Save the Supers

Issue #7: The Super Force vs. The End

It's the season finale! With special guest star Seth Green!

The Super Force (alphabetical)
Night Knight - Max Bird-Ridnell
Fleet Foot - Jordan Black
World Man - Mickey Hawtrey
Elementra - Mandell Maughan
Merman - Sandeep Parikh
Rascal - Fiona Gubelmann
Sparrow -Tom Detrinis
Brad Williams - Joel Bryant
Holy Roller - Matt Knudson
Brain Wave - Steven Dengler
DJ Death - Seth Green
Deathtiny's Child - Clare Grant
General Underwood - James Read
Reporter - Brooke Seguin

Party Background: Elyse Kirsten Adea, Christine Amarantus, Jocelyn Aragon, Samantha Berley, Luis Bermudez, Brandon Demaria, Allen Feeman, Kathy Flynn, Emily Kung, Emmanuel Lagumbay, Anne Lamsa, Aaron Moreno, Sarah Moreno, Francis Santos, Ben Simpson, Aaron Trahan, Daniell Weinell, Ja Vonna Boykin, Olivia Youngers

Director/Exec. Prod.- Sandeep Parikh
Executive Producers - Rob Barnett, Warren Chao, Jesse Cowell and Steven Dengler, Greg Aronowitz

Brought To You By:
Dracogen -
Effin' Funny -

Written by Ben Benjamin & Sandeep Parikh
Producer - Jeff Winkler
Line Producer - Kimberly Browning
Co-Producer & Story Consultant - Josie Kavadoy
Associate Producer - Ben Benjamin
DP/Co-Director - Bry Thomas Sanders
Casting - Helen Geier, Brooke Seguin
Background Casting - Brian Kameoka
1st AD - Tyler Stratton
2nd AD - Jared Scott Mercier
2nd 2nd AD - Brian Kameoka
Key Set PA - Sam Schweikert

"You Won't Sass Me like That When I Can Summon Wolves"Performed by Dragon Boy Suede Composed by Howard Kremer
"Hatorade (The DJ Death Anthem)" - Artist & Composer: Nathaniel Smith

Save the Supers



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