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    The Turkeys Are Heating Up

    Things are getting a little nuts with The Turkeys right now.  They're really bring the heat, and let me tell you, it's a really weird heat.  In the best possible way, these guys are really doing it for me.  Making me a little HOT, if you know what I mean (I hope you do because I don't really know myself?) Their newest video, "LEON," can be seen above.  Enjoy it, you sick puppy.

    And also, below, is a playlist of all their videos released to this time.  I strongly suggest clicking on the first video and just going on a ride with The Turkeys.  It's really subversive, off-the-wall comedy that you don't see every day.  These guys are doing humanity a service by making these videos.  


  • The Night Feed

    Turkey Induced Coma: Slacktory Edition

    Too stuffed with turkey to move today?  Fear not!  Below is a Slacktory playlist, filled with videos that will get your through the day without moving more than your wrist, and the occasional eye blink.  Enjoy!

    Supercut: We Don't Negotiate with Terrorists

    The Avengers trailer: Derp Edition

    Sketch: Apple Pickers 

    Star Wars trailer: Derp Edition 

    Sketch: Bad Wigs

    Nick and Siri Play D&D: The Tavern

    Supercut: Rappers Introduce Themselves

    And that's just to start you off!  Click here for even more Slacktory goodness.


  • The Night Feed

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone out there on the internet.  May you feast on the flesh of the Turkey, and gorge upon stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and all of the other Thanksgiving staples we have come to know and love.  May you appreciate your loved ones.  May you appreciate your health and happiness!  May all that is well remain that way, and all that is bad become good!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Have fun!  Drink beer!  Watch football!  Eat! 

    But most of all, the gang at My Damn Channel wish to say that we are thankful to you, all of our fans - you guys are the best.  Thank you for everything, you rule!


  • The Night Feed

    Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing: side dishes. For too long, turkey has stolen the spotlight of the Thanksgiving meal, but it's so overrated. I mean, it's always too dry and you have to cut it with an electric knife. It's all about the side dishes. Allow me to run you through my favorites.

    Mashed Potatoes - When the pilgrims came to the new world they decided they had to seperate themselves from the tyranical potato preferances of the English. How do you improve upon potatoes though? Answer: mash them up and add a metric ton of butter to them. The pilgrms were onto something; mashed potatoes are basically edible silk, if silk slowly blocked your arteries with delicious, delious cholesterol.

    Sweet Potato Casserole - I'm from Minnesota, a land where casserole is king. Remember how I said I really liked mashed potatoes? Sweet potato casserole is kinda similar, but get this: it's got MARSHMALLOWS. I know what you're thinking, "Who was the mad genius who thought it ws acceptable to put a dessert ingredient in a side dish?" I don't know! But if I ever find out I want to give them a kiss on the forehead because it's exactly that kind of outside-the-box thinking that we need more of at the dinner table.

    NOT Cranberry Sauce - I hate cranberry sauce. It's fetid and disgusting and will never come within a mile of my plate. I mean look at it. Its refusal to even pretend to not be from a can is an affront to everything that Thanksgiving stands for and should be shunned from our tables. DO NOT eat cranberry sauce. It's one of the most un-American thing you can possibly do.

    Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin Mother Fuckin Pie y'all! The coup d'état of the meal. The seizure of power. The putsch of Thanksgiving. I'm just now realizing that thesaurus entries for coup d'état don't really work here. That said, pumpking pie is the best. Who knew a mushed up gourd could be so delicous? You add a little (or enormous) dollop of whipped cream on there and you are good to go... puke in the bathroom because you ate so much.

    I already can't wait to stuff my face to capacity. What are some other good side dishes you guys are excited to eat? Watch My Damn Channel LIVE today for more Thanksgiving madness!



  • The Turkeys

    Meet The Turkeys

    Prepare your eyeballs, fair reader, The Turkeys have arrived. Minneapolis-based comedy crew, The Turkeys, have been making waves since February 2012, when seasoned standup comedians Gabe Noah, Chris Maddock, Kjell Bjorgen, Isaac Witty, Nate Abshire, Gus Lynch and Chris Knutson - along with independent filmmaker Matt Olson - assembled to create a series of hilarious, edgy digital sketches unlike anything ever seen in the Minneapolis comedy community.  But now, you can watch their video madness right here on My Damn Channel.  

    Every Tuesday, The Turkeys will unleash a new video for your viewing pleasure.  And as of right now, there are three - yes, three! - new, hilarious videos up which you can watch right HERE.  

    Click here to read more about who The Turkeys are, what they have been up to, and what's coming up.  

    Most of all, dig into their unique brand of sketch comedy and enjoy!


  • Chris Donahue Presents How To Be A Man

    Mystery Science Theater 3000's Turkey Day Marathon!

