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  • Murderfist

    Murderfist: Ten Years

    Ten years is a long time for anything to last. A band, a television show, a marriage!!! But our friends in Murderfist have done it! Ten wonderful years together, which may explain the reason that they're one of the best sketch groups running around NYC.

    What are you doing Thursday night? Well then travel your lil' butt down to Little Field in Brooklyn to see all of the craziness going on at Murderfist's Tenth Anniversary Show. I'll be there. Hanging out and enjoying the complete chaos that will be going on.

    Get your tickets now because this is going to be one heck of a poop show! Tweet at me and maybe if we're lucky we can like touch Henry's butt or something! @MrChrisDonahue

    Photo Credit to the ever so special Mindy Tucker!


  • The Night Feed


    It's Thanksgiving, so it’s only right I share this list of the things I am thankful for this year. 

    1)    Air – We all breathe it.  We need it to live.  I’ll come out and just say it: I love air!  It’s my favorite thing to breathe – I mean, other than nitrous, obviously.  Phish rules!

    2)    The Written Word – I have been reading a ton lately!  It’s so much fun.  I was on the subway reading a book and the commute went by like THAT.  Dudes, check out some written words on pages.  Really fun to read things that are written.

    3)    Space: The Final Frontier – I love the idea of the never ending void of Space, The Final Frontier.  Like, lol, what’s out there?  It inspires me to keep searching, both within myself and without.  Space…so gnarly, so big, so vast.  Haha, like, WHAT’S HAPPENING OUT THERE!?

    4)    Peace – We need it.  All you need is love.  I am the walrus.  Goo goo ga joob.  Yesterday.  Help I need somebody.  Hey Jude.  I heard the news today oh boy I can’t get no satisfaction.  The 60s and peace – what an era!  What an inspiration.  I am thankful for peace in this world but we need more of it.  We need to BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE!

    5)    Jesus – Duh.

    6)    God – obvz.

    7)    My mom and dad – Cool folks who raised me right.  Mom, Dad: I am thankful for thee.

    8)    The Star Spangled Banner + peyote – such a sweet combo, I can’t get enough.  Really thankful for this buzz.

    9)    My Hands – Let me ask you a question: Could I be writing this post without them?  The answer is no, so – BOOM! – automatic need to be thankful for them hands of mine, no?

    10)  Cash.  Money, bro.  Straight up need it to live.  Money for days and twice on Sunday.  I love money.  Thank you for money.  

    Well, there you go!  That’s what I am thankful for this year!  Now cute up the Spangled Banner song, son!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Linked Out

    While Twitter Was Down

    You guys, Twitter was down again yesterday for a whole hour. That's like a lifetime in internet years!

    Luckily, My Damn Channel LIVE didn't go down and Junior Varsity premiered their new video "140 Or Less," which just so happens to be about Twitter. Imagine what life would be like if you could only talk in 140 characters at a time? Actually, life and people in general would probably be a lot less annoying. Hmm, I'm gonna go do science and create a disease.


  • TVGasm


    It's another TVgasm Tuesday, and if you somehow don't know, the SAG awards happened. Check out the red carpet highlights here, and definitely make sure you watch the best acceptance speech of the night by (shocker) Tina Fey. I laughed. I cried. It was only a minute long, but it was an emotional roller coaster. 30 Rock airs its series finale this Thursday, so this was just a little taste of wha'ts to come. Don't be surprised if I'm an emotional wreck next Tuesday. It was formally announced that J.J. Abrams will be directing the new Star Wars movie, and the internet is PISSED. The "Jar Jar Abrams" jokes have already started, and I think it's safe to say that we're in for some pretty lewd gifs in the weeks to come. In unsurprising news, Frank Ocean wants to bring charges against Chris Brown after the "alleged" incident, officially making Chris Brown a [REDACTED] in the eyes of the public. Let's see what TVgasm has for us

    This Week:

    If you liked Tina Fey's Bossypants, get excited, because Amy Poehler has reportedly signed a book contract, herself. Now, I don't want to hyperbolize how excited I am, but I will be using this book as my new Bible when it's finally published. Click to read all the deets at TVgasm!

    Well, if writing TVgasm has taught me anything, it's that for every piece of great work that is set to be created, there is an equally terrible thing that has been greenlit. It's Newton's third law of whatever or something. So when I heard about this terrible new talk show, I can't say I was surprised just deeply deeply disappointed. 

    Have you been watching Top Chef? If you HAVE been watching, you probably know that there are a few people who could use some well-intentioned advice, or even some advice that is NOT well-intentioned. TVgasm is here to offer some (possibly not so) well-intentioned advice.

    Remember: There's no shame in weeping openly at your own television.

    Tell me what those crazy Real Housewives are up to at @Sam_The_Stone


  • Mark Malkoff

    Six-Pack Abs!

    Last year Mark Malkoff hired New York City trainer Robert Brace to help him get Six Pack Abs in 28 Days.

    My Damn Channel friend Franchesca Ramsey watched that video and decided to take the challenge herself! She's doing it! And it's working! And we're so proud!

