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    Lance Bass In Gravity

    I went to see Gravity last night and it truly was a singular and spectacular experience.  The effects were great, the direction was top-notch, and Sandra Bullock was amazing.  But my favorite part was Lance Bass and his superb cameo performance.  When he appeared to help Sandra Bullock fly back down to Earth I nearly jumped out my seat, it was so unexpected.  Then when he delieverd his final line??  "Bye bye bye, Dr. Stone."  Incredible!  

    And we all know how big of a space fan Lance Bass is.  Looks like the dude finally made it out there.  Geez, what a role.  Oscar!  Oscar!  Oscar!  Lance in space!


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    We all know George Clooney is famous and handsome and rich and talented, but I didn't know he was an absolute genius until now.  I mean, casting BILL MURRAY in his new movie The Monuments Men?  That's the best thing the man has ever done and Clooney has dated some gorgeous women.  But it doesn't matter.  His Oscar?  Throw it in the trash.  His charity work in Africa?  No one cares anymore.  He is now in a movie with Bill Murray and that is all he will be remembered for: his proximity to Bill Murray in this movie.

    This also mean that since I love Bill Murray and Clooney loves Murray, then I am George Clooney, more or less.  Line up, ladies, and tweet me: @DannyMoney.


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    Ben Affleck's Diary - OSCAR NIGHT!

    I lost my Oscar.

    I don't know where it is! I'm so embarrassed I don't know what to say.  I mean, here I am winning an Oscar for Best Picture of the year, and then the next thing I know Clooney's giving me my eighth shot of anisette and my mother's calling Jenny because Vi shit the bed again or something and bingo-bango my Oscar is missing and the Los Angeles police doesn't seem to give a damn.  

    When I realized it was gone last night I cried a little bit, though I don't really remember it.  I do remember that f***ing little princess Anne Hathaway yelling in my face about how she was picked most likely to succeed in high school and how it is totally coming true, and also how Devito was cracking me up talking about his penis but I can't - remember - where - my - Oscar - is.  This sucks.  I earned that Oscar!  It's mine!

    Oh well, maybe the Academy will get me another one.  I still have the one I won for writing with Matt, but this one is cooler - I mean, would you rather win an Oscar with Matt Damon or George Clooney?   Kind of a no brainer, though Matt's cool, don't get me wrong, but he only has a single Oscar and I have two - well, I've won two but like I said, I lost the one last night.  

    That doesn't change the fact that I didn't win it, though!  And that's enough.  Jenny says that's enough.  And I think it is, I just wouldn't mind having the Oscar, the actual thing, but whatever.  I had a fun night.  Maybe it'll turn up.  Regardless, I am truly blessed.  I have to call and thank everyone for making last night so special and maybe throw a brick through Anne Hathaway's window because she sucks.

    Bye bye, diary!

    Sincerely, with love,

    Two-time Academy Award Winner,

    Benjamin Affleck


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    Ben Affleck's Diary - Golden Globes Edition


    Dear Diary,

    So. Hung. Over.  

    Haha, OMG, last night was one of the best, craziest nights of my life!  I didn't just win one Golden Globe, I won two!  How amazing is that?

    So the night started pretty much like you'd expect.  A little blow in the limo just to get the feeling right; I only do that kind of thing before big awards shows nowadays, unless of course I'm hanging out with Damon.  They don't call him "China White" for nothing.

    The red carpet is always the same.  I hate it.  I know I'm an actor and I should be used to the attention but I don't, I just don't.  Too many eyes on me.  I get uncomfortable.  I sweat.  I have dark thoughts.  Thank god I have Jenny with me.  I don't think I could have bared the prying eyes any longer if not for my beautiful angel protecting me on that red carpet.  I love you, baby.

    But once I'm inside the hotel, I come alive!  All my friends are there, the Mike's Hard Lemonade is flowing, and I'm feeling groovy!  Not worried about winning or losing at this point, just looking to have a good time and catch up with friends I haven't seen in a long time.  I mean, how often do I get to make fun of Anne Hathaway with Jennifer Lawrence?  Hathaway's mouth is freakin' huge, LOL!

