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  • Daily Grace

    I'm Obsessed with Patrice Wilson

    You guys, OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!!! Patrice Wilson has done it again!!!

    First he wrote the hit song Friday, with DailyGrace fan Rebecca Black, about the best day of the week... Friday. Then he wrote another amazing song about the best holiday where you don't get presents, Thanksgiving, and now he's back at it!

    When you were sitting around your home the other night thinking, "there is absolutely no way that Patrice Wilson could top Friday or It's Thanksgiving," YOU WERE WRONG!!! He topped it with Chinese Food!

    I'm always pretty thrilled about these videos. They're pretty ridiculous but extremely entertaining. This one kind of takes the cake for me though, or should I say… the fortune cookie?

    Alright, guys, I'm just completely obsessed with Patrice Wilson now! Tweet at me your favorite Patrice Wilson music video.



  • The Night Feed

    In Defense of Pie

    Okay. I’m about to drop some truth bombs here.


    Pie is better than cake. There. I said it.


    The Cake Lobby has had a stranglehold on the internet for far too long. It’s time we all just accepted that cake is inferior to pie in almost every way. For one thing, pie is great in almost any flavor – fruit-flavored cake is gross, but fruit pie? BRING IT ON. Apple! Blackberry! Blueberry! Peach! Do you not care for fruit? Custard or cream-filled pie has got your back! Chocolate! Banana! Coconut! Peanut butter! (I’m allergic to both coconut and peanut butter, but I’ve been told that they are both delicious in pie form, and since all pie is delicious, I choose to believe it.)


    You know what else you can do with a pie? Make it savory. Shepherd’s pie, chicken pot pie, meat pies, spinach and cheese pie. Quiches, empanadas, and turnovers also technically qualify as pies. Have you ever had a savory cake? No, because the closest thing to a savory cake that even exists is, like, meatloaf. Come on. Clearly pie wins in the versatility department…


    But what about taste, you argue? Doesn’t cake just taste better than pie? NO IT DOES NOT. Your typical cake is like five inches of cake and two centimeters of dry, crusty frosting (unless you get stuck with a frosting rose, which is two full inches of dry, crusty frosting. Yum, diabetes!). Pie is consistently delicious. You don’t have to drink milk with it to feel like you’re not dying of sugar poisoning. If you’re eating apple or pear pie, you can melt a piece of cheese on top for a sweet-and-savory kick.


    The only cake that matters is ice cream cake, and that’s because it’s mostly ice cream and minimal cake. And you know what? It would be way better if it were ice cream pie, probably.


    Take a seat, cake. You’re done.


    (Postscript: This is my last piece for the site! I’m outta here, had a great time, love you all.)


    Liz / @lizbelsky


  • The Night Feed

    Holiday Treats: The Best and Worst

    Hey, everybody! The Holiday Season TM is in full swing, and you know what that means: TREATS. I’ve basically given up on wearing jeans or anything that buttons until January 1st – it’s yoga pants from here on out. But what’s worth stuffing in your face? What deserves a pass? Well, I’m here with a handy-dandy GUIDE TO HOLIDAY TREATS!


    Disclaimer: I have a lot of strong, contrarian opinions about what is good and what is disgusting. Don’t take it up with management if you disagree.


    GOOD: Peppermint bark


    Oh my god, peppermint bark. I could literally eat my weight in you, peppermint bark. Homemade or fancy-bakery-style is the best, but Ghirardelli’s is a great substitute as well. I, for one, plan to spend Christmas Eve eating an entire bag of that stuff while watching Muppets Christmas Carol.


    BAD: Fudge


    No thank you, fudge. You are diabetes incarnate. The only people who like you are small children who have yet to develop sugar sensitivity and Buddy the Elf. Any more than a postage-stamp-sized square of fudge is WAY TOO MUCH FUDGE.


    GOOD: Wassail


    Yeah, I said wassail. As in, “Here we come a-wassailing,” wassail. It’s the bomb: hot mulled cider with apples, oranges, and spices, simmered on the fire for several hours until your entire house smells like a winter wonderland. If you’ve never made it, hurry up and get to it. You won’t regret it.


    BAD: Candy canes


    Gross. Too much peppermint. Plus, once you eat half of it, the end gets all pointy and you stick yourself in the gums. Candy canes should only exist for stirring hot chocolate and decorating Christmas trees.


    GOOD: Stollen


    Okay, yeah. Stollen is basically fruitcake covered in powdered sugar. “Ew, gross, fruitcake!” you say. “Shut your unholy mouth,” I reply. When properly prepared, stollen is delicious – doughy, sweet and marzipan-y. OM NOM NOM.


    BAD: Figgy pudding


    Come on, England. Figgy pudding isn’t even a real food.


    Liz / @lizbelsky


  • The Night Feed

    Jimmy and Mario Cook For You!

