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    Nerd News

    Greetings Nerds, let's get on with it already! This week in Nerd News:

    -I know, I know, I talk about Skyrim a lot. But, ERMAHGERD NEW SKYRIM DLC!  Scheduled for release on December 7th, Dragonborn is Skyrim’s third expansion to come out this year.  From the looks of it, every Dovahkiin’s wish of being able to ride dragons will finally be granted. However, no one knows whether or not you'll be able to actually control the dragon or if it will just be a cut scene between traveling. I’ll be sure to give you all the information once it finally hits Xbox Live.

    -For most Whovians, the first five episodes of Series 7 was hardly enough for us, so we scrounge for any piece of news we get our hands on until the Christmas special.  Luckily, we've got our hands on some exciting info:  Neil Gaiman is back on to write another episode about the Cybermen!  

    -Saga issue #7 comes out next Wednesday after a long two month hiatus! If you aren't following Brian K. Vaughan's newest romp, definitely be sure to check this one out. Like I said, it's only seven issues in and has been collected into a trade paperback form, so you really have no reason not to. While I was at NYCC I was able to attend the Saga Panel and they revealed the covers for the next few issues. And let me tell you, they were goregous!*

    That's all I have for you guys this week!  Be sure to check out Kristina's Answerly video later today for more nerdiness.

    *with tons of robot sex and gore, Saga is very NSFW.  Read at your own risk!


  • The Night Feed

    A 100 Year Old Woman

    What a tremendous spirit Dorothy Custer has!  She's 100 years old and she's still sharp as a tack, telling jokes to Jay Leno.  Sure, maybe she wouldn't be able to keep up with a young gun like Jimmy Fallon, but then again, I don't know - I actually bet she could.  She was honestly as funny as a stand-up comic!  Plus, she went into the touching story of how she met her husband, so she made me cry as well as laugh.  Gotta appreciate those that came before us, especially during this most wonderful time of the year.

    NOTE: Oh wow, when I wrote this, I thought it was recent, but this is from 2011!  She's still alive, and what I also didn't know is that Dorothy Custer is ACTUALLY a comedian!  No wonder she was so gosh-darned funny!  Certainly a National Treasure.

    Double NOTE: She went base jumping at 102.


  • Versailles

    Oh, Fred Willard

    Oh. Oh, dear. Oh, dear, Fred Willard.

    You were arrested last night for what the internet is calling colloquially, "pulling a Pee-Wee."

    And this morning on Twitter more people are talking about you than the Emmy nominations.

    But, you know what, Fred Willard? It's okay.

    Maybe you didn't want to get a virus on your computer by searching for, um, adult-oriented fare. Maybe you didn't want to get your couch dirty. Maybe you were already out running errands when, uh, the need to do uh, "something else" struck. And maybe you just like doing things the old-fashioned way, and who can fault a 78-year-old man for kicking it old school style?

    We think you're going to come out of this one just fine. And I've got hand sanitizer on my desk for the next time you want to come into the office to say "hey."


  • The Night Feed

    Questions for Madonna

    So, Madonna's new album "MDNA" comes out today, and to hype the release she has joined Twitter for one day only.  What a wacky stunt!  Her twitter handle is @MadonnaMDNADay and her website is encouraging people to tweet her questions with the hashtag #AskMadonna.  She'll be responding on Twitter tonight starting at 10pm ET(*ed. note: Uh, this was last night... so... there's that.) So I wrote up a few questions to send in.  Hope she picks one!!!!

    How old are you exactly? #AskMadonna

    Wait, HOW old are you? #AskMadonna

    Should you really still be chasing fame at your age? #AskMadonna

    Do you think your arms look healthy? #AskMadonna

    Let me explain: Yes, your arms are lean and sinewy. But do you think they look HEALTHY? #AskMadonna

    You’re not ever going to make any movies ever again, are you? #AskMadonna

    Remember that movie you made that was like an unwatchable Italian version of “Castaway?”  Wow. #AskMadonna

    Why are so you scared of growing old? #AskMadonna

    Can I get a RT???? #AskMadonna


  • Daily Grace

    Top 5 Vince Vaughn Roles

    In honor of DailyGrace's interview with Vince Vaughn and in light of his upcoming movie The Internship, I have compiled a list of the top five Vince Vaughn roles.  Vince Vaughn has had a long, storied career, and there are many roles to choose from, and you might not agree with my selections.  Very well, then!  But in reality, I am an arbiter of taste in all matters of culture, so these are correct and definitive. 

