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    The name's Bond.  James Bond.  And Bond is back, baby.  Skyfall, the twenty-third Bond film, comes out today and I'm excited.  Now, after 2008's abysmal Quantum of Solace, no one should be looking forward to another Bond flick.  Quantum of Solace was that bad.  It was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in a movie theater, period.  Just horrible.  But I have high expectation for Skyfall.  Why?  Hey!  Let me tell you five reasons why!

    1) Roger Deakins.  Who, you ask?  Why, only one of the finest cinematographers working today.  He has filmed such visual masterpieces as The Shawshank Redemption, No Country For Old Men and, yes, The Big Lebowski.  With Deakins on board you know the film is no joke and, if nothing else, will be visually stunning.

    2) Sam Mendes is directing.  Okay, he's not my favorite director out there.  I think American Beauty is one of the most overrated movies to have come out in the last 20 years.  That said, he's not too shabby.  Here's a guy that's directed some good movies - especially the wonderful Road To Perdition.  Mendes has cred.

    3) Javier Bardem is playing the villain.  Dude's one of the best actors out there - and he won an Oscar for playing a creepy-ass villain in No Country For Old Men.  I'm pretty sure we're going to get an epic Bond villain performance from him.

    4) Thomas Newman wrote the score.  You can't say enough about this guy.  He's up there with the greats.  The Shawshank Redemption.  American Beauty.  Wall-E.  He's a master.

    5) Daniel Craig.  He's a good Bond.  Even in Solace (which, to reiterate, sucked major balls) Craig gave a good performance as Bond.  He made the movie watchable, which is no small feat.  And given that he was THE SHIT in Casino Royale, I'm confident he'll be excellent in Skyfall.

    So there you have it.  My two cents.  I'll be seeing the flick this weekend - tweet me and tell me what YOU think: @DannyMoney


  • Stella

    Michael Ian Black did a Reddit AMA

    Did you miss the Reddit AMA Michael Ian Black did over the weekend to promote the new book he wrote with Meghan McCain? Yes, THAT Meghan McCain?

    Then we are sad for you.

    Fortunately, by the power of the internet, you can read everything that you missed right here.

    In case you're wondering, Michael's poison ivy is doing much better and he doesn't hate Daniel Tosh (we're as disapponted that this is a non-existent comedy feud as you are)!


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    Top Paid Comedians

    Being DannyMoney, I know a thing or two about money.  So I was naturally intrigued by this Forbes list of the highest paid comedians.  As you might guess, Jerry Seinfeld tops it.  Here is the top 10 list with a few of my random thoughts below.

    10. Ron White - $10 million - Don't know who he is.  Should I Google it?  ………………………….OK, just Googled him: Blue Collar Comedy Tour.  That's all I need to know - make of that what you will.

    9.  Daniel Tosh and Gabriel Iglesias (tie) - $11 million - Tosh.0 and Iglesias.0, both tied at $11 million dollars and .0 (bad joke that doesn't really make any sense!  Where's my money?!)

    8. George Lopez - $12 million - Damn, George!  Good for you!  I don't think he's funny, but I can't knock his hustle.

    7. Larry the Cable Guy - $13 million - See above.

    6. Kevin Hart - $14 million - His stand-up is pretty funny, but the unintentional comedy level of any of his movies dwarves his stand-up.

    5. Louis C.K. - Bow down to God (I really like Louie, though most people like Louie 20 bazillion times more than I do.  And I dig the cat!  Goes to show just how popular he has become.)

    4. Jeff Dunham - $19 million - This guy is a ventriloquist!  That's pretty awesome.  I'll have to check his act some time.

    3. Russell Peters - $21 million - Never heard of this guy.  That said: 21 million dollars.  He must be doing something right!

    2. Terry Fator - $24 million - This dude won the second season America's Got Talent and now he's at The Mirage in Vegas pulling mad bank.  That is the American dream incarnate.  Manifest destiny.

    1. Jerry Seinfeld - $32 million - What can you say about the Sein that hasn't already been said?  Best TV show of all-time, arguably the best stand-up of all-time, best sneaker game in the comedy world.  He's got it all.  Wish I was him.


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