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    Hat Tip for National Hat Day

    Tomorrow's the day everybody: National Hat Day!!! I don't know if you guys know this or not, but… ladies LOVE hats. Here are some tips for hats to wear tomorrow:

    1. A Cowboy Hat

    What's cooler than a cowboy hat? Answer: Nothing. All the girls will look at you and be like "Who's that guy in the cowboy hat? Is he a cowboy?" and you can be all like, "Yes. Yes I am a cowboy."

    2. A Backwards Baseball Cap

    All the cool guys wear baseball caps, but, specifically, it HAS to be backwards because a backwards baseball cap makes you look totally laid back. And what's cooler than looking laid back? Answer: Nada. All the girls will look at you and be like "Who's that guy in the backwards baseball cap? Is he a baseball player?" and you can be all like, "Yes. Yes I am a baseball player."

    3. A Beret

    Cool dudes wear berets, plain and simple, remember Ferris Bueller? Who's cooler than Ferris Bueller? Answer: No one. Then all the girls will look at you and be like "Who's that guy in the beret? Is he a French Poet or something?" and you can be all like, "Yes. Yes I am a French Poet or something."

    Thank me on twitter when you have a chance since you'll be spending all your time with the ladies… @MrChrisDonahue


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    Top Five Worst Halloween Costumes

    With Halloween right around the corner, everybody is searching for the perfect getup. After extensive research, I've managed to pull together a list of the Top Five Worst Halloween Costumes You Could Wear This Season:

    1. Orange Inflatable Costume - "Hey guys, check out my costume. What am I? Uh... a giant, inflatable, faceless blob. Obviously".

    2. A Fried Egg - You'd think a fried egg costume would be a clever pun or reference to a movie. Nope. It's literally just a tunic with a huge friend egg on it. The website recommends having your signifigant other dress up like bacon and going as a couple which is literally the only way I can think to make this costume worse.

    3. Skull Commando Costume (pictured left) - Am I missing something? A sunglasses-wearing skeleton with a machine gun who's wearing a keffiyeh and also... he's British? I thought this must've been a character from a video game but in actuality it's just the brainchild of a costume designer who hasn't slept in three days.

    4. Oversized Punk Zombie Teen - "We only have three minutes to make this costume! Quick, throw out the first four words that come to your mind!"

    5. Garden Gnome Baby Costume - Wait, this one is actually pretty awesome. Look how f*cking cute that is! Ok, I gotta find a crappy kids costume. How about a Popeye costume? Even more adorable! Damnit!

    Got more? Tell me @petersoncinema. Or maybe don't tell me and spare me the horror.


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    Vote! Vote! Vote!

    Tomorrow is a big day, you guys! It's National Nachos Day! Just joking, I mean, well,  it really IS National Nachos Day, but it's also the most important day for the next four years of your life… Election Day!

    So, what Election Coverage are you going to watch? The Daily Show maybe? The Colbert Report? CNN or Fox News? All right, enough joking around folks, let's be serious for a second:You should definitely watch The Chris Gethard Show Election Day Coverage. From Noon to Midnight tomorrow Gethard and his band of losers will be covering the Election on Manhattan Neighborhood Network and I can't imagine anything being more insane on this day of all days.

    Whoever you vote for, please do vote! It does matter. As much we might THINK it doesn't...  it does matter. Every year I wait until the last minute to register-- heck, I don't even know where my polling place is yet (Ed. Note: Chris, Go here.), but I WILL go out and vote tomorrow, and I'm voting for-- just joking, guys, I'll never tell.

    Go Vote! Stream The Chris Gethard Show here and let's see how this whole thing unfolds together.

    Tweet at me voters. @MrChrisDonahue


  • Wainy Days


    Hope you got your tickets because the Wainy Days LIVE/DVD release party we mentioned just the other day is already SOLD OUT.

