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  • Save the Supers

    Can Save the Supers Save You?

    The world is ending today…Or is it?  You see, I don't believe that the world will end today.  Why?  Because of Save the Supers.  Now, I know you might say to me, "Hey bro, those are fictional characters, they aren't real, and even if they WERE real, there's no such thing as a superhero, so your entire point is moot!  SUCK IT!" To which I would respond, "Hold up there, partner!" and then I'd make my point that the world wasn't going to end because a world that has such great video content in it as Save the Supers couldn't possibly end!  SUCK ON THAT, BRO!

    Then, after we had stopped punching each other in the face yelling "Take that, bro!" and "Fat chance, partner! and "Idiot head!  Idiot head!" we'd both realize that we should be spending time watching Save the Supers instead of fighting, regardless if the world is going to end or not.  If it's gonna end, then we'd better use the remaining hours here on Earth to enjoy Save the Supers; and if it's not going to end we should watch the show anyways because it's just a funny, well-made product that we both can't get enough of.  

    So as you can see, Save the Supers - the show - is actually a superhero itself: it stopped my fictitious enemy and I from fight one another over whether the world was going to end or not.  It made peace between us, even though we had differing opinions.  And, most importantly, it made us both realize that what's most important in this crazy, mixed up world we live in is that Felicia Day in a catsuit is awesome.

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  • Sing-A-Gram

    Goodbye Fun World

    I don't know if you guys heard, but the world is over. Yup, pack up your things and then do nothing with the things you packed up because we'll all be dead! Here are a few things I'm going to miss:

    My Parents: They're nice people. They feed me when I'm home and took care of me for years and years. They aren't as cool as… say… this dad, Steve, but, I mean, they're still pretty cool.

    Mamrie Hart: My one true love. How I will miss her beautiful singing voice but hopefully we will meet again in HEAVEN!!!

    Christmas: The fact that we don't get to celebrate Christmas this year or ever again is a real bummer.

    Alcohol: It's a lot of fun to drink this stuff (because I am legal age and if you drink it you should be, too!) so I will miss it.

    Kate Upton: Need I say more?

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  • Mark Malkoff

    The Most Interesting Man In The World

    Mark's watching 15 hours of Netflix a day, guys.

    That seems pretty interesting to us.


  • The Night Feed

    Triumph Watches the World Cup

    As if the World Cup couldn't get any better, Coco lays this masterpiece on us via his most valuable weapon, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.  Enough said.  

    And oh wait, here it is!  There IS more to be said! Part two is here! USA! USA! USA!!!


  • The Night Feed

    Soccer Fever Is Sweeping the Nation!

    It's common knowledge that while soccer is the most popular sport globally, Americans haven't taken to it with the same kind of fervor. However, Americans have always been huge supporters of our national teams, and this year's USMNT is no different. In this video, Portland news reporter Drew Carney shows his support in the best way possible as the USA scores in the final minutes to beat Ghana 2-1. Luckily for us, it all goes down live during his segment.


  • The Night Feed

    One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Soccer Ball

    I thought this was a good way to honor the World Cup.  It boggles my mind that the majority of Americans simply don't care about one of the most exciting sporting events in the world.  Sure, I don't watch soccer regularly, but every four years when the Cup rolls around, there is nothing I enjoy more than rooting for the Americans until they blow it early, and just taking it all in. 

    So this little wordless doc from the New York Times - which is more about kindness than anything else - will be my tribute.  We'll have more comedy later, don't you worry!  DON'T YOU WORRY YOUR PRETTY LITTLE HEADS!  But right now I just wanted to give a little nod to the event that literally the entire world cannot stop talking about, and also single out one man doing a good deed.

    And lord knows it doesn't get funnier than this exuberance:



  • The Night Feed

    The Turkeys Are Heating Up

    Things are getting a little nuts with The Turkeys right now.  They're really bring the heat, and let me tell you, it's a really weird heat.  In the best possible way, these guys are really doing it for me.  Making me a little HOT, if you know what I mean (I hope you do because I don't really know myself?) Their newest video, "LEON," can be seen above.  Enjoy it, you sick puppy.

    And also, below, is a playlist of all their videos released to this time.  I strongly suggest clicking on the first video and just going on a ride with The Turkeys.  It's really subversive, off-the-wall comedy that you don't see every day.  These guys are doing humanity a service by making these videos.  


  • The Night Feed


    We all know George Clooney is famous and handsome and rich and talented, but I didn't know he was an absolute genius until now.  I mean, casting BILL MURRAY in his new movie The Monuments Men?  That's the best thing the man has ever done and Clooney has dated some gorgeous women.  But it doesn't matter.  His Oscar?  Throw it in the trash.  His charity work in Africa?  No one cares anymore.  He is now in a movie with Bill Murray and that is all he will be remembered for: his proximity to Bill Murray in this movie.

    This also mean that since I love Bill Murray and Clooney loves Murray, then I am George Clooney, more or less.  Line up, ladies, and tweet me: @DannyMoney.


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