    We're so happy we could inspire someone else to put themselves through a month of eating a zillion hard-boiled eggs! (Your friends may not be so happy, but with six-pack abs, you can attract a whole new set of friends, Franchesca!)


  • Slacktory

    That Guy Who Won The Lottery And Wants To Share It With You

    You shared it, didn't you? You liked it, you commented, you posted it on your own wall. And your friends did it. And your mom did it. Everyone saw the picture of the guy on Facebook holding up the winning numbers to the Mega Millions jackpot where he said he'll split the money with everyone who shares the photo!

    Super generous, of him, right? What an awesome dude! Not at all a scam with a photoshopped ticket that you and your mom and your best friend are all falling for, right?

    Slacktory found him and asked him, "How, kind sir, can you be so magnanimous?"

    We hope they also asked him how posting the color of one's bra as a status update helps to cure kids with cancer. Or how about asking him if the best way to stay socially relevant is giving your friends ultimatums to say publicly that you don't want to be defriended to "see who's really reading my facebook page!" This guy obviously has one of the keenest minds of the social media age.

    And a really awesome copy of Photoshop.


  • TVGasm


    Stop everything, internet, we have some breaking news! Well, not breaking like happening right now, I guess… but it's like super important stuff. Get ready for some entertainment news that will literally* make your face explode. Did you hear The Biebs totes vommed on stage? Gross (although I won't pretend I haven't watched the video several times, no judgement). Also, Adele is releasing a new song for the newest Bond movie "Skyfall". I assume it will be mostly her screaming, but I'm excited anyways. Probably the most outrageous story is that Robert Pattinson was named world's sexiest man again, even though I KEEP on sending in my headshots. THIS CONTEST IS RIGGED. Ok let's write our complaint letters, and see what TVgasm has for us.


    This Week:

    We've all heard about TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"; how terrible it is, how it's everything wrong with society, how we're secretly envious of how confidently Alana wears those tank tops. During the new season, though, the Honey Boo Boo clan will be getting a major pay raise. Click to read TVgasm's full story. Will Mama still be coupon queen with all this extra money?! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!

    How much do you love Sesame Street? If you are human with a functioning heart, the answer is probably A WHOLE LOT. Remember that time they spoofed Glee? Well this one is like that one but better! Go watch!

    It appears someone has messed with Caroline Manzo's Fambuhly. They have messed with her Fambuhly, and they are GAHBAGE! Clearly Mama Manzo needs some help, and TVgasm is here with some support in the most recent Dear TVgasm!

    Remember: If you weren't named world's sexiest man, it's probably because you were nominated for universe's sexiest man…..right? RIGHT?!


  • The Night Feed

    Spoiler Alert: LES MIS IN 500 WORDS OR LESS

    Les Misérables premiered on Christmas Day to lines of teenage girls circling around the block. Obviously, I also went to see it, and since it’s THREE HOURS LONG I thought I’d write you a quick synopsis, so you can do something more productive with your three hours such as: anything. 

    Some things to note before we begin: Most of the dialogue is sung. There are a lot of close ups, and it’s...set in France...if you didn’t pick up on that. 

    We see several dudes dressed in rags with hipster beards. They’re slaves, but also singing, this movie is clearly going to be a downer. Look! There’s Jean Valjean! He’s going to be free today, but only after he has a staring contest with Russell Crowe where they both sing their names! He’s put on a life-long parole so he can’t work. He becomes a hobo, hipster beard still in tact. One day a priest kind of helps him out with some shit, so Jean Valjean abandons his life of crime/beards/poverty. There’s a lot of singing. It’s very dramatic

    Twenty years later, still in France, still very dramatic, Jean Valjean changes his name to something more french and now owns a factory for....something. But OH NO! Russell Crowe shows up to hunt down Jean Valjean for breaking his parole! Then we put down that storyline for a second just in time to see Anne Hathaway being fired from Jean Valjean’s factory because....of a reason? I dozed off here. Whatever. Anne Hathaway really needs money though so she becomes a prostitute. That was the first thing she tried. Really, Anne? So she does that for a while, and then she dies from some curable disease, but not before she sees Jean Valjean and guilts him into taking care of her daughter, Cosette! Russell Crowe is in the background trying to kill Jean Valjean in between 20 minute closeups of Anne Hathaway’s face.

    Then there’s an eight year jump and Cosette is grown up, and Jean Valjean is living in Paris with her. A bunch of goodlooking young french dudes are planning a revolution, and one of them, Marius, falls in love with Cosette, but even though she loves him she has to move away because Russell Crowe is becoming borderline obsessive compulsive about capturing Jean Valjean. The young hotties do their revolution but it goes like worse than you could ever imagine. Everyone is dead, lots of singing, dramatic, pretty much the same as the rest of the movie. Marius somehow survives and Jean Valjean drags him through literal PILES of SHIT, but then Russell Crowe shows up and has another 20 minute long staring contest with Jean Valjean (and lots of close ups). Russell Crowe then does the only logical thing and jumps off a bridge. Lots of singing. French. Marius and Cosette get married. Jean Valjean dies. Lots of close ups. Everyone lives dramatically ever after.


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