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    PSA: It's Free Cone Day!

    This is your My Damn Channel Public Service Announcement for the day: It's Free Cone Day at your local Ben & Jerry's.

    Please note that you have eight whole hours in which to stand in line and get some free frozen goodness.

    We advise you to stand in line at any time EXCEPT 4pm ET... because that's when you'll be watching the 10-minute show that is My Damn Channel LIVE. But other than that, go for it.

    And maybe ask them if you can also get one to go so you can bring it to me at the My Damn Channel offices, okay? Because I'm chained to my desk, literally.*

    *Not literally. Come on, you guys.


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    I am DannyMoney.

    No, I am DannyMoney!


    Well, hey DannyMonies, I'm just Spartacus chilling over here with my latte…

    They strike again!  Improv Everywhere strikes again!  This time they do the famous "I am Spartacus" scene in a Starbucks.  It's short and sweet and plays out like you'd imagine, but it still gave me goosebumps: that scene will never fail to move me, regardless of the context.  That kind of loyalty and brotherhood makes for an emotional moment, even if it is in a Starbucks.


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    Hey Whatever Happened To Macaulay Culkin?

    Aside from having an abnormally difficult name to spell, Macaulay Culkin is best known for his role of Kevin McCallister in the John Hughes classic Home Alone. Child actors often fall off the map after they grow up, so I decided to investigate and see what Mr. Culkin has been up to since then.

    Shortly after his breakout success he reprised his role as the precocious trouble maker in the underrated masterpiece Home Alone 2. He acted in a couple of other reasonably successful movies in the 90's including Richie Rich, My Girl and The Good Son but then suddenly stopped, essentially retiring from acting at age 14.

    But he wasn't done stirring up headlines. In 1998 he shocked the world when he married actress Rachel Miner, both just the tender age of 18. Their love predictably didn't last and they seperated in 2000. After that he entered a five year old courtship with actress Mila Kunis which unfortunately also fizzled out.

    He ran into some legal trouble in 2004 when he was put under arrest in Oklahoma City after being found in possesion of marijuana, Alprazolam and Clonazepam. He was let off with a slap on the wrist and a fine. Ever since then he has been dodging rumors of drug abuse from the media, which wasn't helped when he was seen getting sick against the wall of the Chateau Marmont.

    But he was spotted out and about in New York City in August looking trim and healthy and decidedly NOT barfing on a wall, so maybe he's back on the right track. A a lifelong Culk-amaniac I sure hope so.



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    Hey Whatever Happened To Jesse Camp?

    Jesse Camp exploded into the public consciousness in 1998 when he won MTV's Wanna Be a VJ contest and started appearing on TRL, eventually even garnering his own show called Lunch With Jesse. The lovable waif was known for his freewheeling, positive attitude and outrageous attire that looked like a mix between Joey Ramone, Steven Tyler and a drag queen. What has been been doing since his heyday on MTV?

    Camp tried to parlay his newfound fame into a rock career by cutting an album under the name Jesse & The 8th Street Kidz. The effort was met with less than laudatory reviews from critics and currently holds the 339,190th spot on the Amazon sales charts.

    After his career as a rock star didn't pan out, Camp headed to Hollywood. He dabbled in acting and even had a walk-on role in the 2002 Britney Spears film Crossroads. After that he reportedly held down oddball jobs like being a clerk at a Feed & Supply company and a telemarketer for a liberal non-profit organization. In an interview with LA Weekly he says he's currently making movies with his sister in Los Angeles and said, "As long as you have a vision, that will create enough positive energy within you to keep going".

    Keep rocking, Jesse.

    Yours truly,


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    Hey, Whatever Happened to Balloon Boy?

    We all remember the Balloon Boy hoax from the fall of 2009: Richard and Mayumi Heene claimed that their son, Falcon, was trapped in a helium balloon that accidentally floated away, igniting a storm of international media coverage. It turned out Falcon was never in the balloon-- he had been hiding in the family's attic the entire time.

    So whatever happened to this family of geniuses? Well, if you thought launching a nationwide hoax pretending that your son was caught in a gas-filled balloon was the weirdest thing this family would do, think again.

    Shortly after the balloon-related hoopla died down, the family tried to auction off the now infamous dirigible for $1 million in an effort to raise money for charity. Inexplicably nobody wanted to cough up that much money and their auction failed.

    Richard Heene (father of "Balloon Boy") decided to venture into non-balloon related territory and invented a human scratching post called the Bear Scratch with the tagline "If you itch like a song of a twitch." Costing only $19.99 and offering so many aerobic possibilities it's a wonder everybody doesn't have one of these.

    Not quite satisfied with just being an entrepreneur, Heene then decided to scratch another kind of itch: acting. In 2011, he starred in what could be considered the worst music video of all time entitled "Aluminum Man," where he plays a man who lives inside of a soda can and subsists on a diet of eggs. 

    What his next venture will be is anyone's guess, at this point.


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    Hey, Whatever Happened to Donnie Jeffcoat?

    Donnie Jeffcoat was one of the hosts of the popular 90's kid's gameshow Wild and Crazy Kids. The show lasted three seasons during which time he coached thousands of kids on how to play three legged soccer, drive bumper boats, and throw toilet paper over cabins. What happened to him after that?

    Apparently when the show ended he tried his hand at acting, appearing on General Hospital, 7th Heaven, and CSI. 

    His biggest change came when he moved back to Los Angeles and took up karate. He worked his way up to a 3rd degree Black Belt in Kenpo/Kempo Karate. In June 2011 he opened his own karate school in North Hollywood called the Shaolin American Self Defense Academy where he is the lead Sensei. 

    So think twice before you make any Dizzy Bat Home Run Derby jokes around him.


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    Yo Dean, Happy Birthday!

    Did you guys know that it's Dean's birthday! Who's Dean? You ask, I answer. Dean's our resident Web Producer and my resident friend, but he's so much more! He's a filmmaker and you can stream his film, Incredibly Small, online… for FREE!!! And let me tell you, it is great! It's so good I've seen it not one time, not two times, but 1.33 times (I was rudely interrupted while watching it this weekend).

    Dean also writes blog posts about "famous" people and where they are now-a-days called Hey, Whatever Happened To… READ IT!



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    Movies In Real Life: Harry Potter

    I love Improv Everywhere.  But you know what I love even more?  Harry Potter.   And do you know what I love even more than Harry Potter?  Penn Station.

    So being as #blessed as I am, of course the three have been combined in this video, the eighth installment of Improv Everywhere's "Movies In Real Life", in which a cute little British boy (Harry Potter) asks people in Penn Station where platform nine and three quarters is.

    Hilarious stuff.  Though, I am wondering how they managed to avoid the more grisly elements of Penn Station.  You ever been there?  It can be a truly gnarly place.  Hogwarts is to "magic" as Penn Station is to "really creepy at 3 AM".  I guess they must have shot this during the day.  Maybe they'll get Draco Malfoy to do it at 3 AM and someone will sneeze on him while he stands in some urine.  


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