    And then the ceremony starts and Tina and Amy totally are killing it and next thing you know Jodie's speech is totally confusing me and I'm hoisting a best director statue!  So thrilling.  Like, of course I said that winning doesn't mean as much as being mentioned in the same breath as the other directors nominated but we all know that's a load of bullshit.  You play to win the game, simple as that.  Maybe DeNiro will start taking my calls now that I've finally won a globe.  

    More Mike's Hard and kisses with Jenny and then Argo wins best picture.  The best.  Night.  Ever.  Standing onstage with all of those talented people looking at all of the drunk A-listers applauding me is like standing atop Mount Olympus as Zeus bathes you in the golden tear drops of Helen of Troy.  Boner city, LOL.

    After that we went to the after party and I don't even think I can even write down an account of the debauchery that transpired.  Let me just say Clooney doesn't always get naked, but when he does, you KNOW it's a good night.  And then let me say John Goodman doesn't always get naked, but when he does you know we're heading to White Castle sooner than later.  I know, so Hollywood, right? ;)

    Okay I need to take some Advil and get in the hot tob with my Golden Globes.  It's been so amazing.  I love the me that I am.  I love Jenny.  I love movies!!!!  Haha, ok, ok, bye for now diary.



    PS - Arkin's head isn't the only thing that's bald :-p


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    Seinfeld is 25

    My favorite TV show of all-time celebrated its 25th anniversary this weekend.  That show is Seinfeld.  Right up there with The Beatles and the Harry Potter novels, Seinfeld has given me countless hours of pure and true joy during the course of my entire life.  To watch the show is my kind of heaven, and the two clips above are two of my favorite Seinfeld moments.  I can't really say why I find them so funny, because they're not "classic" in the yada-yada, Soup Nazi, "The Contest" sense.  But I think they are good examples of why the show was so beloved more accurately than a lot of the more famous moments do, since I find that it wasn't just the showstoppers that you came for.  You came for George singing a song, desperately in love.  You came for, "You're eating onions, spotting dimes - I don't know what the hell is going on!" That line is pure nirvana for DannyMoney.  

    Below are some articles about Seinfeld that I have enjoyed reading in the last couple of days.   

    - Andy Greenwald for Grantland has 25 thoughts on the show

    - Time's James Poniewozi says there will never be another Seinfeld

    - Seinfeld paved the way for Tony Soprano?  Matt Zoller Seitz think so

    - What's your favorite Seinfeld moment? ask the Vulture editors


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    Game of Phones

    A little more Game of Thrones?  Why not!  Ever since George R.R. Martin stopped by our studio, we can't get enough of all things G.o.T.  And emojis are always uber hilar, so here is this video for you to watch with your face-eyes.


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    DMX vs. George Zimmerman

    Hmm… whelp. Umm.. this is a thing that's happening.


    Can you believe it? I really can't. I'm… I'm speechless. I don't even know where to begin.

    Where does one begin? How about a haiku!

            George Zimmerman and
            DMX face off in the
            ring. HA-HA-HA-HA

    Wow. Tweet me your thoughts @MrChrisDonahue


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    Arcade Fire + George Costanza = Weird but Good

    ARCADE FIRE - HERE COMES THE NIGHT TIME from Seinfeld2000 on Vimeo.

    I was roaring at this video, and it's really not even that good?  It's just so utterly nonsensical that I loved every minute of it.  I guess this is what you call high art.  The marriage of two totally disparete elements into a new, elegant whole.  Arcade Fire plus Seinfeld.  No relation to one another.  But yet, here we are, watching George's relationship with Elaine unravel to one of the best songs of the year, "Here Comes The Night".  Over and over again, the internet proves that it cannot be beaten.  It plays for keeps.

    Thanks to the Comic's Comic for posting.  Thanks to @Seinfeld2000 for making it.


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