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    The Interview

    Will this become the greatest American movie featuring a North Korean despot, or will Team America still hold the title?  We will see this fall, won't we?  

    I love this kind of a concept, and I hope they keep it fairly "real," as far as a movie about Franco and Rogen going to North Korea to assassinate a dictator goes.  I wonder how Dennis Rodman feels about this movie, though.


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    I am posting this before I even watch the video - that's how confident I am in the talents of Anders, Blake, and Adam.  Add Efron and Rogen to the mix and this is guaran-effing-teed to be a world class video.  WORLD CLASS!  I don't even care that it's really just a promotional video for the movie Neighbors.  Efron is just so hot! -- I mean, ah, they're all so funny!  …Watch it now.

    P.S. - Just watched it and it's LOL funny.  ROFL funny, really.  They did it again: I have just rolled across the floor laughing.


  • Jimmy Kimmel Live

    True Detective 2

    You knew it was coming.  You knew that Kimmel was going to nail a True Detective parody because he always nails these kinds of parodies.


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    Seth Rogen Rules

    A moving video and also quite funny.  Really nice work here from Seth Rogen, just totally himself, speaking from the heart.  Takes balls, too, to say some of this stuff at a Senate Hearing.

    A friend of mine's mother suffers from early onset Alzheimer's and hopefully you'll watch this and see how hard it is for everyone involved with those who suffer from the disease.  It's great that Mr. Rogen approaches this with humor so maybe more people will see his face and watch it for the yucks, but then also realize that there is a lot of work to be done to conquer this terrible disease, as well as the stigmas attached to it.        

    Here is the link to, Rogen's charity organization.  


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    Her Parody: Him (ft. Seth Rogen)

    It's en vogue right now to make fun of the Spike Jonze love story joint Her, but I haven't read or seen anything funnier than this parody called "Him" that features (an impression of) Seth Rogen as the voice of the OS system that was played by Scarlett Johansson in the movie.  Strong work here.  Good weed jokes, great Rogen laugh.  The two key ingredients to all Seth Rogen humor.


    "Her" trailer plus Philip Seymour Hoffman from Richard Trammell on Vimeo.

    Did DannyMoney speak too soon?  Yup, he spoke to soon!  This Her parody featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman as the OS system's voice is incredible!  Look, the Rogen one was great, but PSH is the single greatest actor in the history of cinema and yes, I am including Charlie Sheen in that discussion.  Top notch work!  Her parodies for life!


  • Chris Donahue Presents How To Be A Man

    James Freezy!

    For all the things that I absolutely hate in the world you guys, there's an equal and hopefully greater amount of things that I do not hate. One thing that I do not hate is Kanye West. A few other things I do not hate are Seth Rogen and James Franco.

    This shot-for-shot reenactment of the Bound 2 music video is such a wonderful piece of viral video history. I want my kid's kids to be talking about this video! The fact that someone lined the videos up side-by-side is even better.

    Tweet me which video you think is better @MrChrisDonahue


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    My Heros are making a movie

    Holy ballsack, I'm behind on the news!  

    I just read that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are producing a movie that stars the Workaholics dudes in it?  With my boy Anders writing it?  This news is too good too be true - but in fact, this news is true.  Very true.

    It's not gonna be related to Workaholics, which is cool: I want these dudes to branch out so we can see every facet of their mass talent.  And according to Adam Devine it's a "big action comedy".  

    Man oh man, how sweet!  But I am a little obsessed that it took this long for me to see this news.  I let my boys down.  I'm sorry, guys, it won't happen again, I promise.  I will never miss another news item concerning you three.  You have my word.

    I love you all.


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    The Roast of James Franco

    The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco is occurring this Labor Day.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I feel that a man or woman should be roasted when they're older and perhaps grayer.  When they've been around the block a few times.  Had some ups and downs.  Surviving and enduring through the years while lesser beings - less respected beings - fall by the wayside.  Franco is young.  He hasn't done that much, really.  I have to ask myself, Does he truly deserve it?

    These important questions aside, Franco is ubdoubtedly a good draw for Comedy Central, so that's why they chose him.  I get it, and it should be a good roast, regardless of whether he has "earned" it or not.  Regardless of whether he has earned it or not, I say!  All in all, Franco is pretty money, there's no doubt about that.  So to get everyone primed and ready, check out this excellent collection of the 15 Best Comedy Central Roast Sets Ever, compiled by Vulture.  All hilarious.  If there's anything as good as these on Franco's roast, it's well worth watching.  Well worth watching, I say!


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