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  • The Night Feed

    The Super Bowl!

    How about that sports game, huh, you guys? It was pretty crazy, right? Pretty close game. Here are a few things you may have missed during the game:

    1. A Touchdown

    There were so many during all of those quarters that you may or may not have missed at least one.

    2. Jay-Z

    I didn't see him! Did you? I thought for sure Beyoncé would bring out HOVA but apparently not! I'm kinda disappointed; not gonna lie.

    3. Girls

    If you were watching the Super Bowl then you most definitely missed last night's episode of Girls. That's too bad.

    Sports are neat. Now let's all pay attention to Hockey right? Go Sabres! Tweet me about sports. @MrChrisDonahue


  • TVGasm


    I hope you've fully digested from your Thanksgiving dinner(which you probably Instagrammmed the shit out of), because you're about to get a giant helping of TVgasm Tuesday! Obviously the first thing we have to talk about it the upcoming Beyonce movie. I think it's safe to say that the entire world is not ready for that jelly. I always get a little bummed out after talking about Beyonce; how can I ever compare? I'll probably just look at this Worst Dressed List to make myself feel better, and of course check out TVgasm

    This week:

    We've all been waiting for weeks, and it finally happened: Lindsay Lohan's "Liz & Dick" finally premiered on Lifetime. Shockingly it was pretty terrible, and everyone watched it. TVgasm has the scoop on all things "Liz & Dick"

    Confession time: I've never seen Basketball Wives. I know, I know, it's ridiculous, and I should be ashamed. As I understand it, the show's about women married to basketball players, and not women married to basketballs, as I originally thought. Why in the world would these women ever need more money? TVgasm has the full story.

    Anyone who stays up every Saturday for SNL will know Stefon, Weekend Update's club correspondent played by Bill Hader who always seems like he's on some kind of amphetamine. Click to watch an Interview with Hader all about his writing process and development with Stefon!

    Remember: People will watch almost anything on Lifetime, especially if the word Dick is in the title.


  • The Night Feed

    The 56th Annual Grammy Awards

    Did you get a chance to catch the 56th Grammy Awards last night? If not, here are some highlights of the awards show so you have something to talk about with everyone else in the world who watched it.

    Daft Punk won four awards, including Album of the Year. Royals by Lorde won Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance. Kacey Musgraves beat out Taylor Swift for Best Country Song, which I must say that I am shocked! Relieved, but still shocked.

    There were so many great performances last night like Pink and Nate Ruess' song "Try" as she flew above the audience doing aerial tricks. I can't even walk and talk at the same time, but she's just spinning and singing like that's a normal thing. I'm convinced Pink is not human.

    Speaking of inhuman, Beyonce and her hubby, Jay Z preformed "Drunk In Love" which had the audience on their feet of course, but one of the biggest highlights of last nights award show was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' performance. Not only did they win 4 Grammys, including best new artist, they also sang their song "Same Love" while Queen Latifah conducted 34 weddings at once, both gay and straight. And if that wasn't amazing enough, towards the end of the song after Latifah pronounced the 34 couples married, Madonna showed up in a white suit with a pimp cane? She performed her song "Open Your Heart" as the newlyweds had their first dance. There were tears of joy from everywhere, and now all those couples have the coolest wedding story ever! Not going to lie, I'm kind of jealous.

    I think that's all you need to know to survive human interaction today. Oh wait. Did I mention Paul McCartney not only won a Grammy for best rock song, but him and Ringo Starr preformed "Queenie Eye?" That was pretty iconic.


  • The Night Feed

    A 100 Year Old Woman

    What a tremendous spirit Dorothy Custer has!  She's 100 years old and she's still sharp as a tack, telling jokes to Jay Leno.  Sure, maybe she wouldn't be able to keep up with a young gun like Jimmy Fallon, but then again, I don't know - I actually bet she could.  She was honestly as funny as a stand-up comic!  Plus, she went into the touching story of how she met her husband, so she made me cry as well as laugh.  Gotta appreciate those that came before us, especially during this most wonderful time of the year.

    NOTE: Oh wow, when I wrote this, I thought it was recent, but this is from 2011!  She's still alive, and what I also didn't know is that Dorothy Custer is ACTUALLY a comedian!  No wonder she was so gosh-darned funny!  Certainly a National Treasure.

    Double NOTE: She went base jumping at 102.


  • TVGasm


    Live* from New York... it's TVgasm Tuesday! This week, for some reason, almost every piece of news somehow deals with SNL alumni, so let's find out together how many SNL jokes I can fit into this post (my guess is zero jokes, maybe ONE joke at the most, so don't get your hopes up). First up, arguably the most loved SNL alumna, Tina Fey, talked with GQ Magazine about her new movie, Admission, and, also arguably, stole my heart. 

    Reports surfaced that SNL head writer Seth Meyers may be in line to take over Jimmy Fallon's late night slot, though this decision is based on the assumption that Fallon will be  take over for Leno, and that Leno will peaceably leave the studio and not try to organize some kind of occupy protest. We already know Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig are working together on Anchorman 2, but did you know they may be working on an indie comedy called Welcome to Me? I didn't know that, but I'm ready to throw all of my money at a movie screen in order to watch it. Sorry guys, those SNL jokes really got away from me, I'm not a machine; I'm not a magician! Let's see what TVgasm has for us:

    This Week:

    Are you following Amanda Bynes on Twitter? Honestly, you should follow her because she has produced some quality content and I can't wait to see what's in store for her future! Click to read some of the highlights!

