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  • TVGasm


    It's another TVgasm Tuesday, and if you somehow don't know, the SAG awards happened. Check out the red carpet highlights here, and definitely make sure you watch the best acceptance speech of the night by (shocker) Tina Fey. I laughed. I cried. It was only a minute long, but it was an emotional roller coaster. 30 Rock airs its series finale this Thursday, so this was just a little taste of wha'ts to come. Don't be surprised if I'm an emotional wreck next Tuesday. It was formally announced that J.J. Abrams will be directing the new Star Wars movie, and the internet is PISSED. The "Jar Jar Abrams" jokes have already started, and I think it's safe to say that we're in for some pretty lewd gifs in the weeks to come. In unsurprising news, Frank Ocean wants to bring charges against Chris Brown after the "alleged" incident, officially making Chris Brown a [REDACTED] in the eyes of the public. Let's see what TVgasm has for us

    This Week:

    If you liked Tina Fey's Bossypants, get excited, because Amy Poehler has reportedly signed a book contract, herself. Now, I don't want to hyperbolize how excited I am, but I will be using this book as my new Bible when it's finally published. Click to read all the deets at TVgasm!

    Well, if writing TVgasm has taught me anything, it's that for every piece of great work that is set to be created, there is an equally terrible thing that has been greenlit. It's Newton's third law of whatever or something. So when I heard about this terrible new talk show, I can't say I was surprised just deeply deeply disappointed. 

    Have you been watching Top Chef? If you HAVE been watching, you probably know that there are a few people who could use some well-intentioned advice, or even some advice that is NOT well-intentioned. TVgasm is here to offer some (possibly not so) well-intentioned advice.

    Remember: There's no shame in weeping openly at your own television.

    Tell me what those crazy Real Housewives are up to at @Sam_The_Stone


  • Chris Donahue Presents How To Be A Man

    Happy Saturday!

    It's Saturday! Technically Wednesday but I'm not at work so for me it's Saturday!!!

    What am I going to do with my free time, you ask, I answer. Well, I'm going to rewatch every episode of my own show, Chris Donahue Presents How To Be A Man. You know why? Because that's how Basketball Players do it! They study the tapes man. You think Lebron James got good at flopping by not reviewing all his flops. Flop to the Top Lebron!!!

    I mean, I guess I can't spend all day indulging in my own content (Yes, I could). I'll probably study up on some other videos I like. Hmm, let's see… First I'll start off by watching the love my life (sup girl?) Mamrie Hart in Sing-A-Gram! Hahaha!

    Now that I'm done with all of Sing-A-Gram, I think I'll try to finish watching every episode of Cheers! I'm not spending anytime outside this long weekend because I'm as pale as a ghost and I burn like toast! Mmmm, CRISPY!

    Have a great day tomorrow. Go outside and enjoy it for me and let me know what the best part of your Fourth of July is @MrChrisDonahue


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