    Will there be another chance for you to score some tickets? Well I'd start following us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr if I were you. Because MAYBE. That's all I'm saying. MAYBE.


  • Wainy Days

    David Wain is on My Damn Channel LIVE today!

    Remember when David Wain tweeted that you should mark your calendars for April 30th? And you were all, "Okay, David! I did! Now what?!"

    We also suggest you tune into My Damn Channel LIVE today at 4pm ET because David Wain is going to be on-- doing a musical number!-- and he's going to tell you ALL ABOUT what's happening on April 30th and why you marked your calendar!

    And apparently you do whatever David Wain tells you to do, anyway.


  • Wainy Days

    Tonight: Wainy Days LIVE

    So you want to see David Wain, Fred Armisen, Janeane Garofalo and more performing Wainy Days LIVE but it's been sold out for weeks and you haven't had any luck winning tickets by following us on Twitter and you're freaking out, right?

    You're in luck.

    There will be a VERY SMALL number of standby tickets available at UCBeast tonight! The show starts at 9:30pm! Get there early and stay late! We'll be selling DVDs afterwards and David will sign as many as he can!


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    Post Memorial Day Blues?

    No one likes to be stuck in the office after a long, beautiful Memorial Day weekend spent in the sunshine with friends and family, but we have to do it.  You have to bring home the bacon.  Got to get that cheddah, you feel me?  

    Luckily, you can watch some videos on My Damn Channel today to help get you through.  Maybe watch an episode of Save the Supers if you need someone to rescue you from the morning you're having.  Or possibly watch Daddy Knows Best so you can think, Well, at least I didn't make some of the decisions that guy made.  Or maybe just watch some You Suck at Photoshop if you just want to be told that you suck and you're worthless.  Different strokes for different folks - the choice is yours!

    Or maybe helping a cause is more your thing?  If so, head over to Kickstarter to watch our Love Me Cat trailer, and see how you feel about pledging some clams.  Then, after that, watch two full days worth of non-stop Wainy Days until our new series Ask My Mom! starring Maria Bamford premieres on Thursday.  

    See, you've got half your week planned already.  No problem, everyone.  No need to thank me.  I'm happy to do it.

    Follow me on Twitter @DannyMoney.


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    How To Spend Valentine's Day Alone

    This Thursday is Valentine's Day, a most joyous day of romance and love, when the heavens will open up and light will shine down upon you and your lover in a most glorious cascade of golden --

    NOPE!  Wrong.  That's not happening for a lot of people this year.  For many people Valentine's Day is horrible because they are alone - bitterly and utterly alone.  Thankfully, I've got some suggestions for getting your (and my) mind off of all that lovey-dovey stuff that is propagated so aggressively on Valentine's Day.

    To start, watch this video Joe made that has a bunch of suggestions for Valentine's Day distractions, like getting drunk and writing to celebrities that are going through divorces!  Nothing calms the soul quite like interacting with the rich and famous who are going through horrible, tumultuous divorces.  Phew.  At least that's not YOU losing half of your 100 million dollar fortune only leaving you with a paltry 50 million.  Who wants that kind of aggrevation?

    Next, why not sit back and watch the entire season of Wainy Days because no one - and I mean no one - has worse luck with the opposite sex than David Wain.  Nothing ever seems to work out for him and his potential lady loves.  This will certainly cheer you up; I know from experience because, last year, I watched every episode while eating a large tub (98 oz.) of sour cream….Pray for me…

    Another video you might watch is this episode of Sing-a-Gram because, boy, does this poor soul really get a raw deal from his lady.  I mean, this is brutal.  It's very, very funny for you and me, but pretty brutal for this poor man.  So enjoy it!  Enjoy the brutality!

    Look.  I'm a doctor.  I know what I'm talking about.  So listen to me.  Listen to your doctor and you will wake up on Friday with a clear mind and calm heart, knowing that you have 364 more days until you have to go through this horror all over again.  

    Follow me: @DannyMoney


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