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    Hey Whatever Happened To Macaulay Culkin?

    Aside from having an abnormally difficult name to spell, Macaulay Culkin is best known for his role of Kevin McCallister in the John Hughes classic Home Alone. Child actors often fall off the map after they grow up, so I decided to investigate and see what Mr. Culkin has been up to since then.

    Shortly after his breakout success he reprised his role as the precocious trouble maker in the underrated masterpiece Home Alone 2. He acted in a couple of other reasonably successful movies in the 90's including Richie Rich, My Girl and The Good Son but then suddenly stopped, essentially retiring from acting at age 14.

    But he wasn't done stirring up headlines. In 1998 he shocked the world when he married actress Rachel Miner, both just the tender age of 18. Their love predictably didn't last and they seperated in 2000. After that he entered a five year old courtship with actress Mila Kunis which unfortunately also fizzled out.

    He ran into some legal trouble in 2004 when he was put under arrest in Oklahoma City after being found in possesion of marijuana, Alprazolam and Clonazepam. He was let off with a slap on the wrist and a fine. Ever since then he has been dodging rumors of drug abuse from the media, which wasn't helped when he was seen getting sick against the wall of the Chateau Marmont.

    But he was spotted out and about in New York City in August looking trim and healthy and decidedly NOT barfing on a wall, so maybe he's back on the right track. A a lifelong Culk-amaniac I sure hope so.



  • The Jon Friedman Internet Program

    Omnia Ab Uno

    Everyone who knows me knows that not only do I love Nicolas Cage as a human being (we party), I also think that he is one of the greatest actors of his generation and possibly of all-time.

    So when I saw this story that Nic had bought a pyramid in New Orleans in which to be buried when he dies, I had mixed feelings.  On the one hand, good for him.  I'm glad that Nic's eternal resting place is worthy of The Greatest Actor of Our Time, as this pyramid clearly is.  I mean, look at it.  It has a sign on it that reads "Omnia Ab Uno," which is latin for "Hurry up with my damn croissants" "Everything From One".  It's prefect.  But on the other hand, it's a reminder that one day my good friend and acting hero will be dead, even though I do have my doubts about that, considering if anyone can conquer death it's Nicolas Cage.

    Sigh.  It is a gorgeous pyramid, there's no doubt about that.  None at all.  Just please don't die any time soon, Nic.  Please don't.  I love you.  We all love you.  May this pyramid be filled with your glorious remains in the far, far, far, far future.  

    I love you.  Omnia Ab Uno, my sweet.  Omnia Ab Uno.

    P.S. - Check out this short video for some insight into how Nic picks projects. 


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    Ben Affleck's Diary


    Dear Diary,

    Jennifer tells me not to worry but I am mad.  The Oscar nominations came out today and I didn't get nominated for Best Director!  Snubbed.  I mean, Argo was nominated for Best Picture and I'm proud of that - but I wanted to be nominated for Best Director!  It just kind of hurts that the Academy didn't think my work was worthy of a nomination - and also, I dunno what they're playing at, but that guy Michael Haneke was nominated and he isn't even an American - and neither is Ang Lee!  What's up with that?  I'm American, born and raised.  I'm from BOSTON, damnit!  I think the Academy should show some respect - Jenny agrees with me on this, too.  She's the best :) Hi, baby! I know you're reading this!

    Damon came over with some Mike's Hard.  We sat in the den and talked about the Oscars and then Matt popped in Good Will Hunting again…Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, I guess.  I mean, we both wrote the script, but I wasn't "Will"; I wasn't the star, I didn't get nominated for Best Actor, Matt did.  It's OK though, he means well.  Jenny reminded me that Matt's new movie Promised Land got bad reviews and that made me feel a little better.  I know he's my friend, but sometimes I can't help but smile when a movie of his tanks a little, LOL. 

    After that I kinda just hung out around the house for a while.  I'm trying to learn how to play "Hold On Loosely" on the guitar but I just can't get it.  The chords hurt my fingers and I got frustrated so I just stopped and went to the computer and played Bejeweled while a "Cheers" re-run played on a tv in the background.  Eventually Jenny came in and gave me a hug and that made me feel better, so I got up and the two of us went to an ice cream parlor to get sundaes.  Unfortunately a dude with a camera was there trying to get pictures of us so I had to pull a knife on him (don't worry, I didn't have to stab him).

    Somehow, Jenny and I were able to sneak out the back and we drove up to our favorite lookout spot in Malibu. As the sun set, I held my likable and charming yet still-able-to-kick-some-a** actress wife and couldn't help but wish I were holding a best director academy award statue instead. Sorry, baby. I know you're reading this :(

    After about 40 minutes we were ready to head home and now here I am writing this entry.  All and all it was an OK day.  I didn't get nominated for Best Director but there's always next time.  And who knows, maybe we'll win Best Picture!  I have to count my blessings. 

    Your friend,



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    Hey, Whatever Happened to Rick Moranis?

    Most people remember Rick Moranis as the lovable goof from such films as Ghostbusters, Spaceballs and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. He was all the rage in the 80's and early 90's but then seemed to have fallen off the map. What happened to him?

    In 1991 Rick tragically lost his wife Anne to liver cancer. Being a newly single parent Rick took some time off from acting to concentrate on raising his kids. "I took a little bit of a break. And the little bit of a break turned into a longer break, and then I found that I really didn't miss it."

    He officially called it quits in 1997 and hasn't made a movie since. So what has he been doing? Apparently, plenty. In 2004 he served on the Advisory Committee for the comedy program at Humber College and in 2005 he cut a country western album called The Agoraphobic Cowboy that was nominated for the Grammy for Best Comedy Album. The next year he was on the Conan O'Brien show where he discussed his new career in music and performed some songs.

    For years the rumor mills have been swirling about a potential Ghostbusters 3 movie that would reunite the all star cast. Moranis reportedly turned the role down, but a 2010 article on Moviefone suggested that Moranis may come out of retirement for the sequel. Fingers crossed!


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