  Real people win real prizes with My Damn Channel.  Make sure you check this blog every day, and find us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to make sure you always know when it might be YOUR chance to win!

Now if only we could find a restaurant named Wainy Days.

We love LA!

Anyone happen to be at the Dodgers-Diamondbacks game last Friday night at Dodger Stadium?  Did you see our name up in lights? (Yes, we know what attendance is like these days at Dodger Stadium, so we're going to guess that not many of you did.) 

We're in LA!

We're here to take the winners of the Versailles Sweepstakes to meet Patricia Heaton and David Hunt!

We're using exclamation marks at the end of each sentence because we really are THAT EXCITED about everything!

Stay tuned for more pictures of the winners and their prize...

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