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  • Modern Primate

    Comment of the Day: Modern Primate

    I have been enjoying what Chris Menning has been doing with his current Modern Primate vlogs, talking about issues that matter, specifically gun control.  He's been saying some really interesting stuff, and whether you happen to agree with him or not, it's a great place to get a good debate going.

    fivebyfivewhat  happens to be someone who agrees with Chris - on two matters: what he had to say in his 2nd Amendment vlog and also the decision to give his dog a "human" name.  Yes, Chrs's dog is named Nathan.  And he is adorable.  Check out past Modern Primate vlogs to see what Nathan is all about, and continue to watch because he usually makes an appearance.

    Thanks again, fivebyfivewhat!  Brilliant!


  • The Night Feed

    Election Hangover

    Hey America, thanks for voting!

    No matter which candidate you were gunning for I'm sure we can all agree on one thing: we're happy the election is over. That and the fact that Donald Trump is an irrelevant knucklehead.

    Now we can all focus on the important issues like fixing the economy and making comedy videos... and water jetpacks!



  • The Night Feed

    An Offer Donald Trump Can't Refuse

    Donald Trump came out with a video today calling Barack Obama the least transparent President in our nation's history. He announced that if Obama releases the records for his college admission and passport application that he would donate $5 million to the charity of the president's choosing. It's a tempting offer, but I think I have an even better one:

    Dear Donald Trump, the American people have been wondering for decades what your hair is composed of. It is arguably the least transparent hairstyle ever perpetrated by a human being. Does that wiry coif stay up with hairspray? String? Pneumatic pumps? WELL, IS IT PNEUMATIC PUMPS?! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DEMAND TO KNOW!

    Mr. Trump, I would like to take this opportunity to make you an offer. I'm simply asking that you show Americans what your hair looks like wet. It's Pretty simple, just take a video or picture of yourself. It can be right after you get out of the shower (before your hourlong drying ritual), after you've ridden a waterslide, hell, you can even just use a spray bottle and get it a little bit moist. The American public is yearning to know what your hair looks like in its natural state.

    If you do this, I will immediately write a check for $100 to the charity Locks of Love which is a great charity that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions. Unlike, you, Mr. Trump, I don't have a flowing mane of beautiful hair I can donate, so a financial contribution will have to suffice.

    The ball is in your court, Trump!



  • The Night Feed

    Tonight's Vice Presidential Debate: Will Joe Biden say something crazy?

    In a presidential campaign full of curious quotes and copious fact checking, Vice President Joe Biden has mostly managed to fly beneath the radar. But with tonight’s VP debates, it’s time for Mr. Biden to shine.

    Joe Biden is less likely to be fact checked than he is to be laughed at. Well, maybe laughed with. You see, Joe’s a swell guy, but he’s got a bit of a mouth on him. And it tends to say stuff. Stuff that nobody, not even Joe, planned for it to say. It just comes out. It’s kind of adorable, really.

    After spending some time rummaging through the VP’s accidental greatest hits, like telling a man in a wheelchair to stand up, asking for “a web site’s number” or talking about the president’s “big stick”, it seemed like this is the one to beat:

    "Folks, I can tell you I've known eight presidents, three of them intimately."

    And that’s what tonight is all about. Yes, we'd love to hear Mr. Biden’s highly qualified opinions on foreign policy and tax rates, but we really want to know if Uncle Joe is going to top his assertion that he’s had sexual relations with three U.S. presidents.

    Maybe he’ll name names!


  • The Night Feed

    NYTVF and the Events You Should Attend

    Hello Internet Friends!

    What are you doing next week? I hope the answer is "Going to the New York Television Festival, of course." If it isn't, why the heck not?! I'll be there, you guys! Don't you want to hang out? Here's some of the fun things to check out at NYTVF:

    Monday, October 22

    The CW Red-Carpet Premiere of The Carrie Diaries

    Wonder what the pilot for a show that's a prequel to Sex and the City would be like? Then this event is for you! After the screening there will be a Q&A with star AnnaSophia Robb and author Candace Bushnell.

    Tuesday, October 23

    Long Day's Journey Into Late Night: 2012 Election Edition – The Politics of Funny

    Writers from New York's late night staples The Late Show with David Letterman, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will be discussing the process of writing topical humor in a 24-hour news cycle and focusing on the upcoming Presidential election.

    Thursday, October 25

    BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum – Importing the Funny: Catch the Future of British Comedy

    A night of the UK's most promising comedy television writers reading three new original sitcoms. Creative insight and feedback with be given by a panel of industry experts.

    Friday October 26

    NYTVF Digital Day Panel Series

    Some of the most influential leaders in the digital frontier, including our very own Rob Barnett, discuss new media from both a creative and business perspective.
    Mark Malkoff will also be speaking during The Talent Debate: How Blue Chip Talent, Influence, Audience and Great Ideas Can Lead to Success (or Failure) Online at 1 pm.;

    Saturday October 27

    NYTVF Development Day

    A day of free panels and events that offer insight into the creation of television in a educational and inspirational way.

    Attend NYTVF Classroom to learn about many different facets of the television industry. This event is geared towards aspiring and emerging TV creators.

    or Development Day Main Stage for all-star panels and screenings geared towards fans and TV enthusiasts

    All these events are going to be educational and fun. I can't wait to see you all there! Tweet at me so we can meet up @MrChrisDonahue


  • TVGasm


    The Olympics are over, and Fall TV shows haven't started yet, so I'm assuming the only thing you're living for is TVgasm Tuesday. Well, stop crying, and get ready to have your pants blown off by all this entertainment news:

    Miley Cyrus apparently cut her own hair while angry and blindfolded. Taylor Swift released a new song which (shocker) is about a past relationship, and is called something like "I'm gonna hate you forever because you're a douche canoe." Also, Robert Pattinson is still a sad panda. Are your pants blown off? good. Hold onto your eyeballs because here comes some  TVgasm.

    This Week:

    It's another episode of Mornin' Time! This week Fred and Quinnifer address presidential attack ads, and It. Gets. Real. Real. Quick. Go watch!

    You know those women on The Price is Right who show off the prizes and don't ever blink? Well, now you can be one, even if you're a dude! Read TVgasm to find out how (and then apply because, honestly, this is a dream job).

    Real Housewives have some real problems to deal with! Like "where do you store nine leopard print painted Mercedes?" And "how do you remove the scent of shame from silk?" Like a (not at all) friendly aunt or uncle, TVgasm has some advice for these ladies in this week's Dear TVgasm.

    Remember: If you ever need to get the scent of shame out of silk, just use seltzer water/your own tears.


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