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  • Modern Primate

    How to Look Like Don Draper

    FACT: looking like Don Draper ain't cheap.

    But Modern Primate has put together a list of Don Draper-ish items that you might actually be able to afford!

    We mean you can afford these things hopefully... maybe... possibly... and assuming you are employed and not in such extreme credit card debt that creditors have your cell number on their speed dial.

    $400 custom-made suits are a steal, yo!


  • The Night Feed

    Are We Here Trailer

    All right, here we go: a new movie written and directed by the creator of Mad Men, Matthew Weiner.  So immediately, for a huge longtime Mad Men fan like myself, this movie is automatically a must-see.  Then, you throw in the all-star cast of Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis, and Amy Poehler, and any doubts I had about seeing this movie are quickly erased.  Hope this flick is good!

    But one thing that's going against it is that there isn't a question mark in the title, and Are We Here is a question, right?  Reminds me of the James L. Brooks, Owen Wilson starring BOMB, How Do You Know.  Maybe the worst movie I have ever seen, and that title was a question stylized without a question mark.  Hope this flick is good!


  • The Night Feed

    Not Great, Bob!

    Another year, another season of Mad Men gone.  It was a good season, one that found Don Draper spiraling out of control, the merging of two agencies, Kenny Cosgrove dancing, and, perhaps most importantly, the rise of Bob Benson and the tension he had with Pete Campbell

    Oh Bob, not only were you the manifestation of the season's themes of repetition and duality, you were also a source of high comedy, specifically the scene where you and Pete Campbell fought in an elevator, allowing Pete to give the instantly classic line, "Not great, Bob!"  

    So naturally, I have created a song to pay homage to that line.  Click HERE to listen to it and honor the greatness that is Bob Benson and, the ultimate gangsta, Pete Campbell.

    Until next season, sweet princes…until then.

    Follow me: @DannyMoney


  • The Night Feed

    Remembering Sal

    Mad Men starts back up tonight after a WAY too long hiatus.  Everyone is excited.  No doubt there will be ironic Mad Men parties across the nation tonight and non-ironic whiskey hangovers tomorrow.  Our own Chris Menning at Modern Primate did an extensive video recap of everything he thinks you need to know about seasons 1-4.

    But I am not here to talk about what's about to happen.  I'm here to remember Salvatore "Sal" Romano, the closeted former Art Director at Sterling Cooper. 

    Sal's career was cut short by a homophobic culture and the ruthlessness of big business.  Sadly, though, that meant our OWN time with Sal was cut short on the show, after he was unceremoniously fired at the behest of the detestable Lee Garner, Jr.  And that was a damn shame, because he was one of the most complex and fascinating characters on the show.

    So when you raise a glass for Mad Med tonight, remember poor Salvatore.  His time at Sterling Cooper was far too short.


  • The Night Feed

    Dumb Holiday of the Week: National Margarita Day

    Hey guys! You know what's a stupid fake holiday? National Margarita Day! How dumb is it to celebrate an alcoholic drink for only one day? "Extremely dumb" is the answer.

    Margaritas aren't even that good. Yeah, I said it, so what? If you want to have a good drink, maybe dedicate a day to a good drink like an Old Fashioned. That's a real drink right there, unless you're, like, eating Mexican food or whatever and then I guess Margaritas are alright, but who in their right mind would want to just sit around and drink a Margarita? Not me, that's who!

    Listen, I love alcohol just as much as the next person, I just think that tequila is disgusting and Margaritas are stupid. If anyone disagrees with me, well, you're wrong and you know where to reach me. @MrChrisDonahue

    Come at me bro (or broette)!


  • TVGasm


    It's another TVgasm Tuesday! Did you know Zach Braff is back and at it again? What a rascal! He started (and then like four days and 2 million dollars later successfully ended) a Kickstarter campaign for his new movie "Wish I Was Here". The film is a follow up to "Garden State", and by that I mean I will fall asleep watching it. In much more exciting news the Mad Men writers are working on a new show centered around NASA in the 60's, and, if they follow the hundreds of suggestions I've sent in, centered around Joan Harris and Adam West as Batman.

    It's being reported that NBC has ordered what has been described (by me right now) as possibly the most terrifying gameshow concept ever called Million Second Quiz. I'll let you read the details yourself, but as I understand it, the show's premise is imprisoning people in a giant hourglass for 24 hours straight which is…..somehow legal. I've also heard that Fox has secured the rights to do a remake of "Guys and Dolls" so, aging gay men and my mom, rejoice! Let's see what TVgasm has

    This Week:

    Good news, no one! Martha Stewart is now on, so if doilies and veiled passive aggression is your thing, gird your loins because Martha Stewart is coming for you with a vengeance. 