    In the not too distant future… next Thursday A.D. There is a guy named Joel, not too different from you or me!

    Get it? Do you get it? If you don't get it then I'm ashamed of you and if you do then you should know what I'm singing about… That's right ladies and gentleman's Mystery Science Theater 3000's annual Turkey Day is back!

    Joel Hodgson is hopping back on board the Satellite of Love for a a day long marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, hosted and curate the man himself!

    I don't know about you guys but when I was busy not talking to girls in high school I was spending a majority of my time nerding out to MST3k with my buddies… not talking to girls.

    So ignore your families, that sport with the brown ball and the helmets, and warm up to some good ole fashion Mystery Science Theater.

    Tweet me what episodes you'd like to see on this glorious day @MrChrisDonahue


  • The Night Feed

    Your My Damn Channel Super Bowl Party

    The Super Bowl is this Sunday and you know what that means!  Yup, that's right: it's time to party!  There's nothing better than gathering with your friends and watching some football while chowing down on some great food and drink.  And if you're having trouble planning your party, do not fret.  Here is a guide to throwing a Super Bowl party according to My Damn Channel.  Enjoy.

    1) Coolio's Game Day Turkey - Ever since I made my first game day turkey for a Super Bowl party I refuse to watch the game without it (granted, last year was the first time I made one).  I'd like to personally thank Coolio for providing the internet and I with this amazing recipe, as well as the hilarious video that goes along with it.  

    2) Horrible People - You see how these people throw a party?  It's just the way it should be done.  Murders, champagne toasts, backstabbing, potatoes, chochoholics - if you follow the Horrible People Party Method (H.P.P.M) than you will have an amazing party that people will be talking about for years!  If they're not dead that is!

    3) Daily Grace - Grace is what I like to call a football expert - and you always want to have one of those at your party, just in case you or another guest doesn't understand something about the game.  I mean, take a look at this video.  If those aren't the words of a football expert than I don't know what is.

    4) Daddy Knows Best - Steve Rannizzisi is the ultimate party animal.  I mean, just look at the way he gets down, both here and here.  Man, I would LOVE to party with that guy.  Hey, Steve, if you're reading this feel free to come to my Super Bowl party on Sunday - just tweet me: @DannyMoney.  We'll chat logistics.  Thanks, bro.

    5) Answerly - YOU. MUST. HAVE. GUACOMOLE.  Without guacamole there simply is no party.  Trust me.  And trust Hayley. She shows you how to get down with guac like it ain't no thang.

    6) OkayNate - Maybe you don't even LIKE football, but you're going to be at a Super Bowl party. What do you do? People watch! Just like Nate! (Just don't steal the remote and change it to the Puppy Bowl without telling anyone!)

    So there you have it.  Watch these videos and you're on your way to an amazing Super Bowl party, or at least an Okay one. 


  • The Night Feed


    It's Thanksgiving, so it’s only right I share this list of the things I am thankful for this year. 

    1)    Air – We all breathe it.  We need it to live.  I’ll come out and just say it: I love air!  It’s my favorite thing to breathe – I mean, other than nitrous, obviously.  Phish rules!

    2)    The Written Word – I have been reading a ton lately!  It’s so much fun.  I was on the subway reading a book and the commute went by like THAT.  Dudes, check out some written words on pages.  Really fun to read things that are written.

    3)    Space: The Final Frontier – I love the idea of the never ending void of Space, The Final Frontier.  Like, lol, what’s out there?  It inspires me to keep searching, both within myself and without.  Space…so gnarly, so big, so vast.  Haha, like, WHAT’S HAPPENING OUT THERE!?

    4)    Peace – We need it.  All you need is love.  I am the walrus.  Goo goo ga joob.  Yesterday.  Help I need somebody.  Hey Jude.  I heard the news today oh boy I can’t get no satisfaction.  The 60s and peace – what an era!  What an inspiration.  I am thankful for peace in this world but we need more of it.  We need to BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE!

    5)    Jesus – Duh.

    6)    God – obvz.

    7)    My mom and dad – Cool folks who raised me right.  Mom, Dad: I am thankful for thee.

    8)    The Star Spangled Banner + peyote – such a sweet combo, I can’t get enough.  Really thankful for this buzz.

    9)    My Hands – Let me ask you a question: Could I be writing this post without them?  The answer is no, so – BOOM! – automatic need to be thankful for them hands of mine, no?

    10)  Cash.  Money, bro.  Straight up need it to live.  Money for days and twice on Sunday.  I love money.  Thank you for money.  

    Well, there you go!  That’s what I am thankful for this year!  Now cute up the Spangled Banner song, son!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Follow me, YOU GOT TO! @DannyMoney



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