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    Are rebel companies the future of pay TV?

    Our very own Rob Barnett, Omnivision Entertainment Founder/CEO, was featured on Fox Business discussing the shift in pay TV, and the rise of new stars working with us like Sara Forsberg (aka Smoukahontas).


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    We're Six!

    Today My Damn Channel celebrates its 6th birthday.  My, how the time flies by!  It seems like only yesterday we were in internet diapers, pushing ourselves to make the best content on the web - and not much has changed!  We're still trying to give you, the fans, the people who make all of this possible, the best content on the web - the only difference is now we're a bit older!  Read this editorial piece by My Damn Channel Founder/CEO Rob Barnett, where he talks about the growth of our company and the evolution of video based content on the internet in general.  It's a helluva read!

    So thanks to all of you reading this and watching our videos, it really means a lot.  May I suggest watching this video by Stella to celebrate with us?  It's David Wain, Michael Ian Black, and Michael Showalter at their zaniest, which for me is a little slice of heaven.

    Here's to another six years!


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    What I Saw at NYTVF

    Hey guys,

    Today I went to NYTVF's Digital Day and it was a blast! I got to see two really great panels. The first was Development: Building a Foundation. The panel focused on the initial development process for web video and online series with an eye toward digital distribution and audience development. The panel featured Senior Vice President of Video for AOL, Ran Harnevo, EVP of Marketing and Digital Programs for CW Digital, Rick Haskins, and our fearless leader, founder/CEO of My Damn Channel, Rob Barnett. The panel discussed how content creation has changed. There are three keys to creating good content, according to the panel:

    1. Create something great for the audience
    2. Pick the right distribution and
    3. The hand-to-hand combat to get your content seen.

    It was a very educational panel that taught us that it's not enough just to HAVE good content, but you also have to know how to market it, who to cast that can help you get your content seen, and how to make quality branded entertainment.

    The second panel was The Talent Debate: How Blue Chip Talent, Influence, Audience and Great Ideas Can Lead to Success (or Failure) Online. Moderated by Co-Founder of Tubefilter, Josh Cohen and featuring Head of Digital Media at Innovative Artists, Dave Tochterman and our very own Mark Malkoff. It was an interesting panel that discussed how to come up with ideas for content. Malkoff comes up with an idea that excites him and then runs with it. They also discussed how the celebrity world and the YouTube world are coming together due to so many ideas being developed and the instantaneousness of the internet compared to television.

    If you were at the NYTVF and want to talk about it, tweet at me internet. @MrChrisDonahue


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    My Damn Channel LIVE!

    Earlier today, we announced a complete redesign of  (Oh, you didn't hear about that? Then you better read THIS...)

    Now, we kick it up a notch.  We also are thrilled to announce the launch of My Damn Channel LIVE, the first completely live Internet comedy show, hosted by the amazing Beth Hoyt

    For lots of more info on The Big Show, as well as a proper introduction to our amazing new host, check out Rob Barnett's missive from The Night Feed...

    READ IT!


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    We Have a New Look!

    We went and got a makeover!

    This is a very exciting day for us, and we'd be doing jumping jacks for joy if we weren't falling-down exhausted from getting everything ready for you.

    We want you to play around and check out our new digs, but if we may point you in a direction… take a moment to read the blog post from our fearless leader and My Damn Channel Overlord Rob Barnett.

    Click HERE to read Rob's Message.


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    Videocracy - Our First TV Series

    Announcing...the first TV series from My Damn Channel! We’re working with our friends Albie Hecht and Kari Kim at HLN - they’re building “the first TV network for the social media generation” and we’re creating a new show called “Videocracy.”

    This series counts down the most talked about entertainment ripped from social media. Our hosts and a team of panelists comment on the stories and the people creating the shared content we’re all talking about. The series is created by My Damn Channel, with Warren Chao, Charlie Singer, and myself executive producing along with everyone inside the My Damn Channel family working to bring the online world and the TV world together.

    A thousand years ago at MTV, I suggested we pull a page from the oldest playbook around and reinvent a countdown show we used to call “MTV’s Most Wanted” – and later, TRL. We all know there are more videos uploaded to the Internet every minute than we could possibly ever watch. We’re building a new show to bring you the very best online entertainment on TV and we can’t wait to start working with everyone in our community on this alchemical, cross-promotional adventure.

    Read about this in The Hollywood Reporter here, here and here.
    Read HLN’s official press release here.


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    The IAWTV Awards

    The IAWTV awards are Tuesday night and I just wanted to make sure all you little web junkies remember to watch it as it streams live!

    We at My Damn Channel are honored to be nominated amongst so many talented web content creators.

    Daily Grace, Beth Hoyt, and Mark Malkoff will all be in attendance along with our fearless leader, our Founder/CEO Rob Barnett!

    Check out the IAWTV awards Tuesday night at 6pm PT at

    UPDATE: Congratulations to Grace Helbig for winning TWO IAWTV Awards! Best Host (Taped) and Best Taped Hosted Series for Daily Grace!


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    Chris Donahue Presents An Article About How He Loves I Hate Being Single

    I love I Hate Being Single.

    I've been living in this here city of New York for about 2 years now and I think that Mr. Hugel (I hope that makes you feel like an adult Rob) has done a great job at capturing that feeling of trying to find yourself in a big confusing city where you can often times feel very alone.

    Not only is there an amazing first season of this show but Rob continuously puts out new content. Whether it's the two seasons of Rob's Room or The Real Rob, this dude's a machine! On top of that, our girl Shannon Coffey is in the show a lot!

    If you haven't seen I Hate Being Single, well, frankly why are you even on the internet right now? That makes no sense at all. Stop what you're doing! Drop everything! Roll on over to and watch I Hate Being Single.

    Tweet me what you think @MrChrisDonahue and if you don't like it, you're wrong.


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