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    Your Very First Tweet

    Why not take a trip down memory lane this weekend and revisit your very first tweet, RIGHT HERE.

    My first is above, which is fitting to discover right now since da NCAA tournament is in full swing.  I could retweet my first tweet right now and it would make perfect sense.  

    Have a good one, ladies and germs!


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    First Kiss - Fist Bump Parody

    When I watched the first kiss video that's tearing YouTube up with millions upon millions of views, I was a little grossed out.  Mostly just because the Dolby Surround sound of the kissing noises.  Plus, an older relative of mine posted the video on Facebook and wrote, "Don't you just love deep wet kisses?" and I blew chunks all over my computer screen.

    The video above, however, is an excellent parody and anybody who is anybody knows that fist bumping is way more intimate than kissing anyway, hands down.


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    One Direction... Straight to My Heart

    One Direction is going to be on Saturday Night Live this week and I am really excited about it.


    Look, I know what you’re thinking. “First of all, no thank you,” you’re thinking. “One Direction is just prefab pop music for teenage girls.” And, well, you’re not wrong. One Direction is totally prefab pop music for teenage girls, but you know who else started out as prefab teen pop? THE BEATLES. Yeah, I said it. One Direction is basically the Beatles.


    Okay, fine, that’s a stretch… but honestly? It’s not really about the music. I mean, that’s not entirely true, “Little Black Dress” from the new album has been stuck in my head for a week straight… But it’s really not about the music. Have you even seen This Is Us, the 3D 1D documentary directed by Morgan Spurlock? It is literally the Citizen Kane of 3D movies about boy bands. It features an amazing scene where Niall, the boyish blond one, disguises himself as an old Scottish bodyguard and insults a bunch of fans. There’s also a scene where Liam and Harry go fishing and talk about their pre-fame pasts. “I wanted to be a fireman… or a factory worker.” “Why a fireman?” “So I could save people.” “Oh… then why would you want to be a factory worker?”


    Do you still not understand? Um, go look at these pictures of Zayn for a while. Still confused? Are you actually blind? Probably. Go get eye surgery, loser.


    They’re just lads. Lads having a laugh. Lads having a laugh and wearing skinny jeans and getting ill-conceived tattoos and dancing like your dad at a backyard barbecue.

    One million tweens (and Taylor Swift) can’t be wrong. That’s all I’m saying.


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    Little Girl Fail

    This video is going viral today in a big way.  It's the hottest video on the internet right now.  And I must admit I watched it about ten times, and laughed each time.  There's something about this little girl's soft collapse that's an indelible mixture of hilarious and cute that makes the video absolutely intoxicating.  I mean, just look at that outfit!  I feel like this little girl could be bounced around like a basketball and she wouldn't even feel it, she's so bundled up.

    Now, don't get me wrong, the Jean-Claude Van Damme video is superior - but this video is great as a viral video.  It's textbook internet.  Just textbook.  Look up the definition of "viral video" and this video is what would appear next to it - though you could argue that it would have to be a cat video, and I wouldn't disagree with you.  But the spirit of this video is exactly what a viral video should be.


  • Daily Grace

    Daily Grace Wins Big At The Streamys!

    The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards were tonight in Los Angeles, and My Damn Channel was honored to be there!

    Congratulations to Grace Helbig for winning the first and last awards of the night! Click the links to see her acceptance speeches:

    - Best First Person Series for Daily Grace
    - Audience Choice Personality of the Year

    Thanks to all of Grace's fans for voting for her! Five Gracefaces to all of you! And congratulations to all of tonight's Streamy winners and nominees!


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    First Batch with Brendan Banks

    You know those videos you made with your friends on DV tape in middle school? Those weird cassette tapes you made with the yellow microphone on your Playskool tape recorder? The embarrassing stabs at poetry, song lyrics, and Picasso scrawlings in that composition notepad? Wouldn't you like to see those first attempts from your favorite successful creative folks live on stage?

    "First Batch with Brendan Banks" does just this -- exploring those first swings (and some inevitable misses) of musicians, comedians, writers, filmmakers, artists, and more! We all have something in our vault that we'd probably like to keep tucked away, but this show asks those who've hit it big bring those VHS videos, first drafts, and marble notebook doodles out in the open.

    Join us for our first show this Monday, February 24th, at Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO Brooklyn. Doors open at 7:30pm, show at 8:30pm. We have 'Daily Show' creator Lizz Winstead, 'Great Showdowns' illustrator Scott C., beat boxer Chris 'Shockwave' Sullivan, and rapper Zumo Kollie!

    Buy Tickets Here!


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    Videocracy - Our First TV Series

    Announcing...the first TV series from My Damn Channel! We’re working with our friends Albie Hecht and Kari Kim at HLN - they’re building “the first TV network for the social media generation” and we’re creating a new show called “Videocracy.”

    This series counts down the most talked about entertainment ripped from social media. Our hosts and a team of panelists comment on the stories and the people creating the shared content we’re all talking about. The series is created by My Damn Channel, with Warren Chao, Charlie Singer, and myself executive producing along with everyone inside the My Damn Channel family working to bring the online world and the TV world together.

    A thousand years ago at MTV, I suggested we pull a page from the oldest playbook around and reinvent a countdown show we used to call “MTV’s Most Wanted” – and later, TRL. We all know there are more videos uploaded to the Internet every minute than we could possibly ever watch. We’re building a new show to bring you the very best online entertainment on TV and we can’t wait to start working with everyone in our community on this alchemical, cross-promotional adventure.

    Read about this in The Hollywood Reporter here, here and here.
    Read HLN’s official press release here.


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    Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard: Let It Snow

    This is a masterpiece, plain and simple.  One of the most comprehensive and altogether charming pieces of internet I've seen in the last two hours.  Perfectly crafted and perfectly timed for the holiday season.  Kudos, jamescovenant!  I am so glad you have the time on your hands to do this!  

    And as for Patrick Stewart…I met him once, you know.  It was the fall of 2007 and I had just seen him as Macbeth in a performance of the Scottish play, in London, and, as you would expect, Mr. Stewart was tremendous.  Utterly, utterly devastating as the titular character.  Anyways, after the show, we were walking around outside the theater, and there he appeared, hat on his head, scarf around his neck.

    "Great job, Mr. Stewart!" my buddy called out to him.

    "Thank you!" he said, drawing out the "you" like a King.

    Then he got in a car and he was gone.

    And while we are on the subject of Patrick Stewart, let me also relate to you that I have indeed seen Ian McKellen's penis live and in person.  Yes, that same fall while in London I went to see Sir Ian in "King Lear" as King Lear, and he dropped trou on stage, exposing himself to the entire audience for a good fifteen seconds.  The verdict?  Well done, Sir Ian.  Well done, Gandalf.


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