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  • The Night Feed

    Adele Dazeem

    Quite possibly one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  The way Travolta says “wickedly” really makes the butchering of Idina Menzel’s name that much sweeter.  He sells the shit out of this person and then BOOM no idea how to say her name.  This must have been a teleprompter problem, right?  Travolta doesn’t just mess up like this.  

    Regardless, we will be talking about this for years to come.  Or at least I will.  I will be talking about this forever.  All Hail John Travolta.


  • The Night Feed


    Academy Awards: Best Visual Effects Oscar Winners from Nelson Carvajal on Vimeo.

    This a great supercut of every Best Visual Effects Oscar winner ever.  Majestic.  Inspiring.  Life-affirming.  Visual.  A good watch to be sure!  Happy Tuesday!


  • Murderfist

    Oscar Fever: Henry Zebrowski!

    Now that the Academy Award nominations have been announced, we'd like to honor members of the My Damn Channel family who are connected to films in contention for Oscar glory!

    And who better to start with then the great Henry Zebrowski.  Henry is a founding member of one of New York City's oldest and funniest sketch groups, Murderfist, and recently had a primo role in Martin Scorsese's best picture nom, The Wolf of Wall Street.  If you haven't seen Wolf yet, get on it.  Not only is Henry awesome in it (see picture above), but it's also my personal favorite film of 2013.

    Also, make sure you watch the entire Murderfist series Huffin' It, a crazy web series that features Henry and the rest of the Murderfist gang in all of their demented glory.

    Henry, we salute you!


  • The Night Feed

    Oscar Fever

    I woke up this morning all sweaty and clammy.  My brow was on fire.  I went to the bathroom cabinet to get my thermometer, stuck it up my ass, and a few minutes later discovered that I had a fever.  Oh boy, I thought, I have a fever!  I am feverish.  I have a fever...

    …FOR OSCAR SEASON, BABY!  The Academy Award nominations were announced yesterday, and it's now appropriate to talk about all of the nominated movies with very big opinions, even if you've only seen two of the movies nominated for best picture and one of the movies niminated for best sound mixing.

    Time Magazine also released this fun little "Oscar Winner Generator" that you can check out here.  It's neat!


  • The Night Feed


    We all know George Clooney is famous and handsome and rich and talented, but I didn't know he was an absolute genius until now.  I mean, casting BILL MURRAY in his new movie The Monuments Men?  That's the best thing the man has ever done and Clooney has dated some gorgeous women.  But it doesn't matter.  His Oscar?  Throw it in the trash.  His charity work in Africa?  No one cares anymore.  He is now in a movie with Bill Murray and that is all he will be remembered for: his proximity to Bill Murray in this movie.

    This also mean that since I love Bill Murray and Clooney loves Murray, then I am George Clooney, more or less.  Line up, ladies, and tweet me: @DannyMoney.


  • The Night Feed

    Ben Affleck's Diary - OSCAR NIGHT!

    I lost my Oscar.

    I don't know where it is! I'm so embarrassed I don't know what to say.  I mean, here I am winning an Oscar for Best Picture of the year, and then the next thing I know Clooney's giving me my eighth shot of anisette and my mother's calling Jenny because Vi shit the bed again or something and bingo-bango my Oscar is missing and the Los Angeles police doesn't seem to give a damn.  

    When I realized it was gone last night I cried a little bit, though I don't really remember it.  I do remember that f***ing little princess Anne Hathaway yelling in my face about how she was picked most likely to succeed in high school and how it is totally coming true, and also how Devito was cracking me up talking about his penis but I can't - remember - where - my - Oscar - is.  This sucks.  I earned that Oscar!  It's mine!

    Oh well, maybe the Academy will get me another one.  I still have the one I won for writing with Matt, but this one is cooler - I mean, would you rather win an Oscar with Matt Damon or George Clooney?   Kind of a no brainer, though Matt's cool, don't get me wrong, but he only has a single Oscar and I have two - well, I've won two but like I said, I lost the one last night.  

    That doesn't change the fact that I didn't win it, though!  And that's enough.  Jenny says that's enough.  And I think it is, I just wouldn't mind having the Oscar, the actual thing, but whatever.  I had a fun night.  Maybe it'll turn up.  Regardless, I am truly blessed.  I have to call and thank everyone for making last night so special and maybe throw a brick through Anne Hathaway's window because she sucks.

    Bye bye, diary!

    Sincerely, with love,

    Two-time Academy Award Winner,

    Benjamin Affleck


  • McMayhem

    The Legend Of Bruce Vilanch?

    In the latest episode of our punk/prank/human graffiti show McMayhem, star Matt McManus runs around West Hollywood giving "kisses" to gay guys. (Hey, it's the title of the episode! -- Gwyneth Paltrow)

    In case you're unfamililar with the legend that is Bruce Vilanch, let's remind you:

    He is one of Whoopi Goldberg's BFFs.
    He was not only the head writer on Hollywood Squares, he was often CENTER SQUARE.
    He has written jokes for Bette Midler, Robin Williams and The Academy Awards, The Emmys and The Tonys.
    He did not think James Franco did a good job when he hosted The Oscars.
    James Franco did not like that Bruce Vilanch did not think he did a good job.

    Good cameo, McMayhem!


  • The Night Feed

    Heavy Metal Leo

    Okay, I might be wrong on this one, but I think this short clip is hilarious.  Maybe it's because I love heavy metal, but this is a great little mashup.  

    For those who have no clue what Meshuggah is, Meshuggah is an extreme metal band from Sweden.  They are considered to be one of the heaviest, most brutal bands out there.  For those of you who have no clue what The Wolf Of Wall Street is, The Wolf Of Wall Street is a Best Picture nominated film directed by Martin Scorsese starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  People consider it to be overlong, but I couldn't disagree more.  Three hours?  Give me nine!  Ten!  INFINITE!!!!!!

    Anyways, enjoy, don't enjoy, or just be confused with the clip above.  Tweet me your feelings: @DannyMoney


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