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    Answerly Book Club to Premiere on Monday, January 6

    The My Damn Channel original series Answerly will relaunch on Monday, January 6 as Answerly Book Club, an online forum for each of the series’ three hosts to delve into their literary picks while encouraging viewer participation and interaction. (Watch the preview video here!)

    Vloggers Hayley Hoover, Joseph Birdsong and Kristina Horner have been offering advice to viewers for more than two years via Answerly, with three new videos posted each week. Beginning January 6, they will devote their weekly videos to a book in their chosen genre – Joseph will cover humor books; Hayley will discuss books written by women; and Kristina will focus on young adult books. Each title will be dissected over the course of six weeks, beginning with Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sanberg (Hayley), Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls by David Sedaris (Joseph) and Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Kristina).

    New episodes from Hayley, Joseph and Kristina will premiere every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (respectively) on and, with each book given its own playlist. Viewers can interact with Answerly Book Club through social media on and

    You can read more here.


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    Valentine's Day Videos

    It's Valentine's Day. The dumbest holiday of the year. The only good thing to come out of Valentine's Day is all these HILARIOUS videos from us. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

    Chris Donahue Presents How To Be A Man - Valentine's Day

    This Valentine's Day let Chris Donahue teach you everything you need to know about being a perfect man. You wouldn't want anything wacky to happen on such a special day now would you?

    Spookhouse Dave - Valentine's Day Special

    In this special "daytime drama" episode of Spook House Dave!, our romantic hero risks everything for the one true love that may be too scary even for him.

    Beth in Show - DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (feat. my BFF!)

    I grew up with this chick, and now she's like super famous. She's Jenni Radosevich of I SPY DIY!, the blog, the website, the resourceful & fashionable frame of mind. Here are some V-Day ideas that are super cheap, easy, and sexAY.

    Daily Grace - Valentine's Day Advice

    DailyGrace gives you some Valentine's Day DailyGradvice.


    Joe - Valentine's Day Alone Bad Ideas

    Joe explains all the bad ideas you could do on Valentine's Day!


    Hayley teaches you how to make a Valentine's gift! And how to burn chocolate.

    Kristina - Single's parties that don't suck.

    Kristina teach you about parties for singles that don't suck.

    Okay Nate

    How to Ask Someone Out

    Grace, Hannah, Beth and Molly help me with give advice about asking people out. Here are some tips!

    First Date Do's

    Beth, Grace, Hannah and Molly help me come up with from first date do's. Check it out!

    First Date Don'ts

    Hannah, Molly Grace and Beth give me advice on what NOT to do on a first date. Enjoy!

    First Date Follow-Up

    The ladies help me advise you on what you should do AFTER your first date. Hope it helps!

    Coffey Chat - Double Date!

    4 people, 2 couples, one date? That's called DOUBLE DATING!

    Slacktory - Nailed It: How to Fix Your Relationship on Valentine's Day

    Nick Douglas tries to fix his dying relationship with a special Valentine's Day dinner.

    Watch these and cry because we're all essentially alone! @MrChrisDonahue


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    So Many Presents... That I Hate!

    So many Christmas presents… that you hate. What's a kid to do? Here's a few ideas!

    1. Donate Them.

    Do something good this holiday season by giving the gift that you don't want to someone who might maybe want it!

    2. Regift It.

    Wait about 6 months and rewrap the gift, then give it to someone else! They'll probably be just as thrilled about the gift as you were when you got it but WHO CARES! It's not your problem anymore so you win.

    3. Throw It In The Garbage.

    They'll never know. How would they know?

    That's the best advice I can give you for presents you don't like. If you've got anymore ideas, feel free to tweet them at me @MrChrisDonahue


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    Nerd News

    Hey Nerds, not much has happened this week in the Nerdisphere, but I'll try my best!  This week in nerd news:

    -All you Apple fanboys can rest easy, the iPad Mini has been announced!  Coming in at just under 8 inches, the iPad Mini will only be an inch and a half smaller than the iPad 2.  Apple will be accepting pre-orders starting today and will available in stores on November 2nd.  What do you guys think?  Will you pick one up or are you like me and don't understand why someone want a smaller iPad when they could just get an iPod Touch?

    -People are finally beginning to learn the potential of video games as a tool of teaching.  In this case, we're talking about Skyrim.  Taught by professor Donna Beth Ellard, from Rice University, ENGL 312 "Scandinavian Fantasy Worlds: Old Norse Sagas and Skyrim" teaches students to compare the influence of Scandinavian fantasy worlds on us today.  I would take an infinite amount of arrows to the knee if I could only take this class.

    For more nerdiness, be sure to check out Kristina's Answerly video later today!



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    Nerd News

    Are you still recovering from post-NYCC depression?  Hopefully this will ease your minds.  This week in Nerd News:

    -What happens when a group of delinquents on community service get zapped by a freaky lightning storm?  They get super powers and kill their patrol officer, that's what!  Well, at least according to Misfits they do.  That's right, season 4 of Misfits has been announced!  We haven't got a set premiere date yet, but E4 have released a teaser trailer saying that Misfits is coming soon.  I wonder if they'll end up killing another patrol officer this season...

