Save the Supers

Issue #1: The Super Force Versus The Bottom Line

The Super Force must face a terrible foe...their bank account.


The Super Force
Night Knight - Max Bird-Ridnell
Fleet Foot - Jordan Black
World Man - Mickey Hawtrey
Elementra - Mandell Maughan
Merman - Sandeep Parikh
Morphman - As Himself
Jokester - Zack Ward
Tay Zonday - As Himself
Reporter - Brooke Seguin
Interviewer - Ben Benjamin


Bank Extras Dallas Bloom, Jennifer Chauvin, Emmanuel Lagumbay, Anne Lamsa, Austin Patrick, Jennifer Ramirez, Kevin Rusley, Caitlin Teasdale, Anthony Thompson, Daniel Weinell, Pat Weinell


Director/Exec Producer - Sandeep Parikh
Executive Producers - Rob Barnett, Warren Chao, Jesse Cowell
Executive Producers - Steven Dengler, Greg Aronowitz
Brought To You By - Dracogen and Effin' Funny
Written By - Ben Benjamin & Sandeep Parikh
Producer - Jeff Winkler
Line Producer - Kimberley Browning
Co-Producer & Story Consultant - Josie Kavadoy
Associate Producer - Ben Benjamin
DP/Co-Director - Bry Thomas Sanders
Casting - Helen Geier, Brooke Seguin

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