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    Videocracy - Our First TV Series

    Announcing...the first TV series from My Damn Channel! We’re working with our friends Albie Hecht and Kari Kim at HLN - they’re building “the first TV network for the social media generation” and we’re creating a new show called “Videocracy.”

    This series counts down the most talked about entertainment ripped from social media. Our hosts and a team of panelists comment on the stories and the people creating the shared content we’re all talking about. The series is created by My Damn Channel, with Warren Chao, Charlie Singer, and myself executive producing along with everyone inside the My Damn Channel family working to bring the online world and the TV world together.

    A thousand years ago at MTV, I suggested we pull a page from the oldest playbook around and reinvent a countdown show we used to call “MTV’s Most Wanted” – and later, TRL. We all know there are more videos uploaded to the Internet every minute than we could possibly ever watch. We’re building a new show to bring you the very best online entertainment on TV and we can’t wait to start working with everyone in our community on this alchemical, cross-promotional adventure.

    Read about this in The Hollywood Reporter here, here and here.
    Read HLN’s official press release here.


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