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  • The Night Feed

    Bid at Last Click To Help Sandy Victims

    Our friends over at are doing some great work in helping to raise money for those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Wanna help AND get some cool stuff?  Just go over to, check out the awesome goodies they have over there, and bid on them.  All of the proceeds go to Sandy relief.  You'll be getting cool stuff and helping out.  What're you waiting for?  Get bidding and get helping.  Yeah!


  • The Night Feed

    Antarctica, Don't Come Here

    Antarctica is in critical environmental danger. This information shouldn't be news to anyone at this point. If it is, than you're more clueless then Beverly Hills socialite Cher from 1995. Here's some other interesting facts you might have missed: Elvis is dead, phones no longer need cords, and the Earth is in fact, a sphere. Many people seem compelled to travel to Antarctica, only making the economic situation worse by either littering, leaving moss bed footprints that can last for centuries, or eating the rapidly diminishing amount of ice that is still available. There's no reason to vacation in Antarctica. You are just making things worse. Listen to John Oliver, and go to Alaska if you want to see some ice!


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    Last Night's Premiere, Today

    So the first episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is up on YouTube, and I want to ask all of you: Do you like it?  Is it good?  Personally, I think it's a fine first episode - it's pretty much exactly how Oliver hosted the Daily Show, only this is a WEEKLY show!  Not DAILY but WEEKLY.  Get it?  Get the difference?  Subtle, but if you look closely and really unpack the two titles, you can tell: the difference is indeed there.


  • The Night Feed

    So You Procrastinated On Your Halloween Costume

    Good job, dummy. It’s Halloween morning and you don’t have a costume planned for the three parties you have to hit this weekend. Whatcha gonna do now? Don’t be that douchebag in the t-shirt from Urban Outfitters that reads “THIS IS MY COSTUME,” first of all – you procrastinated, you’re going to have to work. Also, Target is pretty much cleaned out, so unless you want to end up in an XXL gorilla suit that some toddler has rubbed snot all over, you’re not gonna be able to just get a premade costume, either.

    Please don’t go as a sexy cat this year. Follow one of these suggestions instead.

    1. Ghost

    Sheet. Eyeholes. You’re done.

    2. Sexy Ghost

    See header image. Sheet. Eyeholes. Bikini. You’re done, and also hilarious.

    3. Manic Pixie Scream Girl

    Dress like Zooey Deschanel – quirky sundress, colored tights, Mary Jane shoes – and throw on a Scream mask with a bow pinned to the top. This is a great costume for artsy girls on a budget who also love a pun.

    4. Heisenberg

    You all know my feelings on Heisenberg costumes already, but whatever, any costume is better than none.

    5. Wednesday Addams

    This is apparently the new go-to costume for girls who want to be “goth, but still cute” on Halloween. I mean, if you have a black dress or blouse with a Peter Pan collar, your work is done.

    6. Mia Wallace

    You can spend the time you saved on assembling a costume practicing the twist.

    7. Hipster Superhero

    Just put on that Captain America or Superman logo tee you already own with some jeans, Chucks, and glasses. Congratulations. You’re boring, but you probably look cute.

    8. Hipster Disney Princess

    You will probably make out with a hipster superhero tonight. The good news is that nobody who dresses up as a hipster for Halloween is a hipster in real life (all the real hipsters just went to Hallowmeme a week ago).

    9. Spring Breakers Girl

    Bikini, sneakers, big-ass water gun. Throw on some sweatpants and a ski mask if you live in a colder climate. This is a great costume for both girls who want to be sexy and guys who want to be funny. Definitely wear this to a party where there will be a lot of Skrillex playing.

    10. The Same Thing You Were Last Year

     Yeah. Just reuse whatever dumb costume you wore last year. Who cares? Clearly you didn’t.

    Liz / @lizbelsky


  • Slacktory

    Fanfiction Mashup: Whitney The Last Airbender

    Sometimes things just kind of happen on Slacktory and then we don't know what to say.


  • Answerly

    What If Video Games Had Their Own Web Series?

    For years Halo fans have dreamed of a live-action movie, but unfortunately, their prayers have never been answered. Luckily for them, we now have Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, the brand new web series that leads up to the events of Halo 4. So far it looks great and I was wondering "What other video games would I like to see as a web series?"

    -Princess Peach Vlogs:  What's up with Princess Peach and what's Bowser's obsession with her?  We all know what happens when Mario tries to save her, but what we'd really like to see is Princess Peach chronicle her kidnappings through a series of vlogs.  Maybe Mario is actually the one stealing her from Bowser?  DUN DUN DUN.

    -Found footage for The Last of Us:  Although The Last of Us isn't out yet, I think it would be awesome to have a found footage series explaining what happened to Earth and how it came to be the post-apocalyptic wasteland.  Naughty Dog, have your people call my people.  Let's make this happen.

    What do you think?  What would you like to see as a web series? 

    For more video game and other nerdy ramblings, be sure to follow me on twitter at @ReasonToWrite


  • TVGasm


    Ok so I lied in my last post, TODAY is actually the last "TVgasm Tuesday" in July. Sorry I don't know how to use a calendar; I was raised to believe they were the work of the devil so I usually just kind of guess what day it is. Also, please stop sending me hate mail about it. I can't tell you how many rude letters I've received (because I was also raised to believe that counting was satan's armchair. I know the analogies were a little weak but I was only 5-years-old, you know?). However, the important thing to remember is that we have ONE more "TVgasm Tuesday" of July and it's happening RIGHT NOW. SEIZE THE DAY. 

    This week:

    In TVgasm's original animated series Mornin' Time, your favorite sassy Southern anchorwoman Quinnifer LeBah keeps you up to date on the latest fashion trends. Guess I have to go get myself some pencil skirts now.

    Do you love dancing? Do you love stars? Do you love watching Joey Fatone try to pull off that weird goatee thing he's had forever? I'm assuming you love all of those things, and if so get excited, because Dancing With The Stars just announced the cast for next season. Go to TVgasm for the details!

    Honestly, it's hard to watch most Bravo shows without getting a little catty with your friends, and TVgasm totally gets that. If you can't be with your own friends though, listen to Tvgasm's Watch What Crappens podcast for the latest news, and some added sass

    Remember: If Joey Fatone can have the same beard for 47 years, you can wear the same pencil skirt for at least a week


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