    -Remember a few weeks ago when I talk about Project Eternity?  Well, their Kickstarter ended a few days ago.  The verdict?  They freakin' blew their original goal out of the water by nearly 4 times the amount!  If you weren't able to back their project and still want a copy of the game, they'll be releasing it via Steam once they're finished. 

    -Bioshock Infinite has been announced for a while now, but the release date has been pushed back multiple times.  There has been little footage of the game and many gamers were worried that it was going to be pushed back again, until recently.  Irrational Games, the company who are responsible in making Bioshock Infinite, have announced two collectors edition of the game: the premium edition and the Ultimate Songbird edition.  In the premium edition buyers will get: a 3-inch keychain bottle of the Murder of Crows vigor, a 5x7 inch lithograph, a 25 millimeter Handyman miniature from the new Bioshock Infinite board game, an art book, and codes for downloadable content all for $79.99.  For $149.99 you get everything in the premium editions plus a 9.75 inch statue of the Songbird from the game, all in special packaging that looks like it's from the world of Bioshock Infinite.  You can pre-order your collectors edition here.

    For more nerd related content, be sure to check out Kristina Horner's Answerly video later today!


  • Answerly

    Job Hunters premiere

    Here at MyDamnChannel we like to support our vloggers in all their endeavors.  Thus said, go check out the premiere of Job Hunters, starring Answerly's own Kristina Horner!  


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    How To Spend Valentine's Day Alone

    This Thursday is Valentine's Day, a most joyous day of romance and love, when the heavens will open up and light will shine down upon you and your lover in a most glorious cascade of golden --

    NOPE!  Wrong.  That's not happening for a lot of people this year.  For many people Valentine's Day is horrible because they are alone - bitterly and utterly alone.  Thankfully, I've got some suggestions for getting your (and my) mind off of all that lovey-dovey stuff that is propagated so aggressively on Valentine's Day.

    To start, watch this video Joe made that has a bunch of suggestions for Valentine's Day distractions, like getting drunk and writing to celebrities that are going through divorces!  Nothing calms the soul quite like interacting with the rich and famous who are going through horrible, tumultuous divorces.  Phew.  At least that's not YOU losing half of your 100 million dollar fortune only leaving you with a paltry 50 million.  Who wants that kind of aggrevation?

    Next, why not sit back and watch the entire season of Wainy Days because no one - and I mean no one - has worse luck with the opposite sex than David Wain.  Nothing ever seems to work out for him and his potential lady loves.  This will certainly cheer you up; I know from experience because, last year, I watched every episode while eating a large tub (98 oz.) of sour cream….Pray for me…

    Another video you might watch is this episode of Sing-a-Gram because, boy, does this poor soul really get a raw deal from his lady.  I mean, this is brutal.  It's very, very funny for you and me, but pretty brutal for this poor man.  So enjoy it!  Enjoy the brutality!

    Look.  I'm a doctor.  I know what I'm talking about.  So listen to me.  Listen to your doctor and you will wake up on Friday with a clear mind and calm heart, knowing that you have 364 more days until you have to go through this horror all over again.  

    Follow me: @DannyMoney


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    Your My Damn Channel Super Bowl Party

    The Super Bowl is this Sunday and you know what that means!  Yup, that's right: it's time to party!  There's nothing better than gathering with your friends and watching some football while chowing down on some great food and drink.  And if you're having trouble planning your party, do not fret.  Here is a guide to throwing a Super Bowl party according to My Damn Channel.  Enjoy.

    1) Coolio's Game Day Turkey - Ever since I made my first game day turkey for a Super Bowl party I refuse to watch the game without it (granted, last year was the first time I made one).  I'd like to personally thank Coolio for providing the internet and I with this amazing recipe, as well as the hilarious video that goes along with it.  

    2) Horrible People - You see how these people throw a party?  It's just the way it should be done.  Murders, champagne toasts, backstabbing, potatoes, chochoholics - if you follow the Horrible People Party Method (H.P.P.M) than you will have an amazing party that people will be talking about for years!  If they're not dead that is!

    3) Daily Grace - Grace is what I like to call a football expert - and you always want to have one of those at your party, just in case you or another guest doesn't understand something about the game.  I mean, take a look at this video.  If those aren't the words of a football expert than I don't know what is.

    4) Daddy Knows Best - Steve Rannizzisi is the ultimate party animal.  I mean, just look at the way he gets down, both here and here.  Man, I would LOVE to party with that guy.  Hey, Steve, if you're reading this feel free to come to my Super Bowl party on Sunday - just tweet me: @DannyMoney.  We'll chat logistics.  Thanks, bro.

    5) Answerly - YOU. MUST. HAVE. GUACOMOLE.  Without guacamole there simply is no party.  Trust me.  And trust Hayley. She shows you how to get down with guac like it ain't no thang.

    6) OkayNate - Maybe you don't even LIKE football, but you're going to be at a Super Bowl party. What do you do? People watch! Just like Nate! (Just don't steal the remote and change it to the Puppy Bowl without telling anyone!)

    So there you have it.  Watch these videos and you're on your way to an amazing Super Bowl party, or at least an Okay one. 


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