• Save the Supers

    Can Save the Supers Save You?

    The world is ending today…Or is it?  You see, I don't believe that the world will end today.  Why?  Because of Save the Supers.  Now, I know you might say to me, "Hey bro, those are fictional characters, they aren't real, and even if they WERE real, there's no such thing as a superhero, so your entire point is moot!  SUCK IT!" To which I would respond, "Hold up there, partner!" and then I'd make my point that the world wasn't going to end because a world that has such great video content in it as Save the Supers couldn't possibly end!  SUCK ON THAT, BRO!

    Then, after we had stopped punching each other in the face yelling "Take that, bro!" and "Fat chance, partner! and "Idiot head!  Idiot head!" we'd both realize that we should be spending time watching Save the Supers instead of fighting, regardless if the world is going to end or not.  If it's gonna end, then we'd better use the remaining hours here on Earth to enjoy Save the Supers; and if it's not going to end we should watch the show anyways because it's just a funny, well-made product that we both can't get enough of.  

    So as you can see, Save the Supers - the show - is actually a superhero itself: it stopped my fictitious enemy and I from fight one another over whether the world was going to end or not.  It made peace between us, even though we had differing opinions.  And, most importantly, it made us both realize that what's most important in this crazy, mixed up world we live in is that Felicia Day in a catsuit is awesome.

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