    Do you remember Tara Reid? She had a deep smoky voice that some have described as "grossers" and "yucky", and she was in Van Wilder and American Pie 1-19 and probably some other stuff, but I refuse to wikipedia it on principle. Anyways, she recently played the "do you know who I am" card, and it didn't turn out so well. Click for the full story!

    Teen Mom Farrah has released a certain illicit tape. An illicit tape that is adult and illicit. (IT'S A NAKED TAPE. SHE RELEASED A NAKED TAPE). Click to get the all the illicit details. 

    Remember: If NBC tries to kidnap you during the night to be on the new gameshow, don't try to be a hero

    Tweet me lines from Martha Stewarts bio @Sam_the_stone


  • TVGasm


    Welcome to the latest TVgasm Tuesday! I think the first thing you need to know about is the hottest new twitter, belonging to the one and only Bill Clinton! There was a whole thing during an interview with Stephen Colbert, which you can see here, but the bottom line is, Hillary Clinton's husband will now hopefully be a regular tweeter. God bless us every one. A few more premiere dates were released, so we now know when Arrested Development's new season, as well as the revival of Whose Line will be premiering! Prepare accordingly by stockpiling toilet paper and scouting out new delivery places near your house, because we both know you aren't leaving your house for a couple days before and after these shows premiere. 

    In case you missed it, the new season of Mad Men premiered this week, and it was 90 minutes of sultry perfection that you should watch right now. In other news, who hasn't been a little bit accidentally racist?! Am I right, you guys?!?!?!?! No. Hopefully I am not right, but Brad Paisley has gone ahead and written a song about it. It is NOT going over well. 

    Let's see what TVgasm has this week:

    We've heard a lot, mostly from me probably, about Amanda Bynes recently (speaking of accidental racism *rim shot*) but let's get down to what's really going on with her. Is her vagina ok?! Has Drake murdered it yet?! Check out TVgasm for the full report.

    Well we all saw it coming, and yet were still blindsided by it. Oprah has finally teamed up with Tyler Perry to make a parody of The Color Purple. Maybe Brad Paisley is thrown in there for some extra spice? I don't know, just a suggestion, I'm not the director.

    The real Real Housewives (New York obviously) are recasting for their next season, and I'm getting nervous that my favorites won't come back! I swear if The Countess doesn't return I will….I don't know. Probably write a strongly worded letter. 

    Remember: Please please please don't be accidentally racist. Please.

    (also here's a little bonus)

    Tweet me about how Sally Draper is being SUCH a bitch in the new season of Mad Men @Sam_the_Stone


  • Status Kill

    An Interview with Dan Grgas

    Dan Grgas, thanks for sitting down with me today.

    No problem.

    You play the Mad Tagger in the newest episode of Status Kill. Where do you draw your inspiration from as an actor?

    I draw my inspiration from life, Chris. It could be anything. A bird, a tree, a song. As long as there is vibrancy and some sense of immediacy present in what surrounds me I feel I can channel it down into my being, change it, and then channel it back out into my craft.

    Do you yourself find irritation in being tagged in photos?

    Not really. I like when I get tagged in a picture. Sometimes they can be a bit unflattering, but even then it's usually the sign of a good or funny time I had with friends.

    What's it like working with filmmaker/friend Jesse Cowell?

    Jesse is a great guy and I'm lucky to consider him a friend, but I had never worked with him and I'm happy to say he was awesome on set. I hate when you're acting and you're sitting around with your thumb up your ass not doing anything because the director is dicking around. But Jess had everything worked out and it was a real fun, effective, easy shoot - for me at least.

    Please share with us your most embarrassing tagged photo and an explanation of why?

    A picture of me with my front two teeth cracked in half. Why? I had too much to drink.

    What's your favorite My Damn Channel series?

    Other than Status Kill, you mean? Ha ha ha ha!! I am very partial to Horrible People. It's such a well-written spoof, and it's unapologetic in how dumb and crazy the comedy is in it. To do such a killer send-up I think the comedy's got to tap into that part of your brain that doesn't need to think in order to laugh at it. To laugh straight from the gut. I love that stuff. Poop! Shit! Dick! LOL.

    How did you get so lucky to have a friend like Chris Donahue?

    Chris owns about three t-shirts and one of them is of a band we both happen to like. I said, "that band rules" and he said, "I agree" and then we started to talk about other stuff and next thing you know I have a good friend in Chippy Diesel.

    Thanks, Dan.

    F--k off, Chip.


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