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  • Murderfist

    Oscar Fever: Henry Zebrowski!

    Now that the Academy Award nominations have been announced, we'd like to honor members of the My Damn Channel family who are connected to films in contention for Oscar glory!

    And who better to start with then the great Henry Zebrowski.  Henry is a founding member of one of New York City's oldest and funniest sketch groups, Murderfist, and recently had a primo role in Martin Scorsese's best picture nom, The Wolf of Wall Street.  If you haven't seen Wolf yet, get on it.  Not only is Henry awesome in it (see picture above), but it's also my personal favorite film of 2013.

    Also, make sure you watch the entire Murderfist series Huffin' It, a crazy web series that features Henry and the rest of the Murderfist gang in all of their demented glory.

    Henry, we salute you!


  • The Night Feed

    Oscar Fever

    I woke up this morning all sweaty and clammy.  My brow was on fire.  I went to the bathroom cabinet to get my thermometer, stuck it up my ass, and a few minutes later discovered that I had a fever.  Oh boy, I thought, I have a fever!  I am feverish.  I have a fever...

    …FOR OSCAR SEASON, BABY!  The Academy Award nominations were announced yesterday, and it's now appropriate to talk about all of the nominated movies with very big opinions, even if you've only seen two of the movies nominated for best picture and one of the movies niminated for best sound mixing.

    Time Magazine also released this fun little "Oscar Winner Generator" that you can check out here.  It's neat!


  • Versailles

    Oh, Fred Willard

    Oh. Oh, dear. Oh, dear, Fred Willard.

    You were arrested last night for what the internet is calling colloquially, "pulling a Pee-Wee."

    And this morning on Twitter more people are talking about you than the Emmy nominations.

    But, you know what, Fred Willard? It's okay.

    Maybe you didn't want to get a virus on your computer by searching for, um, adult-oriented fare. Maybe you didn't want to get your couch dirty. Maybe you were already out running errands when, uh, the need to do uh, "something else" struck. And maybe you just like doing things the old-fashioned way, and who can fault a 78-year-old man for kicking it old school style?

    We think you're going to come out of this one just fine. And I've got hand sanitizer on my desk for the next time you want to come into the office to say "hey."


  • The Night Feed

    Ben Affleck's Diary


    Dear Diary,

    Jennifer tells me not to worry but I am mad.  The Oscar nominations came out today and I didn't get nominated for Best Director!  Snubbed.  I mean, Argo was nominated for Best Picture and I'm proud of that - but I wanted to be nominated for Best Director!  It just kind of hurts that the Academy didn't think my work was worthy of a nomination - and also, I dunno what they're playing at, but that guy Michael Haneke was nominated and he isn't even an American - and neither is Ang Lee!  What's up with that?  I'm American, born and raised.  I'm from BOSTON, damnit!  I think the Academy should show some respect - Jenny agrees with me on this, too.  She's the best :) Hi, baby! I know you're reading this!

    Damon came over with some Mike's Hard.  We sat in the den and talked about the Oscars and then Matt popped in Good Will Hunting again…Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, I guess.  I mean, we both wrote the script, but I wasn't "Will"; I wasn't the star, I didn't get nominated for Best Actor, Matt did.  It's OK though, he means well.  Jenny reminded me that Matt's new movie Promised Land got bad reviews and that made me feel a little better.  I know he's my friend, but sometimes I can't help but smile when a movie of his tanks a little, LOL. 

    After that I kinda just hung out around the house for a while.  I'm trying to learn how to play "Hold On Loosely" on the guitar but I just can't get it.  The chords hurt my fingers and I got frustrated so I just stopped and went to the computer and played Bejeweled while a "Cheers" re-run played on a tv in the background.  Eventually Jenny came in and gave me a hug and that made me feel better, so I got up and the two of us went to an ice cream parlor to get sundaes.  Unfortunately a dude with a camera was there trying to get pictures of us so I had to pull a knife on him (don't worry, I didn't have to stab him).

    Somehow, Jenny and I were able to sneak out the back and we drove up to our favorite lookout spot in Malibu. As the sun set, I held my likable and charming yet still-able-to-kick-some-a** actress wife and couldn't help but wish I were holding a best director academy award statue instead. Sorry, baby. I know you're reading this :(

    After about 40 minutes we were ready to head home and now here I am writing this entry.  All and all it was an OK day.  I didn't get nominated for Best Director but there's always next time.  And who knows, maybe we'll win Best Picture!  I have to count my blessings. 

    Your friend,



  • The Night Feed

    Streamy Nominations

    Congrats to Daily Grace, Mark Malkoff and My Damn Channel LIVE on their Streamy Nominations!

    Announced just this morning, My Damn Channel netted three nominations:

    Best Host
    Mark Malkoff for Celebrity Sleepovers

    Best First-Person Series
    Daily Grace

    Best Live Series
    My Damn Channel LIVE

    Congratulations to all the nominees! The Streamy Awards will be announced on February 17, 2013 in Los Angeles! Good luck to all! Hope to see some of you there!


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