    1. Wedding Crashers - Jeremy Grey - I give this role the number one slot because it brought Vince Vaughn to true A-level movie star greatness.  Everyone knows Wedding Crashers and everyone loves it.  His role in Swingers is my personal favorite, but the universal appeal of Jeremy Grey and this movie push it to the top, along with the dozens of one-liners and quips Vince spits out during the course of the movie.

    2. Swingers - Trent - My favorite of all his movies, Vince Vaughn in Swingers is nothing short of perfection.  The attitude, the swagger, the humor, it's all there.  That Vince Vaughn cockiness that we have all come to love was on full display for the world to see in 1996.  Teamed up with his buddy Jon Favreau, for me, it's a little slice of heaven.  Heart and humor: that's what made Vaugh's performance - as well as the movie - great.

    3. Old School - Bernard "Beanie" Campbell - Old School ushered in the frat pack crew of actors that still have not left the public eye.  One of the greatest college movies of all-time; a movie that can stand shoulder to shoulder with Animal House, the highest praise there is.  Vince Vaughn is as integral and funny as any other character in it.  

    4. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story - Peter La Fleur - More of a straight man in this flick, but still, Vaughn anchors the film and allows the other zanier members of the cast to shine and make us laugh.  It's Ben Stiller's show, really, but without Vaughn, Stiller would not be as funny.

    5. The Break-Up - Gary Brobowski - This is an underrated movie that I will watch every time it is on.  Vaughn plays an everyday type Joe who loses sight of what's important in a romantic relationship - but he's not the villain.  The movie balances blame between both Vaughn and his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston.  Vince Vaughn is as good as anyone at playing it real and grounded - from which humor always blossoms.  

    Follow me on Twitter: @DannyMoney


  • The Night Feed

    Dumb Holiday of the Week: National Margarita Day

    Hey guys! You know what's a stupid fake holiday? National Margarita Day! How dumb is it to celebrate an alcoholic drink for only one day? "Extremely dumb" is the answer.

    Margaritas aren't even that good. Yeah, I said it, so what? If you want to have a good drink, maybe dedicate a day to a good drink like an Old Fashioned. That's a real drink right there, unless you're, like, eating Mexican food or whatever and then I guess Margaritas are alright, but who in their right mind would want to just sit around and drink a Margarita? Not me, that's who!

    Listen, I love alcohol just as much as the next person, I just think that tequila is disgusting and Margaritas are stupid. If anyone disagrees with me, well, you're wrong and you know where to reach me. @MrChrisDonahue

    Come at me bro (or broette)!


  • Answerly

    Nerd News

    By the time this post goes up, I’ll be at New York Comic Con. Yay, technology!  This week in nerd news:

    -We all know Ohio State University’s marching band for their zany and fun marching routines, like their recent rendition of Gangnam Style. Well, this weekend they performed a medley of video game tunes, including the likes of Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, and Tetris. I admit, I teared up a bit. My whole childhood flashed before my eyes.  

    -Alright, I admit it:  I'm a D&D noob. And if you're like me and are interested in learning, it can be a little overwhelming on how to get started. Luckily, I found these videos of Acqusitions Inc., a D&D group made up of Wil Wheaton and the dudes from the Penny Arcade comics. Even if you don't understand what's going on, they're still amusing to watch. 

    -If you're looking to throw your money at something, be sure to check out the Castle Dice Kickstarter. Castle Dice is a dice game (obviously) that focuses on building castles (obviously x2). If you're a fan of games like Elder Sign, but want more competition, Castle Dice looks like the game for you. They have a free PDF version of the game and rules, but a donation is needed for a set of dice. With 24 days and only 1/3 of their goal left, be sure to fund this Kickstarter!

    Okay, I'm done here, I'm probably off waiting for a panel with a bunch of smelly people right now. If you're unfortunate enough to not be at NYCC, be sure to check out Kristina's Answerly video later today!




  • Product Displacement

    Call This Number Now!

    Please try to figure out a way to make this your own phone number (with the appropriate area code, natch!) so that you can put it on business cards and give it to girls at parties.

    1. You'll never forget it.
    2. No one else will ever forget it.
    3. You'll make an impression!
    4. If you ever wear sunglasses like this, your phone number will be just wacky enough to match!
    5. Because this episode of "Product Displacement" was just weird enough that you want to pay homage to it forever.

    Operators are standing by!*

    (*Not really. Please don't.)


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