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    9 Facts You Didn't Know About How I Met Your Mother

    So this is it, huh? It's all over after nine years, nine wonderful seasons, and NINE FACTS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

    1. Ted Meets The Mother

    Seems pretty obvious but most people don't know that Ted does in fact at one point or another meet the mother. When? Still a mystery.

    2. Ted and the Mother Share the Same Initials

    The mothers name we find out is actually The Mother, until the wedding of course where it's then changed to The Mosby.

    3. The Yellow Umbrella is Important

    Just like The Yellow King in True Detective or whatever.

    4. Marshall is a Ghost

    Why do you think he's always talking about the supernatural? We find out in the finale that Marshall is actually a Gh-Gh-Gh-GhoOoOoOost!

    5. Barney is Based on the Purple Dinosaur

    That's why he loves all the different girls so much!

    6. Ted's Not Actually The Kids Father

    Big twist but Ted actually finds out at the end that Barney is the father of both his kids.

    7. There Isn't a Tenth Season

    Unless… We didn't actually meet the mother yet!!!

    8. I Think Marshall's Stand Up Is Funny

    Funny is short for fish + punny…

    9. Some People Didn't Like The Finale

    Those people are wrong. Come at me bro…



  • TVGasm


    IT'S CHRISTMAS, or I mean, basically. It's also TVgasm Tuesday, and since this is the last Tuesday before Christmas, I'm gonna give you enough TV news to tide you over for two whole weeks instead of just one.

    We had one and a half finales this week: How I Met Your Mother had its two-part midseason finale, which somehow managed to answer questions without actually answering them, AND after six well-dressed seasons of emotional glaring, Gossip Girl had her series finale, finishing up with $3000 lace handkerchiefs and a surprise twist.

    Also, when I think of "comedy," I totally think of Barbra Streisand yelling at Seth Rogen for several hours in a car, so when I heard about their new movie I thought "Oh of course, somebody finally made this, just in time for the world to end!" Let's face our imminent doom with TVgasm!

    This Week:

    Probably the best thing about the Internet is the comments section. The comments section of ANYTHING. There's always one person posting a chain letter (what is this AIM in 2004?!), and, of course, there's the always-immortal-and-ever-articulate "Wow. just wow." TVgasm's comments are just as lively: Click to read the best of 2012!

    Did you stop by the TVgasm holiday party? You didn't?! It was THE social event of the season! There was boxed wine! There were miscellaneous housewives! There was even a wild Lohan sighting! Click here to get the scoop on this totally awesome party that totally happened and was real.

    At a certain time, one just gets tired of denim shirts and puns, am I right? Obviously, I'm referring to Jay Leno, because I just can't bring myself to watch his show anymore. Maybe 2014 will bring a good host to the Jay Leno time slot? Click to find out who may be replacing Leno in a few years (that is, if we don't all die in 3 days, thanks Mayans).


    Remember: If you're commenting on something online, let's try at least to keep it interesting. Can we put a moratorium on the "Wow. just wow" forever?

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