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    Hat Tip for National Hat Day

    Tomorrow's the day everybody: National Hat Day!!! I don't know if you guys know this or not, but… ladies LOVE hats. Here are some tips for hats to wear tomorrow:

    1. A Cowboy Hat

    What's cooler than a cowboy hat? Answer: Nothing. All the girls will look at you and be like "Who's that guy in the cowboy hat? Is he a cowboy?" and you can be all like, "Yes. Yes I am a cowboy."

    2. A Backwards Baseball Cap

    All the cool guys wear baseball caps, but, specifically, it HAS to be backwards because a backwards baseball cap makes you look totally laid back. And what's cooler than looking laid back? Answer: Nada. All the girls will look at you and be like "Who's that guy in the backwards baseball cap? Is he a baseball player?" and you can be all like, "Yes. Yes I am a baseball player."

    3. A Beret

    Cool dudes wear berets, plain and simple, remember Ferris Bueller? Who's cooler than Ferris Bueller? Answer: No one. Then all the girls will look at you and be like "Who's that guy in the beret? Is he a French Poet or something?" and you can be all like, "Yes. Yes I am a French Poet or something."

    Thank me on twitter when you have a chance since you'll be spending all your time with the ladies… @MrChrisDonahue


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    My Favorite Thing: An Amazing Catch

    No joke, I've watched this Instagram video ten to twenty times.  There is nothing - and I mean absolutely nothing - that I like more in this world than an amazing catch.  And I'm not talking about an athlete making a catch on the football field or on the baseball diamond.  Oh no.  I like when an average person makes a phenomenal catch.  Makes a sick grab.  Like who, you ask?  Oh I don't about Patrick Wilson, the drummer of Weezer, in front of thousands of screaming fans?  Granted I wouldn't call him "average" - but he's certainly not an athlete.  He's a musician.  This catch makes me very happy, like I'm a little kid againthrowing a tennis ball around the house.  This video taps into my inner child big time.  Plus, I am a very big Weezer fan and love the way Rivers doesn't really know what's going on once Patrick makes the catch and everyone in the audience goes nuts.

    And let's take a look at this one real quick:

    This is just a real pimp move. This guy is just as cool as they come. And I usually hate it when YouTubers add music to a live clip - give me cinema verite! - but this music really enhaces the humor of this video.  DannyMoney's grade: CHUGTASTIC!


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    On Jeff Ears

    We don't usually touch on sports here at My Damn Channel - we are comedy website after all.  But when the sport is pranking, we take notice, even if it is a bunch of baseball players doing the pranking rather than your run of the mill comedian idiots.  Frankly, baseball players are known as being some of the best pranksters in the business - anything to get a laugh and keep everyone amused in the clubhouse and on the bench.  So it's actually no surprise that a bunch of AAA ballplayers were able to keep up a month long prank, and then turn around and make a competent and funny film about it.  


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    Jerry Seinfeld in the Booth

    Alert the media!  Alert the media!  Major League Baseball has put up a longish clip of Jerry Seinfeld in the Mets' announcer's booth, where he stayed for a full five innings of the game.

    Obviously, they talked a lot about baseball, which I personally find interesting, but am guessing that you, dear reader, do not, since you're here at My Damn Channel and not over at checking scores.  But do not fret!  The Sein talks about the famous Keith Hernandez episodes of Seinfeld - some of the best episodes of Seinfeld ever made.  The Comic's Comic wrote a nice summary here.

    True story: I once met Keith Hernandez at a Little League Awards Dinner after literally just watching his episode of Seinfeld.  When I handed him a baseball to sign I said, "I loved you on Seinfeld."  He didn't look at me, signed the ball, and that was that.  I guess he prefers to be remembered as being one of the greatest first baseman to ever play the game, rather than for a relatively insignificant cameo on a sitcom.  To each his own.  I'm a Yankees fan anyways, so who the heck cares about Keith Hernandez outside of the Seinfeld universe?  


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    Shine Bright Like A Diamond

    Baseball, America's favorite past time! Is there anything better than going out to the ball game and buying some peanuts and cracker jacks? Haha, I don't care if I ever come back!

    Well, there is this new video that our homeboy Dean Peterson made with our other homeboy Adam Ginsberg! You should watch it if you like to laugh and if you don't, I highly suggest you stop reading this and start reading WebMD or something, nerd.

    Wiffle ball may not be the same thing as Baseball but it's close enough. Doesn't everyone love a good underdog story? Of course they do and that's exactly what this is!

    Watch this short. Tweet at me how much you love it. @MrChrisDonahue


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    Matt Harvey on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

    Last night was the MLB All-Star game, and while I used to be really into watching the mid-season classic, as I've gotten older I've watched it less and less.  This year, however, it was a different story, as the game was played in NYC at Citi Field, the home of the Mets.  And even though I am a Yankees fan, it is nice to have the game take place in my home state, in the city where I currently reside.  There's a certain amount of electricity!

    What added to the electricity was that the Mets' ace Matt Harvey started the game for the National League (an honor) and pitched well, even if the American League won in the end.  Furthermore, he also made this very funny video for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Fallon takes advantage of the fact that not many people recognize Harvey by face since it's only his first full year in the bigs and hilarity ensues.

    Watch and enjoy.


  • My Damn Channel LIVE

    Get To Know Our Team: Julia Hoff

    Time to get to know the Associate Producer of My Damn Channel LIVE... Julia Hoff!

    Julia is a relative newcomer to NYC, having moved here in August of 2011 after working as a production coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles. She met our Executive Producer Melissa Schneider while visiting NYC and they soon became both friends AND co-workers!  But enough about jobs.  Let's get to the fun facts!

    Julia loves bacon to the point that sometimes it worries her how much she loves bacon.

    She's a middle child and comes from a baseball-crazy family outside of Philly.

    She is obsessed with vanity license plates, and even has a tumblr devoted to them:

    Her personal hero is Jerri Blank from "Strangers With Candy." 

    And that's Julia!


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