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    Editor's Note: Today we launch a new weekly feature: Nerd News! Inspired by Answerly's resident nerd expert Kristina Horner and authored by our very own Nerdfighter, Brandon Dannenhoffer.

    If you're like me, you try to keep track of all of the news in our little realm, but sometimes things go under the radar.  No worries, I got you covered! 

    -Capcom has released gameplay footage of their newest game, Remember Me, and it looks badass.  From the looks of it, it takes the cinematic route a la Uncharted and mixes it with the combat and gadgetry of the Batman Arkham series.  My fingers are crossed, hoping they don't screw up this promising title. 

    -Doctor Who is back with it's second episode of Series 7, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.  The verdict?  It was great!  I know what your thinking.  Dinosaurs?  On a spaceship?  In Doctor Who?  Yes, yes.  But trust me, it works!  And, before you ask, that IS Mr. Weasley

    -G4 is getting a makeover.  According to Variety, G4 is scheduled for a rebranding and is aiming for more of a posh-looking route and less geek.  With the death of Nintendo Power and now G4, it looks like video game journalism is going the way of the internet.  Let's just hope the new G4 can still hold on to it's nerdy roots.

    And don't forget, today is the last day to order your New York Comic Con tickets and still get them mailed to you.  Who all is going?  I am!  Is there anything you would like for me to cover in our special NYCC edition of Nerd News?  Let me know in the comments.

    For more nerdy nonsense and news (alliteration is fun!), follow me on twitter.


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