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  • The Night Feed

    Okay, I know that this isn't comedy, but it's these kind of things that really get me going, the stuff that truly makes me happy the internet exists.  What is it you ask?  Oh, nothing really…JUST A MAP SHOWING EVERY LOCATION MENTIONED IN EVERY TOM WAITS SONG EVER.  Oh yeah, ho-hum.  No biggie, just the most serious awesomeness about the most awesome human being ever to put on a hat and play the piano.  

    And when you click on each location, it tells you what the name of the song is, what album the song is on, when the record was released, and the specific lyric where the location is mentioned within the song.  A great project.  Great internet stuff.  Go internet.  God bless the internet.

    Here's some comedy though, to keep you all happy: 

    We don't know when it's gonna end!


  • The Night Feed

    The Howard Stern Birthday Bash

    I'm a Howard Stern devotee, so I was absolutely THRILLED to see that the The Howard Stern Birthday Bash that occurred this past January is now available to watch IN FULL.  I don't have much to say other than WATCH THIS.  It's hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, features an appearance by Jimmy Fallon and a rare interview from David Letterman.  I mean, everyone is on this show, from the likes of Robert Downey, Jr., Louis C.K., and Adam Levine performing "Purple Rain".  It's four hours of pure bliss.


  • The Night Feed

    Nic Cage Entrance

    Good morning everyone.  Above you will find your daily dose of Nicolas Cage awesomeness.  He is the absolute best.  That karate kick he does is the bomb.  What a boss.  Long Live Cage.  I know this clip will get your day started right.


  • The Night Feed

    Bottled Awesome


    Best.  News.  Ever.

    How long have you been waiting for the Taco Bell sauces to be available in BOTTLED FORM? Ten years?  Twenty years?  More?  Frankly, I've never thought about it, but now that it's available I can't wait to get myself a bottle of Fire Sauce.  I'm also wondering how I even lived without it all these years.  With a bottle of my very own personal Fire Sauce just around the corner, it seems that living without it was just crazy talk, even though I had been doing just that.

    Follow the tumblr here for more info!  


    P.S. - So apparently this has been available since February.  How am I only finding out about this now?  I almost cancelled this blog, but I figured if I didn't know about it, many of you had not heard about it either.  You are welcome, once again!


  • The Night Feed

    Love & Comedy: A Valentine's Day Playlist

    It's Valentine's Day everyone.  The day you either love or the day you hate, depending on your romantic situation.

    But do not fear.  Here is a My Damn Channel Valentine's Day playlist that is sure to soothe the soul of any and all on this day.  I guarantee pleasure!  YOUR PLEASURE IS GUARANTEED!

    So check it out, everyone.  We love ya.  We really do.  

    Send us kisses @MyDamnChannel


  • Love Me Cat

    Love Me Cat Catch Up

    We've had a lot of great guests on "The Love Me Cat Show" this year, but I realize that with everything that goes on in your day to day lives, some of you might have missed an episode or two.  So, without further ado, I now present The Love Me Cat Celebrity Guest List Wrap Up Spectacular #2013, Happening Now For You When You Want It, Right Meow!

    DailyGrace talked about wearing sunglasses at night.

    Conan's Andy Richter sat down to get really real with Love Me Cat.

    "The Big Bang Theory" stars Johnny Galecki, Mayim Bialik, Kate Micucci, and Melissa Rauch got weird with Love Me Cat.

    Yvette Nicole Brown talked Christmas and her show "Community", as did her co-star Danny Pudi.

    The gorgeous and hilarious Gillian Jacobs stopped by to make me feel kinda funny inside.

    And a ton of other special guests stopped by to chat with Love Me Cat.  What a roster of talent!  I hope you enjoy - I know I can't get enough of this cat!  Love me?  Cat, I sure do.


  • The Night Feed

    Post Christmas Blues?

    How is everyone feeling this day, the day after Christmas?  Yeah, I know, it's bittersweet: Christmas was great, but it's gone for another long year.  But at least you still get to play with your toys, right?  Even though I am in my twenties, if my mom asks me what I want for Christmas, I ask her for toys.  So that's what I am doing right now, playing with my new toys that she give me this year.  I opened one and felt like this:

    I mean, I couldn't let Christmas come and go without posting this abolsute classic of the "kids freak out" genre.  It might be THE defining video of that genre, actually.  It never gets old.  My favorite moment is when the kid is stroking the box with an insane passion.  Just straight up worshipping the Nintendo 64.  That kid's mom?  She done good.  Good gift.  Good toy.  


  • The Night Feed

    A 100 Year Old Woman

    What a tremendous spirit Dorothy Custer has!  She's 100 years old and she's still sharp as a tack, telling jokes to Jay Leno.  Sure, maybe she wouldn't be able to keep up with a young gun like Jimmy Fallon, but then again, I don't know - I actually bet she could.  She was honestly as funny as a stand-up comic!  Plus, she went into the touching story of how she met her husband, so she made me cry as well as laugh.  Gotta appreciate those that came before us, especially during this most wonderful time of the year.

    NOTE: Oh wow, when I wrote this, I thought it was recent, but this is from 2011!  She's still alive, and what I also didn't know is that Dorothy Custer is ACTUALLY a comedian!  No wonder she was so gosh-darned funny!  Certainly a National Treasure.

    Double NOTE: She went base jumping at 102.


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