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    The Pizza Underground...

    It's about time I weighed in on Macaulay Culkin's band, The Pizza Underground.  If you haven't heard of or heard their demo that's going around the internet, you're missing absolutely zero.  It's 8:49 of pizza puns set to some of the greatest rock and roll songs ever written, only they're not.  They're not Lou Reed and John Cale and Sterling Morrison and Mo Tucker.  They're Kevin McAllister and some other people.  Now, I'm all for people having fun with their friends.   But I think we've heard enough of this, no?  Especially when I doubt this is making anybody go, "Oh man, I gotta go listen to The Velvet Underground now!  I gotta check out their music because this pizza stuff rules!"  No, no one is doing that, because the whole thing sounds anemic.  The Velvet Undergound had bite.  Don't get me wrong, Lou Reed isn't rolling around in his grave, because he wouldn't have given two poops about this whole business.  But personally I'd prefer everyone let this thing just die a nice quick death, unless you're gonna go buy some Velvet records after and listen to some real music.


  • The Night Feed

    Hey Whatever Happened To Macaulay Culkin?

    Aside from having an abnormally difficult name to spell, Macaulay Culkin is best known for his role of Kevin McCallister in the John Hughes classic Home Alone. Child actors often fall off the map after they grow up, so I decided to investigate and see what Mr. Culkin has been up to since then.

    Shortly after his breakout success he reprised his role as the precocious trouble maker in the underrated masterpiece Home Alone 2. He acted in a couple of other reasonably successful movies in the 90's including Richie Rich, My Girl and The Good Son but then suddenly stopped, essentially retiring from acting at age 14.

    But he wasn't done stirring up headlines. In 1998 he shocked the world when he married actress Rachel Miner, both just the tender age of 18. Their love predictably didn't last and they seperated in 2000. After that he entered a five year old courtship with actress Mila Kunis which unfortunately also fizzled out.

    He ran into some legal trouble in 2004 when he was put under arrest in Oklahoma City after being found in possesion of marijuana, Alprazolam and Clonazepam. He was let off with a slap on the wrist and a fine. Ever since then he has been dodging rumors of drug abuse from the media, which wasn't helped when he was seen getting sick against the wall of the Chateau Marmont.

    But he was spotted out and about in New York City in August looking trim and healthy and decidedly NOT barfing on a wall, so maybe he's back on the right track. A a lifelong Culk-amaniac I sure hope so.



  • TVGasm


    Welcome to another TVgasm Thursday, brought to you by…..finals week and also several long flights I was on. Important things are happening. Things you should know about. Namely renewals and cancellations for next season. The New Normal has (finally, thank god) been cancelled because, I assume, people got tired of looking at Andrew Rannells' perfect Ken Doll hair. Smash has also been cancelled because, I assume, people finally realized it didn't make sense. I love you Smash, but there's only so many times a character can go to a karaoke bar, like they have to do other stuff you know?

    Also, Bill Hader is leaving SNL, and The Office is ending, and everything that I love is disappearing. Let's see what TVgasm has

    This Week:

    Do you remember how we talked about the ridiculous amount of money The Real Housewives make? Well now they're asking for more (naturally, because replacing your entire face every five years gets expensive!). On a related note, this country is in a recession, but more importantly who can blame The Countess for wanting a few more bucks?

    On a much happier note, Arrested Development has released a trailer for their new season, and it doesn't disappoint ! They're also doing some really cool marketing stuff you should check out!

    Macauly Culkin, what happened to you?! You used to be adorable and hilarious and now you're…..addicted to coke? He's a party monster, but like…an actual monster. The scary kind. I'll let TVgasm give you the gritty, blonde, slightly off putting details

    Remember: You too can have perfect Andrew Rannells hair, but you'll probably have to sacrifice everything else in your life

    Tweet me what the next Real Housewives vacation destination should be! @Sam_the_Stone (my vote is for the jungles of Madagascar)


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