    There's a lot of B.S. floating around out there: The Kardashians, Tim Tebow... so much that I can't keep track of all the malarkey. Let TVgasm help you navigate through it all by featuring the "B.S. of the Day!" Click here to watch.

    Remember: No matter what Amanda Bynes tweets at you (*cough Drake cough*, DON'T try to murder her lady parts. It's a trap!

    Tweet me your best Amanda Bynes impression @Sam_the_stone

    *Not at all live in any way


  • TVGasm


    IT'S CHRISTMAS, or I mean, basically. It's also TVgasm Tuesday, and since this is the last Tuesday before Christmas, I'm gonna give you enough TV news to tide you over for two whole weeks instead of just one.

    We had one and a half finales this week: How I Met Your Mother had its two-part midseason finale, which somehow managed to answer questions without actually answering them, AND after six well-dressed seasons of emotional glaring, Gossip Girl had her series finale, finishing up with $3000 lace handkerchiefs and a surprise twist.

    Also, when I think of "comedy," I totally think of Barbra Streisand yelling at Seth Rogen for several hours in a car, so when I heard about their new movie I thought "Oh of course, somebody finally made this, just in time for the world to end!" Let's face our imminent doom with TVgasm!

    This Week:

    Probably the best thing about the Internet is the comments section. The comments section of ANYTHING. There's always one person posting a chain letter (what is this AIM in 2004?!), and, of course, there's the always-immortal-and-ever-articulate "Wow. just wow." TVgasm's comments are just as lively: Click to read the best of 2012!

    Did you stop by the TVgasm holiday party? You didn't?! It was THE social event of the season! There was boxed wine! There were miscellaneous housewives! There was even a wild Lohan sighting! Click here to get the scoop on this totally awesome party that totally happened and was real.

    At a certain time, one just gets tired of denim shirts and puns, am I right? Obviously, I'm referring to Jay Leno, because I just can't bring myself to watch his show anymore. Maybe 2014 will bring a good host to the Jay Leno time slot? Click to find out who may be replacing Leno in a few years (that is, if we don't all die in 3 days, thanks Mayans).


    Remember: If you're commenting on something online, let's try at least to keep it interesting. Can we put a moratorium on the "Wow. just wow" forever?

    Do you like tweets about cake? Follow me at @Sam_the_Stone


  • The Night Feed

    Louie, Come Back!

    Are you guys aware that I'm a fan of Louis C.K. and his show Louie? Well, I am, and if you aren't a fan, you should be. The show wrapped it's third season last night and oh what a season it was. Here are just a few of my favorite episodes (they're all my favorite).

    1) "Telling Jokes/Set Up" - I love this episode because Louie's daughter tells an incredibly odd joke that I love. A joke where you don't know the punchline and it doesn't necessarily make any sense. Also, anytime Louie dates is wonderful.

    2) "Daddy's Girlfriend Part 1 & 2" - I'm lumping arcs together and you can't stop me. Maria Bamford appears in both episodes and Parker Posey convinces Louie to wear a dress. Hilarity ensues.

    3) "Ikea/Piano Lesson" - Louie brings back a past (crazy) love from season 1 (and she's still crazy). Sarah Silverman pops up to give Louie some advice on his relationship with Marc Maron. Plus, we get to see old clips of them all doing stand up.

    4) "Late Show Part 1, 2, & 3" - Louie's battle to become a late night talk show host. He makes Jay Leno not look like a bad guy which is impressive because he's totally a bad guy. David Lynch plays a pretty big role and it gives the episodes a Twin Peaks feel. Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld have bit parts and we get to see what it would be like if Louie hosted a talk show. It looked good.

    5) "New Year's Eve" - Louie can make me feel emotions that no other show really does. He makes me laugh, he makes me sad, he makes me see the way the world is. Amy Poehler plays his sister and the episode as a whole is heartbreakingly good.

    Louie is amazing. Watch it all.


  • TVGasm


    It's another TVgasm Tuesday, and just in time, too! I mean for one thing, The Golden Globes happened, and Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were perf as expected. Bill Clinton showed up, so you know it was an awesome party. Justin Timberlake released a new song (from his album which will be dropping later this year) called Suit and Tie, and no one really knows how to feel about it. Finally, and this one may be the biggest deal of all, NBC leaked the first half episode of the new season of SMASH, you can watch it here, and then tell me what you think. Personally, I'm a big fan of Jennifer Hudson singing loudly AND Jeremy Jordan's arms, so overall I was pretty happy with it. Let's see if anything TVgasm has can top Jeremy Jordan's heart-melting arms...

    This Week:

    Did you see that kind of awkward moment at the Golden Globes where someone made fun of Taylor Swift, and she kind of looked like she was going to cry? What's that? Oh, just that she ALWAYS looks like she's going to cry? Maybe some advice from TVgasm could help her out.

    The original pop-star trainwreck mess, Britney Spears, has some sad news to share, and unfortunately it is not that she's following in the steps of her diva nemesis LiLo by starring in a Lifetime movie. Click to find out what happened.

    I'm sure you've heard a lot about the new Kardashian baby, but has anyone actually taken the time to interview the fetus to see what his (her?) opinion is on all of the controversy? TVgasm took the initiative, and found a way to get this baby to write a blog post. Check it out!

    Remember: If Justin Timberlake forces you to listen to his new single in front of him, just smile and nod and tell him it sounds like he finally "found his voice" or something nonsensical like that. Singers love that.

    Tweet me all your unruly opinions! @Sam_the_stone


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