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  • Daily Grace

    Happy Birthday, Grace!

    Today is a very special day.  It is a day like no other.  It is a day when a very special person came into this world.  A person who would eventually change the lives of millions of YouTubers.  A woman who is so beloved that the U.S. government considered changing the Washington Monument's name to her's.  Of whom do I speak?  Why, I speak of Grace Helbig, of course; My Damn Channel's very own DailyGrace.  It is this day  - September the 27th - that is her birthday.  So, to her I say: Happy Birthday, Grace!  May You Have Many More Amazing Birthdays That You Will Share With Us Because You Are Internet.  Long May You Vlog, Forever And Ever, Amen.


  • Daily Grace

    Congratulations DailyGrace!


    Look at her go! It's great to see DailyGrace going above and beyond the 2 million subscribers mark. 

    What a lady! What an inspiration! It just goes to show you with consistent hard work, anything is possible!

    Anyway, we just wanted to give Grace a big ol' congratulations on making it to 2 million subscribers and a HUGE thank you to all of DailyGrace's wonderful fans. 

    Here's to another 2 million Grace!



  • The Night Feed

    We Need Interns!

    Hello loyal followers!

    We’re currently looking for an Intern to help us with, well… everything.

    Do you sit on Tumblr all day reading posts like this? Do you make silly (but amazing looking) GIF’s? Do you hate the sun and love to sit on the internet? Then you’re perfect for us!

    If you can get college credit this fall and will be in the New York City area, we want you to help us with:

    - Social media and community outreach
    - Site programming
    - Reviewing video submissions
    - Marketing and promotions
    - Opportunities to conceive and produce video and graphic content
    - Office assistance (oh yeah!)


    - Exceptional communication skills
    - Highly motivated
    - Detail oriented
    - Quick learner
    - Ability to prioritize multiple projects and tasks
    - Ability to manage deadlines in a fast-paced environment
    - Sense of humor
    - Social Media Maven
    - Entertainment Junkie
    - Comedy Nerd
    - Knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, HTML desirable!

    Our very own Chris Donahue started out as an intern and look at him now!


    Send confirmation of college credit and ALL of the below to with the following:

    - killer cover letter with deep thoughts on us and you
    - resume
    - specific availability (3 days per week minimum)

    Let’s make things together!


  • Daily Grace

    DailyGrace & Arnold Together At Last

    DailyGrace and Arnold Schwarzenegger, together at last.  I can't believe it took this long to happen.  I mean, when I think of Arnold I think of three things: 1) Commando 2) Predator and 3) Grace Helbig.  Why?  Don't question me! 

    You might have heard of YouTube's first-ever "Comedy Week," but if you haven't it's basically a celebration of all things funny, featuring My Damn Channel's goddess of all things internet, DailyGrace.  There are countless other YouTubers involved - all your faves - and Arnold is promoting it in this video.  Check it out, and read more from The Comic's Comic.  

    I'll be back.



  • Daily Grace

    YouTube Millionaires

    Our very own DailyGrace recently just passed one million subscribers on YouTube (totally epic) so Tubefilter featured her in YouTube Millionaires, the series where they profile channels that have recently reached one million subscribers.  Grace is her usual charming self, so CLICK HERE to read what she's got to say.

    And once again, thanks to all the DailyGrace fans out there.  Without you, this would not be possible. 


  • Daily Grace

    Daily Grace Wins Big At The Streamys!

    The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards were tonight in Los Angeles, and My Damn Channel was honored to be there!

    Congratulations to Grace Helbig for winning the first and last awards of the night! Click the links to see her acceptance speeches:

    - Best First Person Series for Daily Grace
    - Audience Choice Personality of the Year

    Thanks to all of Grace's fans for voting for her! Five Gracefaces to all of you! And congratulations to all of tonight's Streamy winners and nominees!


  • Daily Grace

    Vote for Daily Grace!

    Want to help Grace win a Streamy Award? VOTE!

    Grace is up for TWO Fan Favorite Streamy Awards.

    Best First Person Series and Best Host!

    Vote again and again!

    Vote as if your life depended on it!

    Vote as if you're P. Diddy back when you were still called Puffy something and MTV still played music videos and "Rock The Vote" was a thing!

    Vote as if it's the season of American Idol that Taylor Hicks won and you realize, "No, no. That guy's never going to work as an American Idol, let's vote McPhee!" Because then we might never have had to think about Smash or McPheever because she'd be busy being an American Idol!

    Vote as if it's the year 2000 and you could do it all over again so we wouldn't have had a Florida recount and a presidency decided by the Supreme Court and maybe Al and Tipper Gore would still be married because who's gonna divorce a First Lady?!

    Vote as if Daily Grace is the bestest thing on the Internets and she's your favorite online host and you and your friends Graceface in public all the time then crack up because no one else around you understands why you guys just yell "DING!" at random times and wow that's just the most awesomest time and LET'S JUST VOTE FOR GRACE TO WIN A THING, YOU GUYS.

    Vote! Then tell me (@mariaalana) you did!


  • Daily Grace

    Daily Grace Moves to LA - Nothing Changes!

    The seasons change; shoes go in and out of rotation. The moon waxes and wanes. The tides shift. The Earth's continents move ever-so-slowly apart from one another. And now, Daily Grace has moved from New York to Los Angeles. The coast. La-la Land. L.A.

    And what does that mean? Does it CHANGE anything? Well, unless you are Grace Helbig or are someone with whom she has bloody marys in Brooklyn on a regular basis, it means absolutely NOTHING will be changing! She will still be making her videos daily on My Damn Channel and on You Tube, and she will still be hosting episodes of My Damn Channel LIVE. What. A. Relief.  

    But you know what it means to me? It means I can construct a mental fantasy where Grace plays the part of Kramer in the three-episode storyline of Seinfeld (episode one, and two and three) where Kramer moves out to L.A. I'm going to imagine that Michelle Vargas asked Grace for her spare apartment keys back, triggering a domino effect that led to Grace becoming disillusioned with her life in NYC and prompted her to move to Los Angeles, which culminated in a role on Murphy Brown and a case of mistaken identity with the police and a murder! Yes, right now…I am…picturing this

    So, just to recap: nothing's changing. Grace will always be there for you gungans, her loyal fan base. She's just doing what she does-- and you know what? I am making a not so bold prediciton that her move to L.A. will yield great things, for her and for all of you fans out there. Trust me on this one!

    Follow me: @DannyMoney


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