    When I think of Jimmy Kimmel the word "swell" comes to mind.  As in, "That Jimmy Kimmel sure seems like a swell guy!"  And this video proves it.  See what happens is, Jimmy and the world-renowned chef and international sex symbol Mario Batali decide to find a stranger on the street and then go to their house and cook a meal with whatever is in that person's fridge.  This does indeed happen, and a lovely afternoon then unfolds before your very eyes.

    I know cooking shows are so en vogue right now, but still, in spite of it all, I can't get enough of watching great chefs - great artists, really - put together dazzling dishes on camera.  There's a reason these shows are popular.  If I had the tenacity and the courage - if I had the stones! - I might try and become a cook, or open my own restaurant.  But I know how much hard work is involved, and I don't think I truly have the passion to get down and dirty, as it were.  Still, it would be fun.  Maybe one day after I make my billions in crude oil futures I'll open a nice little restaurant in the south of France with my loving Spanish wife, who I met while paragliding in the foothills of the Himalayas, high on peyote and white wine.

    So dig into the video and then maybe cook something for someone - maybe someone you love!  Live, love, and eat, baby!  Live, love, and eat.


  • Chris Donahue Presents How To Be A Man


    Dear Patrice Wilson,

    Please produce a music video with me!!! Puh-lease! You can write and produce it. Do whatever ever you do with all those other people you made famous like Rebecca Black and this little blonde girl you have singing about chinese food and now the alphabet while you turn into a puppet or whatever is going on! 

    This shit is great! Please, let's make a song and music video together and I promise you it will go viral. I PROMISE!!!

    Tweet me @MrChrisDonahue with all your brilliant ideas.



  • The Night Feed

    An Open Letter to Pumpkin Spice Haters

    Hey pumpkin spice haters, why don’t you shut up?

    We get it. You’re sooooo cool. You think you’re so awesome just because you’re “above” hopping on the pumpkin spice obsession bandwagon every year. And you just have to tell everyone about it, don’t you? You’re just the Holden Caulfield of seasonal flavoring trends. You’re so brave, voicing your controversial opinions like that, with that self-satisfied smirk that says “Come at me, pumpkin lobby.”

    Guess what? Just like Holden Caulfield, nobody likes you.

    “Pumpkin spice doesn’t even taste like pumpkin,” you say. “It’s just allspice flavoring.”

    “Pumpkin spice season was invented by the corporations to sell lattes and candles,” you say.

    “Pumpkin spice is an overrated trend and I, for one, won’t allow it to permeate my autumn celebrations,” you say.

    And to that, I say, WHO CARES? It’s ten weeks out of your life! Ten weeks for the rest of us who enjoy pumpkin spice goodies to eat our share and hoard what we can’t consume, before Christmastime and peppermint flavoring floods the market! If you don’t like it, don’t eat it, dummies. It’s not like there aren’t other options. You can indulge in a cup of hot apple cider, or enjoy a cranberry crumb cake, or perhaps a savory squash dish. Perhaps some fresh roasted corn or a cider donut will do the trick? Brussels sprouts, pears, and pomegranates are all in season, too! Your options are virtually unlimited here.

    I’m sorry, but it had to be said. Pumpkin spice may not be your bag, but you don’t have to yammer on about it constantly, either. Like Thumper says to Bambi, “If you can’t say nothin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” That goes for you, PS haters. Shut your pumpkin pie hole.

    Liz / @lizbelsky


  • The Night Feed


    So, here’s a thing you may not know about.

    Wendy’s has put a brand-new delicious twist on it’s classic bacon cheeseburger. What could be a better combination than bacon, cheese, and beef, you ask? Well, what if you put all that on a pretzel bun? Boom! Wendy’s has got it covered and yes, I’m salivating too. Could life get any sweeter (or more savory, I should say)?

    Yes, it can.

    Not only are these burgers now available for eating, one lucky sandwich is going to be serenaded by 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey. This is not a joke.

    As part of Wendy’s social-media/marketing campaign for this mouthwatering new burger, they are encouraging people to tweet their amorous feelings about it using the hashtag, #pretzellovesongs, for the chance to have them sung by Mr. Lachey.

    This historically hilarious event will take place at the Wendy’s on West 34th Street right here in New York City. But don’t fret, if you’re not in the area you can tune in via livestream at 6:30 PM EDT.

    For an idea of what to expect, here’s Pretzel Love Songs, Vol. 1. After Lachey’s performance, Wendy’s will release more web videos like this one featuring performers from Second City.

    What are you waiting for? Tweet your love for the new pretzel bacon cheeseburger to @Wendys using the hastag #pretzellovesongs. May all your 90’s boy band dreams come true.



  • Cookin' with Coolio

    Cook This Food, Yo!

    The cats over at Cookin' with Coolio need to hang out with the foul-mouthed folks behind Thug Kitchen. Something tells me they could make beautiful, beautiful musaca together.

    Well maybe not beautiful but entertaining and delicious, right? RIGHT?

    Recipes are basically instructions, and instructions you find on the internet are always safe, right? And healthy?

    Come on! What could go wrong?!

    No really, tweet me what could go wrong, @bookoisseur.


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