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    Dumb Holiday of the Week

    Yesterday was National Peanut Butter Day, you guys. Now, I know this (brand new, first-ever) recurring blog feature is about dumb, fake holidays but… Peanut Butter rules! Is it dumb to have a whole day dedicated to Peanut Butter? Maybe a little. Should we actually be celebrating the man who invented Peanut Butter? Yes, probably but whatever!

    I love Peanut Butter. Crunchy, creamy, umm… on a sandwich, yeah, on a sandwich!

    Thank you George Washington Carver for… carving your way into my heart with the invention of that tasty, tasty Peanut Butter.

    Crunchy? Creamy? On a sandwich? You tell me @MrChrisDonahue


  • Coffey Chat

    Comment of the Day: Coffey Chat

    Check out this awesome GIF made by theJoshuaAdam of today's excellent episode of Coffey Chat.  Shannon's last name is Coffey, which is almost exactly the same as the DRINK coffee.  So what did our "Shan" decide to do today?  That's right.  She made some coffee.  It's almost like she was making more of herself!  LOL, but not really, because the spellings are slightly different!  Thanks again to theJoshuaAdam and his awesome gif gift.  Haha. "GIF gift." This GIF is the GIFT that keeps on GIF-ing. You rule!

    Thanks again to theJoshuaAdam for the awesome gif.


  • The Night Feed


    Meteorologists are predicting that Hurricane Sandy, which is heading up through the Bahamas at 105 miles per hour will combine with a cold front coming in from the West and create a potentially devastating phenomenon they've terrifyingly named Frankenstorm.

    Last year, when Hurricane Irene was about to hit the East Coast, Grace gave you some tips on how to survive the storm. I thought I would create my own list of things you'll need to do in order to survive the wrath of Frankenstorm.

    1. Trader Joe's Box of Wine - You might not be able to leave your apartment for the duration of the storm, so you're going to want to stock up on booze. This lovely box contains 4 BOTTLES OF WINE and only costs $10. They claim it keeps the wine fresh for up to 45 days, but something tells me it won't last that long.

    2. Television Show Box Set - You're going to have to entertain yourself during the storm, so you want to stock up on TV shows to watch. Me, I'm getting the complete box set of Gilmore Girls to keep me company. The only debris that's gonna be flying around my house will be the witty repartee between Rory and Lorelai!

    3. Candles - You need to be prepared for emergencies during hurricanes. Candles are essential in the event that you lose power. But why just get boring old regular candles? Why not spice up your power outage? That's why I'm getting a bunch of Yankee Candles for the storm. That way if I lose power, I'll not only be able to see but my entire house will be pleasantly scented like Peppermint Bark!

    That's it, that's all you need to get through Frankenstorm. Good luck and happy hurricane-ing!


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